Police station shooter Faraniko Pei declined parole

Faraniko Pei blasted holes in two police stations in frustration at the care his sister was getting in hospital.

Faraniko Pei blasted holes in two police stations in frustration at the care his sister was getting in hospital.

A man who shot at police stations as a cry for help about his sister's hospital treatment is misbehaving behind bars.

Faraniko Francis Pei, a high-security prisoner, was declined an early release from jail by the Parole Board in July and will have served most of his sentence before he gets another shot at parole.

Pei has been in custody since August 2015, after using a shotgun to fire at two police stations.

The most serious incident happened at Palmerston North's central city police station. He walked in, saw Constable Raewyn Ross, fired two shots into a glass partition near her, then left.

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He took off in his car and was chased by police, before they arrested him.

Pei told police he was angry about how his sister was being treated at hospital, and felt his complaints were not being taken seriously.

The case dragged through the courts, during which Pei was found guilty of using a firearm against Ross.

He was sentenced to five years and 10 months' jail and an appeal against using the firearm against Ross was dismissed by the High Court in May.

His parole report, released to Stuff, shows he has plenty of work to do before he can be considered for early release.

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He has a high prison security classification and racked up four misconducts before being sentenced.

However, there have been no incidents or misconducts since Pei was sentenced in March.

The Parole Board was also unimpressed with his explanation about where he got his shotgun from.

He told the board he found it and ammunition under a bridge about 10 years ago.

"Despite being challenged about this information, Mr Pei remained firm in his position that the gun was found under a bridge," the board said.

"The credibility of this information is questionable."

Pei, who has 17 previous convictions dating back to 2003, has been attending a programme and completed a first aid course while in prison.

The board said he was "enjoying learning new ways of thinking", but had further work ahead.

He had to reduce his security classification, attend rehabilitation programmes, complete a sentence plan and look at ways he could reintegrate into the community.

His release and safety plan also needed work.

"Mr Pei does not meet the threshold of risk reduction with which we must be concerned."

The board requested a psychological assessment before Pei next appeared before them.

He will next have a chance of early release about June 2019.

If Pei is never granted parole, he will be released in June 2021.

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