Grindr acquaintance told police about disturbing messages

Michael Kight at a previous court appearance by audio visual link from prison. (File photo)

Michael Kight at a previous court appearance by audio visual link from prison. (File photo)

Two people were so concerned by the online activity of a Hastings man that they reported him to police.

Michael John Kight, 25, had contacted one man on the gay dating app Grindr, and he had given his phone to another man to update software on it.

Both were so concerned by what they read that they contacted police.

In the Wellington District Court on Wednesday, Kight pleaded guilty to eight charges, and four others were withdrawn, including two allegations about speaking of attempted abduction.

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He was remanded in custody for sentencing in November.

A summary of the police case said that, in December 2016, Kight began a conversation with a 21-year-old male on Grindr talking about sexually abusing boys, suggested the other man join him, and graphically described what they might do, including driving around to find a boy to abduct. 

The man Kight was talking to was so disturbed by the suggestions that he reported them to police. 

Kight was also reported to police when a person who was updating software on Kight's phone found child pornography.

Examination of the phone showed Kight had emailed photographs and a video of young males involved in sexual activity.

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Police also found Kight had looked at web pages with stories graphically describing forced sex between children, and children and adults.

In messages Kight had claimed to have sexually offended against dozens of young males.

In another series of messages, he offered to supply methamphetamine.

Kight was the subject of a covert police operation from a unit that targets online sexual exploitation of children. A police officer pretending to be a 14-year-old male started a discussion with him on Facebook, and Kight quickly turned the conversation to sex, and sent pictures of male genitals.

Kight arranged to meet the person in Wellington and sent pictures of himself so he would be recognised. One of the photographs was a full-frontal nude.

Kight pleaded guilty to offering to supply methamphetamine, exposing the fictitious 14-year-old to objectionable material, arranging to meet the fictitious young person for a sexual purpose, distributing objectionable material, and two charges each of possessing objectionable publications and making objectionable material in messages.

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