Mystery behind France's 'ghost motorcycle' solved video

The riderless motorcycle cruising along the motorway.

The riderless motorcycle cruising along the motorway.

A mysterious video of a "ghost motorcycle" driving along a motorway in France has been solved.

The bizarre video showed a riderless motorcycle driving along on the outside lane of the A4 Autoroute, before riding out of view.

With the rise of autonomous cars, was it possible the French had just invented the first autonomous motorcycle? Unfortunately not, as French newspaper Le Parisien shed some light on the abnormal scene.

The rider of the bike was reportedly involved in a collision with another vehicle seconds before the video was recorded.

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Unfortunately for the owner, his motorcycle opted to keep on cruising the streets without him.

The rider, who injured his arm in the crash, tried searching for his bike but found no trace of it and eventually headed to the hospital for treatment.

Stunt motorcyclist Jean-Pierre Goy told The Sun that riderless bikes can run for more than 600m before toppling over.

"I've seen motorcycles ride like this even longer, especially with the cruise control blocked."

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