Teina Pora back in court to fight for greater compensation


Teina Pora's legal team has filed papers in the High Court, seeking a judicial review of Cabinet's decision not to adjust his compensation payment for inflation.

Teina Pora's lawyers will be in the High Court tomorrow to argue that the Government erred when it did not factor inflation into his compensation.

Pora spent 21 years behind bars after being wrongfully convicted of the rape and murder of Susan Burdett, in what has been called New Zealand's worst miscarriage of justice.

Tim McKinnel, the private investigator who helped exonerate Pora, said lawyers had applied for a judicial review in the High Court at Wellington of the decision not to apply inflation to the compensation claim.

Teina Pora spent 21 years in prison after he was wrongly accused of rape and murder.

Teina Pora spent 21 years in prison after he was wrongly accused of rape and murder.

In June last year, the Crown awarded Pora $2.5 million for the 21 years he spent in prison.

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In a report for the Government on Pora's innocence, Justice Rodney Hansen QC recommended Cabinet take into account inflation over the two decades he was incarcerated.

But Cabinet papers released under the Official Information Act show Justice Minister Amy Adams rejected that advice, saying: "I do not consider it would be appropriate to act on Mr Hansen's recommendation that the sums ... be adjusted upwards to reflect inflation."

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