Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride not only for distinguished gentlemen

Stephanie Acraman will be riding along for the Distinguished Gentlemens Ride in Hamilton this year - though not in a dress.

Stephanie Acraman will be riding along for the Distinguished Gentlemens Ride in Hamilton this year - though not in a dress.

Stephanie Acraman​ admits she still gets the odd look when she hops off La Diva.

Her custom painted pink motorbike with a peashooter exhaust from Japan and re-installed vintage mirrors has become her prized possession. 

"When you climb off the bike and people realise you're a female, you will always get looks.

"But for me, it's just like jumping in a car. It's no big deal," she said.

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In fact, Acraman -  - who is also a soprano and head of performance music at the Waikato University Conservatorium - is hoping more women and their beloved bikes will roll through with the Distinguished Gentlemen's Ride later this month.

The event, being staged in Hamilton for the second time, aims to raise awareness and funds for mens' health.

It is now the world's fastest growing motorcycling charity event which looks to shine a light upon the bikes, fashion and ideals of a bygone era, all for a good cause.

Acraman said the ride is not just for dapper gents.

"Women are definitely affected by mens' health as well, whether it's physical or mental."

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Acraman received her bike license one week after she turned 15. After a hiatus, she began riding again four years ago.

"I've always loved classic bikes, and I've always been really interested in the Triumphs, the Nortons, the Indians.

"As female riders, we don't generally get enormous big Harleys, we usually get something a bit easier to manage."

Acraman's La Diva is a Suzuki TU250x. She bought her when she got back into riding, and hopes other females will join her out on the DGR course.

"For any riders at all - if you're female and you're considering this, register and join us. If you're not a rider, but a supporter, come and join us.

"There's some great bikes to see, for males and females, there's eye-candy for both," Acraman​ said.

"You feel a part of this event, I think that's what's important about it, you feel a part of a cause and a movement."

To sponsor a Hamilton rider visit www.gentlemansride.com and/or pop down to Hood St, Hamilton between 1-3pm on Sunday, September 24 to witness the event itself.

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