Trends in SUVs and vans

Kiwi prices, spec for Spanish Seat SUV

Seat Ateca SUV is based on same platform as VW Tiguan; it's shorter and sportier, though.

New but strangely familiar SUV will be launched in NZ in September.

Electric Audi shows off power video

New Q7 is electric, but also unapologetically a full-size SUV, with strong performance and big towing ability.

Electric SUV does almost everything the conventional model can. Except make you feel guilty.

Jeep's new blackout 'hawk'

Blackhawk package adds, well, black to a Grand Cherokee Laredo. And 20-inch alloys.

There's an appealing new appearance package available for the Grand Cherokee. We're just not so sure about the name.

Trackhawk steals SRT's Jeep thunder video

Trackhawk's supercharged 6.2-litre V8 will make the vehicle the quickest and most powerful production SUV on the planet.

A 6.4-litre Hemi V8 is just a tasty NZ entree for lovers of big SUVs with a supercharged 6.2-litre V8 beast on the horizon.

This is a feel-good SUV video

Top Style version of Kodiaq comes with adaptive chassis technology that includes an off-road setting.

Never mind all the clever features. Is the Kodiaq any good as a thing to drive?

Nearly a glowing review of the Soul turbo

Turbo gets unique front styling detail and high-intensity gas-discharge headlights.

The Soul turbo has lots to offer. But a sporty character isn't on the list.

Hyundai teases baby-SUV model

Kona's "cascading grille" is a key element of Hyundai's new design direction.

Hyundai's new Kona, a crucial rival for the Honda HR-V and Mazda CX-3, will reach NZ this year.

Little Audi big on options

Fully dressed-up Q2 looks pretty striking. But then it can also be very expensive: this one is nudging $70k.

Small SUV is a polished act all-round. But keep the calculator on hand when ordering.

Isuzu MU-X no longer mysterious

Most visible exterior change is this new nose with its different grille, LED lights and daytime running lights. ...

We drive Isuzu's upgraded MU-X which is probably the most straightforward SUV around.

The world's most outrageous people mover video

Tesla Model X is based on same platform as Model S sedan. But strange things happen when you open the doors.

Electric performance and weird doors really give the Model X wings.

V8 Jeep missing a spot

It's possible there's too much choice in the Grand Cherokee range. Because we can't see where this one fits.

We look at the secret lurking in the Grand Cherokee range that doesn't often get talked about.

Dressed-up Isuzu D-Max?

D-Max is more about work, less about play than other "lifestyle" utes. Even in more luxurious LS specification.

The revised D-Max ute is still more about function than weekend fun.

Delight in detail on new Mazda CX-5

New CX-5 is a crucial: it's Mazda NZ's single biggest-selling model and a hero-car for the brand.

Japanese maker's medium-SUV has been refined to the nth degree, reports David Linklater.

Vans we'd rather drive than cars

Ford SuperVan had to have an engine downgrade so non-racing-drivers could control it.

Vans are not the poor cousins to passenger cars. In fact, they're often much more desirable.

How Chinese van-maker LDV is chasing McLaren

That's a left-hook T60 ute, but the location is Lake Taupo. Kiwi-market RHD versions will be launched in July.

LDV makes vans. But now, it also makes a one-tonne ute and it's headed for NZ,

Battle brewing among small SUVs

New Zealand's most popular small SUV, the Nissan Qashqai.

They may be diminutive in size, but NZ's small SUV segment is shaping up as a battlefield in competition terms.

The secret of SUVs' success

Volvo's well-regarded XC60.

We take a look under the bonnet to understand what's driving New Zealand's love affair with SUVs.

Rental business boosts van sales

Toyota Hiace is by far New Zealand's most popular van.

Want a van? There's an increasing number to choose from.

Heavy SUV metal in a battle

Keeping the Toyota Prado honest is the Ford Everest.

Here's the clash of the SUV titans.

Big SUV changes ahead

The Toyota Highlander - due for a facelift about now.

Interesting times are afoot within the serious-sized SUV segment.

SUV, ute sales building again

Holden Colorado is doing particularly well so far in 2017, taking advantage of ute popularity and moving up the sales ladder.

SUVs and utes are proving to be an unstoppable force in the New Zealand vehicle market.

NZ: This is a land of utes

The Ford Ranger was easily New Zealand's top-selling ute last year, and its doing the same this year.

It seems everyone in New Zealand wants a ute.

When is an SUV not an SUV?

To most of us, the Ignis is a city hatchback. But Suzuki sees marketing sense in calling it an SUV.

Is New Zealand's love affair with SUVs more to do with style than substance?

Is an SUV better than a sedan?

The Kia Cerato is the superior drive and is less expensive, but it is also smaller and not as practical as the Sportage.

SUVs may be fashionable, but do they really beat a traditional car? There's only one way to find out.

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