Road Tests

Why Range Rover when you can Disco?

If it looks like a Range Rover, maybe it kind of is. Disco has stepped up in terms of on-road dynamics and luxury.

The Discovery might be a functional machine, but it's also a staggeringly smooth operator.

Equinox a more captivating Holden SUV video

Equinox is Holden's replacement for the Captiva. It was revealed earlier this year... so you can ditch the camo, guys.

Mexico makes a much better Holden SUV than Korea.

Hot coupe is steer-by-wire

Q60 coupe is the newest model in the Infiniti lineup. Most hi-tech too, with a steer-by-wire system.

New coupe has computer-controlled steering, but still puts lots of power to the back wheels.

Golf still just ahead of the hatch pack

To ensure Golf maximises its time in the sun, VW has created a dress-up version called the R-Line.

New VW Golf doesn't exactly respect the R-brand. But it's a great small-car all the same.

Beautiful coupe now wows NZ video

The sensuous-looking Lexus LC500 coupe poses at Highland Park motorsport track at Cromwell.

Lexus launches one of the most radical vehicle designs yet seen in New Zealand.

New GTS the perfect 911 for a commute to the circuit

Porsche's GTS models bridge the gap between road and track. This is the $264,600 911 Carrera 2 version.

There's yet another new 911 model on sale. Confused? Us too. But we still love the road-to-racetrack GTS.

All in with $400k Bentley video

Would you do this with a $285k SUV? Actually, this optioned-up Bentley Bentayga is more like $350k.

The super-expensive Bentayga SUV will seldom go off-road. Shame, because it can.

The first 1000km in our Toyota Prius PHV

Prius PHV at a racetrack. That's "at" a racetrack, not "on" a racetrack. Let's not be silly.

It's not pure-of-EV-heart, but our plug-in Prius is still proving to be an extremely green choice.

Saddle Rd upgrades to begin

Saddle Rd was under snow on Thursday. From Saturday, it will be under repair.

The road will be taken down to one lane or closed for hours each day while the work is done.

Small drop-top a big surprise

Yes, it has image-issues. But SLC's hydraulic steering and strong engine make it a serious sports car.

The SLC is the cheapest and oldest open-top car in the Merc range. But it might be the most fun.

Cheapest Kodiaq still loaded for bear

This very big SUV has a very small engine: 1.4-litre, with front-drive.

The 1.4-litre, front-drive Kodiaq Ambition might just be all the SUV you need.

Did Toyota get complacent?

Corolla is remarkable for its continuing sales success. But is there anything else?

New Corolla lacks pizzazz to add proof that popularity can cause developers and planners to become lazy.

Giulia is Alfa's second coming. Or have we done this before?

In the red corner... oh, never mind. Less frantic Veloce (left) still looks the part next to super-fast Quadrifoglio.

Italian brand is reborn... again. We hot the road in the Giulia Veloce and Quadrifoglio.

Hyundai 're-invents' the i30

Frontal design features a "cascading" grille and vertical daytime running lights.

The third generation i30 hatchback is so new in New Zealand, Hyundai have opted for the "re-invented" tag.

Last blast Aussie ute a bit bonkers video

Hot wheels! Limited-edition Magnum ute is a surefire collectible. Especially this one: #1 of 51 for NZ.

It's a ute that can demolish a track day. Can't do that in a Colorado.

Audi puts the boot in

New turbo-five engine helps TT RS fulfil its "junior-R8" mission. Track-day gear for the owner comes with it!

New RS3 sedan and TT RS coupe set to strengthen claim that Kiwis buy more Audi Sport models per capita than anywhere else.

Audi SUV doesn't mind a bit of dirt video

Yes, you can go off-road in a Q5. S-version has more sophisticated AWD system than four-cylinder models though.

It's certainly upmarket, but don't call the new Q5 SUV soft.

Triple turbo treat is Swift

The new Suzuki Swift RS, featuring a body design that is the same but different and more modern.

The big news surrounding the arrival of Suzuki's latest Swift is that for the first time, one model is turbocharged.

Subaru fits all-new XV into 40

All-new XV is loaded and larger than previous model - but now priced to compete exclusively in sub-$40k market.

New small-SUV aims to be a giant in the hottest segment in the country.

The art of Lexus hybrid driving

Small enhancements have added polish to the IS300h - including a less "challenging" front fascia.

If you can't trust diesels to do the right thing anymore, where do you turn? The new Lexus IS300h is worth a look.

Audi RS 3, TT RS pack a bunch of fives

Here's a bunch of fives: same new five-pot turbo engine powers TT RS coupe (front) and RS 3 sedan (rear).

New five-cylinder Audi RS models prove more than the sum of their parts.

Holden boxes clever with branding of Astra sedan

No body panels shared with hatchback. Astra sedan comes in three variants: LS, LT and LTZ.

New Astra three-box sedan looks and feels very different to the hatchback. We explain why.

Echoes of past in new baby SUV video

Toyota would like to think C-HR represents a revolution, like the first RAV4 or Echo supermini. We're not so sure.

Baby SUV has plenty of extras, but it needs a bit of work on the basics.

A3 e-tron cheaper, still a high-living hybrid

Audi has dropped the price of the A3 e-tron by $5000, despite adding more equipment.

You still have to be a plug-in devotee to buy Audi's smaller e-tron.

Electric Audi shows off power video

New Q7 is electric, but also unapologetically a full-size SUV, with strong performance and big towing ability.

Electric SUV does almost everything the conventional model can. Except make you feel guilty.

This Merc is born to run

New E 63S doesn't shout about its performance. At least until you start it up.

The new Mercedes-AMG E 63S is the world's fastest four-door. We drive it.

Driving the world's fastest supercar

The Bugatti Chiron is powered by a 16-cylinder turbocharged engine that makes a massive 1,500 horsepower.

The Chiron is a preposterous vehicle, a car so achingly gorgeous it's set to become one of the most desired Bugattis ever.

Driving Hyundai's first true hot hatch

Top-specification Performance Pack will have special N-mode tailored for circuit driving.

We're in South Korea for a squirt in Hyundai's first road-going N performance car, the i30N.

Jeep's new blackout 'hawk'

Blackhawk package adds, well, black to a Grand Cherokee Laredo. And 20-inch alloys.

There's an appealing new appearance package available for the Grand Cherokee. We're just not so sure about the name.

Astra R is a high-quality bargain

The R is the entry-level Astra, but also the only truly all-new one: it has a very modern 1.4-litre alloy engine.

You get what you pay for, right? Not always. The cheapest Holden Astra is also the best.

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