Teenager threatens woman for testifying against boy racer boyfriend

Police target boy racers doing burnouts on public roads. (File photo)

Police target boy racers doing burnouts on public roads. (File photo)

A woman has been threatened by a teenager in Blenheim for testifying against her boyfriend.

Chantelle Betty Cairns, 18, was at Z Energy on Grove Rd on August 21, when she recognised a woman paying for a gas bottle and fuel.

The woman had given evidence in court about Cairns' boyfriend who faced driving-related charges earlier this year, telling the court she was sick of boy racer activities near her house.

Cairns parked next to the woman's car, went over and threatened her, a police summary said.

As she walked back to her vehicle, Cairns screamed abuse at the woman, who told Cairns she was just waiting for her gas bottle.

Cairns asked if she was going to go to the police. The woman said in the summary she had not planned to go to police until Cairns mentioned it.

Cairns said she knew a lot of boy racers who would make the woman's life difficult, and that she knew where the woman lived.

"Good luck, you're stuck with me forever," Cairns said.

Cairns was charged with intimidation, which she admitted at the Blenheim District Court on Monday.

Judge Richard Russell said he was concerned about the integrity of the court process, if a witness could be threatened in such a manner.

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"People who turn up to give evidence should not be intimidated for it."

Police prosecutor Mark Harris agreed, saying police took Cairns' behaviour very seriously and tried to find a more serious charge, but could not find one that was appropriate.

Cairns' lawyer John Holdaway said she was "very remorseful".

Judge Russell ordered a pre-sentencing report and for Cairns' house to be assessed for an electronically-monitored sentence.

She was remanded on bail to October 24 for sentencing.

A 22-year-old Blenheim man was jointly charged with intimidation, but denied the charge on Monday and would reappear on October 24.

 - The Marlborough Express

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