Constable punched up to 15 times in the head tasers attacker in Morrinsville

A taser was used to subdue the alleged attacker.

A taser was used to subdue the alleged attacker.

An under-attack police constable has tasered a man who allegedly launched a "vicious and serious" assault on Morrinsville's main street. 

The fracas erupted on Monday afternoon when a man was seen acting suspiciously with a hammer down his pants, Morrinsville police acting Sergeant Will Hamilton said.

Members of the public called police and a young constable was dispatched to the Moorhouse St job. 

The officer was a young constable at the Morrinsville Police Station.

The officer was a young constable at the Morrinsville Police Station.

"He went to speak with the man but from there things escalated very quickly and the constable was subjected to a vicious assault."

The man allegedly attacked the local constable, delivering 10 to 15 blows to the officer's head with his fists, Hamilton said. 

"The officer was able to create some distance between himself and the attacker and was able to use his taser to subdue him."

The alleged attacker is facing multiple charges.

The alleged attacker is facing multiple charges.

At that stage members of the public who were on the busy street in the town's centre rushed to the constable's aid. 

"Police would like to thank members of the public who helped to intervene - they certainly don't go unnoticed."

Hamilton said the officer, who has been in the force for five years or so, was treated by ambulance staff and taken to a medical centre. 

He was sore and tender, and suffered some swelling and bumps to the head, Hamilton said. 

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"He's looking forward to getting back to work and is staying positive. We will be providing ongoing support to him and his family as it's a very stressful situation and the effects can be ongoing."

The young officer was now taking a few days off to recuperate. 

"When I got wind of the incident, my heart just sank. My first concern is for the welfare of our staff and if they are okay. 

"No person or police officer should ever be subjected to this kind of attack. We as police are out there to protect the public and were responding to a person's concerns."

The local man was arrested and is facing three charges of assault with intent to injure, assaulting an officer and possession of an offensive weapon. 

He is due to appear in Hamilton District Court on Tuesday. 

Hamilton said the accused was previously known to police, but it was not clear what his intentions were with the hammer, or what he had been doing prior to the alleged assault. 

It did not appear that alcohol or drugs were a factor, he said.

In praising the constable's actions, Hamilton said it was a good display of putting training to the test.

"He used the tools that are available to us to deal with the situation."

Police were now appealing to anyone who witnessed the assault to contact Morrinsville police on 07 889 5071. Information can also be left anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

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