Seven years jail for beating Hutt Valley man with a tyre iron

Man jailed for leaving beaten victim naked on the roadside. (File photo)

Man jailed for leaving beaten victim naked on the roadside. (File photo)

Beaten with a tyre iron, his dreadlocks cut off and forced into his mouth which was duct-taped shut, a man was then stripped naked and chucked into the boot of a car.

He was driven round the Hutt Valley in February last year before being left bloody and naked on the side of the road.

On Thursday one of the men who attacked him was jailed for seven years for his part in the beating.

Nathan James Couper had pleaded guilty to wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and kidnapping.

Attacker and victim in same prison van
* Prison van killer moved

The victim was lured to an address and after becoming worried he tried to leave.

Wellington District Court judge Peter Hobbs said Couper then appeared with tyre iron and forced the victim into another car.  He was taken to another house where he was set upon.

Couper then cut off his dreadlocks, forced them into his mouth before duct-taping it shut.  He was stripped and put into the boot of a car.

After being driven around and hit a bit more, he was left on the side of the road.

The judge said the victim had a fractured cheekbone, his lip split and teeth damaged and now had nightmares and had been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

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He jailed Couper for seven years.

Last month the victim - himself sentenced in court for drugs and dishonesty offending - had been transported in the same prison van as Couper while coming from Whanganui Prison.

Corrections confirmed they were in the same van but said they had not had contact with each other.

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