The man 'with nine lives'

"I was winning gold medals whilst I was in the midst of dying," Wayne Annan said.

Wayne Annan's top fitness was masking health problems that led to a heart attack, heart transplant and cancer.

Fake news and our weed vote

BARCELONA, SPAIN - AUGUST 22:  A member smokes a marijuana joint in a cannabis club on August 22, 2014 in Barcelona, ...

OPINION: Fake news is aplenty amid a lack of information about what legalisation of cannabis could mean.

Games cause cardiac arrest

Three boys reportedly went into cardiac arrest playing video games.

Paediatric cardiologists report that video games be as hazardous to the heart as playing sports.

A 'cloud of dust' and a promise

Craig Eaton was only 52 when he died from mesothelioma, a cancer caused by asbestos exposure.

The final words shared between a terminally ill man and his eldest daughter weren't those of love - they were talk of pain and promises.

Air ambulance operator sues trust for $750,000

Court proceedings involving the Taranaki Air Ambulance Trust are brewing with claims of a contract breach. (File Photo)

A contractual disagreement between the owner and the operator of Taranaki's air ambulance service is heading to court.

The tough reality of being a midwife video

Wellington region chair of the NZ College of Midwives Siobhan Connor says government promises for change are "too ...

They work within a model considered by some to be the envy of the world but the reality isn't so peachy for community-based midwives who are burining out at an alarming rate.

Family 'lost' as young mum dies

Bonnie Avery, 29, lived for her family. She was "the strength, the voice, the person who would stand up and speak for ...

Bonnie Avery was supposed to get married in December, her 30th birthday. But she went to sleep and never woke up.

Red Nose Day's Digital Makeover

Cure Kids has invested more than $40 million into child health research since 1971.

Raymond McGrath has partnered with Cure Kids to launch a storybook app during this month's Red Nose Appeal.

Measles exposure on flights

There have been more than 1100 measles cases in Auckland so far this year.

People who traveled from Auckland to Perth and back may have been exposed to measles by a sick passenger.

A letter to my granddad on World Alzheimer's Day video

Nelson Mitchell was my grandad and one of tens of thousands of Kiwis that lived with dementia.

I wasn't at your funeral, you weren't at my wedding. So I guess we're even.

Instagram tightens up on diet ads

Instagram has an estimated 1 billion users worldwide.

Instagram is rolling out a new policy targeting weight loss products and certain procedures, restricting access or removing them entirely.

Parents fear more disability terminations video

Eden Price's photo album.

Rachel Price is mum to a confident 12-year-old who wants to be a YouTube star - and has Downs Syndrome.

Wanaka birthing unit promised

Expectant mother Dr Kate Dixon, an Alexandra-based GP and member of the Central Lakes Locality Network, listens to ...

Mothers and midwives welcome the promise of a birthing unit, but there might not be anyone to man it, they say.

'Something will break'

Medical and surgical services at Christchurch Hospital recorded their busiest day in July.

Canterbury's health board warns capacity will be an issue for years to come, despite the opening of a new hospital building.

Meth menace bad for heart video

P use is putting pressure on the hearts of people in their mid 30s and 40s, sending them to hospital with heart failure, ...

People are showing up to hospital with serious heart failure, and then disappearing from the system, cardiologists say.

Patients frequently put in motels video

Capital & Coast District Health Board says motels are frequently used to ensure Wellington Regional Hospital doesn't ...

Wellington Regional Hospital at least 90pc occupied for almost three-quarters of the year, with motels for surgical patients commonly used.

Three cases of measles encephalitis video

More than 50,000 additional MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) doses will be distributed across New Zealand on Thursday.

The condition is a serious complication of measles, a result of the virus spreading to the brain.

Motherhood ain't what it used to be video

170919 News Photo Kelly Hodel / Stuff
Waikato Family Centre founder Maureen Speedy is retiring after more than 40 years ...

Maureen Speedy used to see mums struggling with isolation. Now it's money, work and social pressure.

Cash-strapped CDHB reviewing services

14062018 news  photo Alden Williams/Stuff

Christchurch Hospital re-development.  A sign outside Christchurch Women's ...

Facing a $180m deficit, Canterbury's health board confirms it is reviewing services.

When will the measles outbreak end?

Vaccines are extremely well-tested and there are no concerns about effects on fertility.

A vaccinologist and a registered nurse answer your questions about measles.

Lower Hutt goes smokefree video

Smokers are no longer welcome in public places in Lower Hutt.

Councillors have voted for a ban that includes shopping centres and bus stops at the last meeting before the local body elections.

Māori psychology school pitched video

Dr Waikaremoana Waitoki wants to bring a Māori world view into psychology in a way that is more than "window-dressing".

At the moment, five per cent of Kiwi psychologists are Māori and a Waikato researcher says the system needs to change.

Cancer fundraising event 'disturbing'

Manurewa MP and chair of Parliament's Health Select Committee, Louisa Wall, is co-hosting a 'Whisky vs Gin' fundraising ...

'Whisky vs Gin' fundraiser, hosted by Labour MP, labelled "astounding" due to alcohol's role in causing cancer.

'An environment that will find you out'

Trevor Hone says building is a pressure cooker environment, so "there's even more need to have ongoing chats" about ...

A builder whose daughter was killed in a car crash is urging construction workers to talk as the industry battles high suicide numbers.

Why do we need charity hospitals?

Melissa Vining, left, with Professor Phil Bagshaw, from the Canterbury Charity Hospital, at a meeting to discuss the ...

Charity hospitals are filling the void left by district health boards.

DHB issues alert

A person who was infected with the measles virus visited Wanaka, Queenstown, Dunedin and Winton.

A person who was infected with the measles virus visited Wanaka, Queenstown, Dunedin and Winton.

Your measles questions answered

The first dose of the MMR vaccine protects 92 out of every 100 people from the measles. The second dose brings the total ...

All the answers to your questions about the measles outbreak in New Zealand, with Dr Helen Petousis-Harris and registered nurse Lisbeth Alley.

Measles cases yet to peak video

New MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) doses will be distributed across New Zealand later this week.

Twenty people a day are contracting measles, and the spread "hasn't slowed down yet".

52,000 new measles vaccines

Of the 1275 cases nationwide this year, 633 had not received any doses of MMR vaccine.

GPs who were out of measles vaccine should have new supplies this week.

Teens challenge anti-vax parents video

Vito Strati says he grew up in a community that distrusted traditional medicine, including vaccinations.

Vito grew up in a tight-knit community of families who distrusted vaccinations. He decided they were wrong.

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