Repeat drink driver's offending spans three decades

A Taranaki man  was jailed after being convicted for his seventh drink driving charge. (File Photo)

A Taranaki man was jailed after being convicted for his seventh drink driving charge. (File Photo)

A repeat offender had three members of his own family in his car when he drove drunk with more than three times the legal amount of alcohol in his system.

Jason Kenneth Tahere previously pleaded guilty to drink driving, a charge which represented his seventh conviction for similar offending over  a 30-year period.

On May 7, Tahere was stopped by police after calls were lodged about his driving.

Judge Peter Rollo told the New Plymouth District Court the 48-year-old was seen driving at different speeds along the road and when a compulsory breath test was completed, Tahere blew 969 micrograms of alcohol per litre of breath, which is close to four times more than the legal limit of 250mcgs.

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At the time Tahere was stopped by officers, he had three adult family members in the car

"It's not just unlawful behaviour Mr Tahere, it's anti-social," the judge said.

Lawyer Turitea Bolstad said the probation report recommended imprisonment but she asked Judge Rollo to step back from this and consider home detention. An address was available for Tahere in Waitara, Taranaki and he was also willing to get help for his drinking problem, she said.

"He does acknowledge that he has issues with alcohol." 

The judge said the pattern of repeat offending suggested Tahere had a long term problem with the bottle and his decision to get behind the wheel was a concern.

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"In doing so, you not only put yourself, but all other road members at risk," Judge Rollo said.

"Quite frankly, enough is enough, it has to stop for everybody's sake."

Tahere was jailed for 10 months and disqualified from driving for 18 months.

When he is able to drive again, Tahere will have to apply for a zero-alcohol licence.  This means if he is caught driving with any amount of alcohol in his system, he will be charged.

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