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Playground fight over Fortnite

Fortnite is one of the fastest-growing games internationally.

The popular video game sparked a scuffle at an Auckland primary school, prompting teacher and parent concerns.

Students angry at online testing

Students at Botany Downs Secondary College have started a petition over digital testing.

Students revising for a handwritten test were blindsided when they were told they'd have to take it online.

Prem babies' guts work differently

Dr Justin O'Sullivan has been looking at the gut bacteria of 100 Auckland children.

Why do preterm babies become obese adults? The answer might be in the gut

Living for free in Auckland video

House and pet sitters Jonathan Lyon and Michelle Euinton sitting in a Stanmore Bay home they are house-sitting with the ...

Jonathan Lyon and Michelle Euinton have no permanent home, but that's how they like it.


Battle of Shelly Bay continues

Shelly Bay in Miramar as it looks today.

Protests and a call for a public inquiry as Wellington's Shelly Bay fiasco rumbles on.

Ordeal of teacher filmed by boys

Tingey said she hoped the boys responsible would realise how their actions impacted others.

Hester Tingey fell victim to a plan by students to put sexually explicit images on Instagram.

Beach ban enforced in Kāpiti

Kāpiti whitebaiter Chris Turver says a vehicle ban on Waikanae Beach is overkill.

The signs and the bollards went up just days before the whitebait season began.

Second crash stalls traffic

The State Highway 2 Remutaka Hill Rd has been closed after a crash on Monday morning (File photo).

Significant delays are expected on SH58 after a second crash in the Wellington region causes carnage.


Christchurch home ablaze

The single-storey home on Farquhars Rd was well involved in fire when three crews arrived at about 9.30pm on Monday.

Fire crews tackle large fire in suburban Christchurch home.

Ice boss was sacked

Peter Beggs was dismissed from his role as chief executive at Antarctica NZ.

Antarctica NZ chief executive Peter Beggs was sacked for misconduct.

Work and Income chat 'patronising'

Work and Income says the former investigator can't be held responsible for what were "standard procedures" at the time.

Investigator told woman she wasn't spending enough on groceries and decided to cut her benefit mid-interview.

Sir Colin Meads spills beans

Ian Carline outside the Dunedin District Court late last year.

Deer velvet firm director discovered from ABs great his company was under investigation.


The zero-waste town

Xtreme Zero Waste's new chief entrepreneurial officer, Cheryl Reynolds, wants to solidify what the organisation has ...

Recycling and waste reduction has become second nature for Raglan.

Shots fired at surfers

Surfers were allegedly shot at while out off the Taharoa coast (file photo).

Someone took exception to the surfers using "their water" at remote spot and fired shots, police believe.

Garment kills woman on scooter

Police say an item of the woman's clothing became caught, causing her to lose consciousness.

Witness says woman's scarf got tangled in the wheel of scooter.

Childcare centre investigated

Sealey Street Childcare had its license suspended on July 20, after the Ministry of Education received a number of ...

A number of complaints lead to the suspension of centre's licence.


Teen pulled into ute

Police are appealing for witnesses to two separate incidents involving a black ute in Northland on Sunday (file photo).

A 17-year-old managed to escape from the moving car after she was pulled inside in Northland.

Northland to benefit from 87 additional police

Northland's police ranks are to swell by 25 percent.

Eighty seven new police officers will be allocated to Northland by June 2023.

Sharing fridges prove popular

Nalinee Giri, with her 'Give a little, take a little' fridge in Kerikeri.

Fruit, clothing, children's toys, books and more, fill four fridges on the front lawn of a Far North retail store.

Mild weather pleases farmers

Good end of year growth will help  lower the need for supplement feeding.

Above average winter temperatures and record sunshine hours has helped during peak calving and end of winter growth for Northland farmers.

Bay Of Plenty

Mobility scooter death

Police say an item of the woman's clothing became caught, causing her to lose consciousness.

Witness says woman's scarf got tangled in the wheel of scooter.

Bella Vista owner does deal

The failed Bella Vista subdivision in Pyes Pa included 21 homes, of which one owner has settled.

One owner of the 21 affected homes in the failed Bella Vista subdivision in Tauranga has made a confidential settlement with the city council.

Bella Vista 'doomed to fail' video

Bella Vista Homes built 21 homes rendered unsafe for habitation in Tauranga.

Bella Vista houses were sold below what it cost to build them, leaving no money for vital earthworks.

Bella Vista developers continued selling

The failed Bella Vista development on Lakes Boulevard, Pyes Pa, Tauranga.

Bella Vista homeowners question how a company linked to the people behind their failed subdivision sold more properties.


Tornado hits New Plymouth video

Iron roofing was particularly vulnerable to the tornado's violence.

A tornado has damaged several houses in New Plymouth.

Out of a coma with a 'Māori wave'

Former deputy principal of Opunake High School Barbara Fakavamoeanga was seriously injured in a car crash in December ...

All Black Scott Barrett's favourite teacher crashed into a tree and lost all memory of him.

Shot through an open window

Taranaki's Lakapo James Junior Ale has pleaded guilty to three charges in relation to shooting a man.

Alleged thief flips mattress, pulls out pistol and shoots man trying to get property back.

