Covid-19 vaccination has turned into a ‘battle of the brands’ video

With multiple safe and effective vaccines approved, parts of the globe are experiencing “brand tribalism”. Which ...

ANALYSIS: With multiple safe and effective vaccines approved, parts of the globe are experiencing “brand tribalism”, where which vaccine you get is a hot issue.

Death in care: Woman given incorrect medication by nurse

A fatal overdose wasn’t reported quickly enough, leading to a disabled woman’s death.

A woman died in care after a nurse gave her medication meant for someone else. It's taken four years for the details to come out.

Where did the coronavirus come from?

It's possible, for example, that researchers studying coronaviruses in Wuhan did not even know they had SARS-CoV-2 in ...

The true story of the Covid-19 pandemic has caused schisms within the scientific community. But the answers of its origin are still proving extremely elusive.

Covid response to remain for years to come video

Sir Brian Roche, centre, says his advisory group forsees the response to Covid-19 lingering for up to five years. (File ...

The Government's Covid-19 fix-it man says “unconstrained freedom” from pandemic restrictions at the border is unlikely to come for two to five years.

Industry leader attacks 'barbaric' decisions over quarantine bed limits video

Dunedin businessman Sir Ian Taylor questions why such a limited number of beds are available for Kiwis returning home to ...

Sir Ian Taylor claims a US-based staff member was denied an MIQ place because he did not know if his father would die within six months.

Covid-19 vaccine approved for 12 to 15-year-olds in NZ video

BANGKOK, THAILAND - JUNE 07: A health workers prepares a syringe for administering the AstraZeneca Covid-19 coronavirus ...

Jacinda Ardern says there will still be enough for everyone as Medsafe approves Pfizer vaccine for use in 12 to 15-year-olds.

Live: Covid-19 vaccine for 12 to 15-year-olds video

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

The Pfizer vaccine being rolled out across the country has been approved as safe for young teens, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced.

Officials mum on possible sex worker link to deportation case

A sports aircraft flies past Tegel Tower, shortly before the last scheduled flight takes off from Berlin's Tegel Airport ...

Immigration officials remain tightlipped about whether an overstayer soon to be deported from New Zealand was working as a sex worker.

Psychologist suspended over inmate relationship video

A psychologist will not be able to practice for three years after she entered into a relationship with a prisoner while ...

A former corrections psychologist has been suspended for three years after admitting to being in a relationship with an inmate she was treating.

Midwife who didn't read ultrasound scans failed in woman's care

Ultrasound scans showed a baby was smaller than it should be, but the midwife failed to read the reports. (File photo)

Despite red flags about the baby's size in the 12-week scans, the woman wasn't referred to a specialist, and terminated her pregnancy at 25 weeks.

Three new cases of Covid-19 in managed isolation video

New Zealand is at alert level 1, and masks are mandatory on public transport across the country. (File photo)

The update comes as a community cluster of the virus in Sydney continues to grow and a Brisbane air crew worker tests positive.

Rich slum, poor slum and Covid-19

A boy steps across a flooded area next to a mural with words in Swahili advising people to get vaccinated against ...

The pandemic has hit poor people in cities the hardest, both economically and in terms of their health. This is true in both rich and poor countries.

Covid-19: Fiji records 166 new cases as outbreak continues to escalate video

Fiji aims to vaccinate 600,000 of its population against Covid-19.

Fiji's medical authorities have announced 166 new coronavirus cases, with community transmission now considered "broad".

Rehab closure 'shocking and devastating' for parents who needs respite video

Antonia Tua, with son Ronnie, at the protest against the trust’s closure.

Disabled patients and their families are calling on the Government to step in to save the Laura Fergusson Trust rehab centre in Auckland.

ACC biased against women, Māori and Pasifika, analysis shows video

ACC biased against women, Māori and Pasifika - agency's own analysis shows - Thumbnail

Women are more likely to have their claims declined and when they're accepted receive far less compensation than men, according to ACC figures.

The machine that made open-heart surgery possible video

Motat’s Love/Science exhibition explores homegrown innovations, including the Melrose Heart-Lung machine that was ...

Kiwi innovations, including the machine Brian Barratt-Boyes used in our first open-heart surgery, are going on display.

Qatar to require fans at 2022 World Cup to be vaccinated

The Middle East's first World Cup is due to start November 21, 2022.

Qatar will require spectators at the 2022 World Cup to have received coronavirus vaccines to get into games, the government has announced.

Cancer patient seeks vaccine certainty video

Trevor Gately said a blood test after getting the vaccine would offer peace of mind – but it’s not funded.

International study finds Covid-19 vaccine is less effective for myeloma patients.

Panic buying ahead of lockdown on par with Christmas rushes

Stock Photo - rolls of toilet paper isolated on white

A rush to stockpile items in a crisis is a very human coping mechanism that shouldn’t necessarily be condemned, researchers say.

How Women's Refuge enlisted children as special advisers video

Kaia feeling scared arriving at Women's Refuge.

Every Women’s Refuge should have a two-storey pillow fort with a rock climbing wall, a teddy for every child and hot chocolate in the winter. It's sound advice from a nine-year-old.

What kids want - children advise Women's Refuge on how to improve service

Ana, 11, remembering the drive to Women’s Refuge with her mum and sister, and thinking 'How are we going to do this?'

Children's advice to Refuge instigates new pilot programme.

Covid-19: Vaccinating the world quickly is achievable

Stuff science columnist Dr Siouxsie Wiles.

OPINION: We need 17 vaccine production lines and US$9.4 billion.

Hot on the wheels of teen dental care video


Paula Kinzett of Teen Dental Mobile with her mobile dental ...

A mobile dental practice has hit the road reaching high school students that are 'falling through the cracks'.

Motor neurone disease sufferer tracks decline through online auctions

David Seymour was diagnosed with motor neurone disease in 2017, and has progressively lost his mobility. Now he's ...

A fishing rod, a bicycle, a guitar, a knife and fork: One by one, David Seymour is selling off the items he can no longer use.

The slippery issue of CBD oil accessibility video

Stephen Taylor says he benefits from taking CBD oil but he sources it illegally as no GPs will prescribe it to him and ...

After years of suffering seizures, one man has finally been 'fixed' through CBD oil usage. So why is this legal substance so hard to get?

Robyn Malcolm: Give MIQ guests more mental health support

Robyn Malcolm says feelings of stress and anxiety are heightened for those staying in managed isolation (file photo).

The actor says feelings of stress and anxiety are heightened for those staying in managed isolation facilities.

Volunteer firefighters push for better ACC cover video

Gore Volunteer Fire Brigade chief Steve Lee speaks about a push for more comprehensive ACC coverage for all firefighters.

The chief of Southland’s biggest volunteer fire brigade is backing a national push for ACC changes to better cover volunteer firefighters.

Covid-19: NSW records two new local cases as Sydney ordered to mask up

20610 PETER MEECHAM/FAIRFAX MEDIA The Parramatta fast ferry cat and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. GENERIC AUSTRALIA STORY; ...

The cluster in New South Wales grew to nine on Sunday, prompting an expansion of existing restrictions.

Four new Covid-19 cases in managed isolation

The Government will release new Covid-19 case figures at 1pm.

Quarantine-free travel with New South Wales remains in place, despite new Covid-19 cases in Sydney.

Medical Council investigates 13 doctors over Covid-19 misinformation video

The complaints follow an open letter by a group of doctors, health professionals and scientists who oppose the Covid-19 ...

Medical experts warn doctors could lose their jobs if they're found to be spreading misinformation.

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