Sound of assault victim's head hitting footpath heard across city street

After accosting his victim inside New Plymouth's  Crowded House bar on August 20, Tahi Davis wasn't finished, actions ...
Charlotte Curd

After accosting his victim inside New Plymouth's Crowded House bar on August 20, Tahi Davis wasn't finished, actions which left the man unconscious. (File Photo)

The impact a man's head made as it hit the concrete during an unprovoked assault was so loud it could be heard across New Plymouth's main street.

The sickening sound also alerted a police officer who nabbed the man responsible for the attack - Tahi Boyd Tawha Davis.

The summary of facts outlined how the 22-year-old was at the Crowded House bar on New Plymouth's Devon St East on August 20.

About 2.30am, Davis saw the victim and believed the man was making a move on his girlfriend by trying to kiss her.  

The defendant approached the victim and a brief scuffle took place within the bar.

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"Crowded House staff intervened resulting in both the defendant and victim being escorted from the building," the summary of facts stated.

As they made moves to leave, Davis grabbed the victim around the shoulders and told him to "come for a walk".

At this point, due to lighting in the bar and the victim's level of drunkenness, he was unaware it was Davis who was talking to him.

The pair walked out of the bar together but as the victim tried to move away from Davis, he replied "no, you're not going anywhere."

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Davis then swept the victim's legs out from under him, which caused the man to fall to the ground.

"The victim's head hit the footpath with such force that a police officer standing across the road was able to hear the connection," the summary of facts said.

As a result, the victim was knocked unconscious. He suffered a large cut to his left eye, which needed 17 internal and external stitches to mend.

Davis was arrested at the scene.

"In explanation the defendant stated 'I wanted to hurt him, I don't know why I did that,  I know I shouldn't have done it'," the summary of facts said.

On Thursday, Davis pleaded guilty to injuring with intent to injure.  

He originally faced a charge of wounds with intent to injure, but this was downgraded by police during the New Plymouth District Court hearing.

Judge Garry Barkle referred the case to restorative justice and asked for a full, pre-sentence report to be completed before Davis is sentenced on October 25.

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