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'You are going to achieve'

Principal Soana Pamaka

Auckland's Tamaki College is stacking the odds in favour of its students.

Opting out

GOING THEIR OWN WAY: Graeme Yule is principal of decile 10 Scots College, where the International Baccalaureate is offered alongside the NCEA

Private school eschews both National Standards and the NCEA, offering a mix of options.

Measuring up

school report

Decile two Manurewa High School has embraced the NCEA and is making gains.

'It's hard to argue with'

Amuri school gates

Initial fears about National Standards have eased and they've started to become useful, a principal says.

Moving progress

school report

Parents need to dig below the surface to get the most value out of National Standards, a decile one school finds.

Pupils' 'rudimentary English'

school report

Is it fair to judge pupils against National Standards in literacy when English is not their first language?

'Desperately trying to catch up'

school report

Primary school principal has halved achievement targets to make them more realistic.

'School is for exploring'

school report

Parents at a Wellington primary school think the "moral development" of their kids is the most important thing.

Paying for better than basic

school generic

Government funding for our schools will only go so far, and the extra money has to come from somewhere.

Govt doesn't count 'miracles'

Case study: Hamilton North School

Hamilton North School STRAP

Hamilton North School is a special school. The pupils all have an intellectual or physical disability.

Principal a fan of standards

Case study: Elm Park School

Trish Plowright

The principal of Elm Park School is a fan of publishing her school's National Standards results.

Standards don't drive success

Case study: Murray's Bay Intermediate

School bus sign

Murray's Bay Intermediate principal Colin Dale is concerned that publishing 'ropey' National Standards results will skew public perception.

National Standards 'don't add anything'

Case study: Flat Bush School

School lunch box

Lifting achievement in Pacifika and Maori children gives teachers at Flat Bush School in south Auckland their get-up-and-go every morning.

Funding 'pitiful' for school with needs

Case study: Manuka Primary School

Linda Munkowits

A tight budget hasn't stopped Manuka Primary School in Auckland from enrolling more special needs children.

School's focus on achievement

Case study: Springlands School

springlands school

Springlands School focusses on the difference it can make to children's learning and achievement, rather than on comparison with other schools.

Blenheim school's teaching 'unchanged'

Case study: St Mary's School

Alister Bridgman

National Standards have not helped staff at St Mary's School in Blenheim identify pupils' needs in the areas of reading, writing and maths, the principal says.

School sets its own standards

Case study: Waerenga School

Willie Rosendaal

Waerenga School's principal puts its success down to involving parents in their children's learning and targeting kids who are slipping behind.

Confronting issues head-on

Case study: Normanby School

normanby school

The trick, Normanby School principal Linda Jefferies says, to dealing with thorny issues is confronting them head on.

School endorses 'broad curriculum'

Case study: Gore Main School


At Gore Main School students are encouraged to reach for the stars.

The ambulance at the top of the cliff

Case Study: Clyde Primary School

Clyde Primary School STR

Clyde Primary School in Central Otago has put an emphasis on identifying students who need extra help early.

Standards bring unique challenges

Case Study: Invercargill Middle School


A growing international roll at the Southern Institute of Technology means an Invercargill primary school has faced some different challenges when implementing National Standards.

School fearful of misused data

Case study: Koraunui School, Stokes Valley

Koraunui School

Koraunui School in Wellington's Stokes Valley says National Standards are ''fraught with difficulties".

'Individual progress is important'

Case Study: Raroa Normal Intermediate

Raroa Intermediate

Raroa Normal Intermediate School has high National Standards achievements, but the principal says it is wrong to expect kids to meet the same levels at the same time.

Goalposts 'could dishearten' pupils

Case study: Titahi Bay Intermediate

Titahi Bay Intermediate School

Titahi Bay Intermediate in Porirua fears struggling students will become disheartened by the school's relatively low National Standards scores.

Data helps lift achievement gap

Case study: Henley School


Richmond's Henley School has not let a renewed focus on literacy and numeracy come at the expense of the rest of the curriculum.

National Standards 'lack context'

Case study: Monrad Intermediate


For the past 20 years, John Forsyth has watched with pride as streams of cornflower blue uniform-clad school children file through Monrad Intermediate's gates.

School aims for a broad curriculum

Case study: Nelson Central School

  	 Linda Spray with her 5-year-old son Oliver

While reading, writing and maths are fun, Nelson Central School pupil Oliver Lock, 5, prefers art - particularly art he can race.

School 'about celebrating success'

Case Study: Rhode Street School

Shane Ngatai

''Hello, Mr Ngatai,'' the kids chirp as their principal passes by in the schoolyard.

Resources at their fingertips

Case Study: Tiritea School

Tiritea School

Tucked among Massey University farmlands in the foothills of the Tararua Ranges, Tiritea School overlooks Palmerston North.

'Long way' before standards reached

Case study: Tairangi School

Tairangi School

Porirua's Tairangi School faces a tall order before it has even started implementing National Standards.

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