Major new study into how New Zealand accent changes in childhood video

Conversations with kindergarten children are being recorded every six months, for two years, to study literacy ...

Ever wondered why Kiwis pronounce dress as driss and city as siddy? The speech patterns of 200 Christchurch preschoolers may soon tell us.

Warning over teens' porn use: Is it confusing consent?

Most young people will have viewed porn before leaving school, the censor says.

A consent teacher says children need to be told porn is no different from an action movie - it's not real.

Future Māori leaders honour legendary battalion

More than 80 years after the 28 Māori Battalion left for war, students marched on the same grounds at Waitangi.

Just over 80 years since the 28 Māori Battalion left for World War II, students from the Leadership Academy of A Company marched across the same grounds.

Position yourself to lift your te reo skills

Sales of Maori books during Te Wiki o te reo Māori (Māori Language Week) have seen a big jump in the last five years.

The three “position” particles: nei, na and ra are words used so frequently. So understanding their varied usage is crucial.

How universities are coping almost a year after border closed video

Terry Ang’s father died, unexpectedly, in December, and while he wanted to be with family, he decided to stay in New ...

Pre-Covid, international education was a $5 billion industry. Now our universities are having to get creative to stay above water.

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