Dumpster diving, bears, and nudity

Matheson Brown's weight dropped to just 53kgs after completing the 3600km trail.

A young Kiwi adventurer has completed a 3600km hike across America complete with tales of nudity, wildlife and dumpster diving.


Van ends up in pond

In the pouring rain a driver accidentally drove into a pond at Massey University.

The driver could not see where the path ended and the pond began, so drove straight into it.

Threat net closes

Palmerston North's Freyberg pool was closed on Friday after a poison threat. It was cleared and reopened on Saturday ...

Police narrow in on "person of interest" as they investigate 1080 threats.

Chefs make golden team

UCOL Chef Training Lecturer Mark Smith was a proud to join team mate and former student Zach Meads for the win, after ...

Chef Mark Smith, and his long-time protege Zach Meads, won gold crayfish and blue cod dish.

New electric rubbish trucks

Palmerston North City Council collection truck drivers Angela Hart, left, and Ivan Ilkovics demonstrate the new electric ...

The two trucks cost $736,000 and they're working their way around Palmerston North streets.


Price tag doubles

A trial to clean Modellers Pond using nanotechnology to starve the food source for the algae is about to get under way, ...

The latest Modellers Pond clean-up has hit $135k, with little to no explanation why the cost has more than doubled.

Police reinforcements

The first new officers will arrive later this year and would be in the areas of family harm and child protection/adult ...

Tasman's thin blue line is about to get a little thicker following the announcement the region will get 55 new officers.

Drunk driver hits tree

Manaia Rapata's breath alcohol reading of 884mg was more than three times the legal limit of 250mcg.

It was never going to end well after a driver downed two and half litres of cider and got behind the wheel before smashing into a tree.

Rain warning 

Permin Road in Tasman is flooded after heavy rain on Monday.

A heavy rain warning is in force over parts of the region with thunderstorms possible.


Family spat over dog attack

Marlborough man Sam Jane and wife Holly Jane are upset with the animal control process, after a dog that attacked him ...

GRAPHIC: Man latched on by bulldog at a family member's house shocked to see they've got it back home.

Waste centre out of sorts

Council operations and maintenance engineer Stephen Rooney at the conveyor belt at the Waste Sorting Centre in Blenheim.

Marlborough has played guinea pig to a recycling experiment hoping to reduce NZ's landfill habits.

Bully bosses be warned

The longer you stay in a bad working environment, the more harm you'll suffer.

OPINION: Plan your escape, and smile to yourself as you take the boss's money to pay your bills.

The Laird of the Muller

Stories from New Zealand's heartland by Tony Orman.

Jack 'Shirty' Shirtliff was the "old master" of Muller Station. His legend hasn't faded.

South Canterbury

'Big boys' toy' in for a crank up video

Allan Averis, centre, has bought the engine from the Rangatira. Pictures on his left are Graham Rae, and right, Ian Webb.

An engine weighing 14 tonnes is in for a crank up as three old grease monkeys get to work.

Rockin' and rollin' to millions in Timaru

Nine-hundred-and-thirty-two vehicles registered for this year's Hospice Rock and Hop on Caroline Bay.

A colourful fundraiser has pumped more than $1m into the region's economy.

Rooney cheered for scheme support

Gary Rooney, chairman of Rooney Holdings Ltd, is believed to be worth in excess of $120 million.

Gary Rooney praised for an $18.5m underwriting of Hunter Downs water scheme.

Anglers hook appeal support

Central South Island Fish and Game Chief Executive Jay Graybill has confirmed the organisation will join an appeal ...

Central South Island Fish and Game joins an appeal against a large irrigation scheme.


5000 home tests packs sent out

Judith Barrow with the National Bowel Screening Programme test kit instructions.

The National Bowel Screening Programme has caught one cancer case and pre-cancerous stages in others in the south.

The bleeding nose test

Ian Carline outside the Dunedin District Court late last year.

Deer velvet director used himself as a "guinea pig", altering product if he got a nose bleed.

Tractor negligence case referred back to district court

A southern farm machinery company's appeal against having to pay a $30,000 portion of the reparations in a negligence ...

Farm equipment firm Agricentre South is to appeal a $30,000 reparation payment in a tractor negligence case.

Cold case warms up

Tuitania (Tania) Barclay disappeared from Dunedin in 2002.

Spotlight on 16-year-old suspected homicide prompts possible new leads for police.


Threats, cop claim 'purile'

Stephen Fraser, 61, was sentenced on a charge of grievous bodily harm when he appeared in the Dunedin District Court. ...

He behaved like a '14-year-old schoolboy', claiming he was a former cop and warning 'I'll be seeing you, boy'.

The bleeding nose test

Ian Carline outside the Dunedin District Court late last year.

Deer velvet director used himself as a "guinea pig", altering product if he got a nose bleed.

No comment on downgrade

St John Southland-Otago district operations manager Pauline Buchanan wouldn't comment on the centre downgrade.

St John New Zealand won't comment on whether the impending downgrade of the Lumsden Maternity Centre will increase the number of call outs for its staff.

Demand for products

MenzShed members Ken Bowie, Peter Fitzgerald, Peter Bailey and John McEwan have created many wooden products in the ...

MenzShed Invercargill is beginning to outgrow its current building as numbers increase.

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