How Lego therapy changed the life of a 4-year-old autistic boy video

Tavius, James and Samuel immerse themselves in the Lego world at a "quiet session" at the Brickman exhibition in Auckland.

Samuel has gone from rocking on the floor to finding his passion - becoming a Lego master builder.

There's tomatoes coming out their ears video

We get the sauce on why tomatoes are so cheap and try out a tomato cannon.

From pet food to make up, KEA Kids News discovers creative new uses for an excess of juicy, but unwanted, tomatoes.

The sport where picking the perfect poo is pivotal video

KEA Kids News reporter Jackson Bleakley takes a whiff of what he hopes is a winning cowpat at the New Zealand Rural Games.

What does it take to be an expert in cowpat frisbee?

Wellington Phoenix striker living every kid's footballing dream video

KEA Kids News talks to Wellington Phoenix striker Ben Waine.

19-year-old striker Ben Waine is the club's youngest-ever goal-scorer.

Is this NZ's next racing star? video

Kiwi racing driver Kaleb Ngatoa on the track just before he set off to compete in the Australian Racing Car circuit.

He is the first Kiwi driver to win a race at the S5000 series in Melbourne, and he did it on debut.

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Halberg Awards: All the things you didn't hear from NZ's biggest night in sport video

Dual Olympic gold medallist Lisa Carrington says she keeps her medals on her bedside table.

Where does Olympic canoer Lisa Carrington keep her gold medals, and how did former All Black Conrad Smith get his nickname "Snakey"?

The smelly secret to growing giant feijoas video

Archer (7) and Charli (10) show KEA Kids reporter Damian Paul (centre) a handful of their feijoa crop.

An Auckland family reckons this ingredient helped them grow a 423g feijoa.

Four-year-old's leg grows 8cm longer after surgery video

Lydia Golding, 4, has gone to America to have operations on her leg that will help her to walk.

Lydia Golding was born with one leg much shorter than the other, making it almost impossible to walk. But surgery in America is helping her leg to grow.

How much poo can a dung beetle eat? video

KEA Kids News reporters Khloe Christison, 10, Tiela Brown-Merrin, 10, and Kavyn Brown-Merrin, 9, from Ōtorohanga South ...

It might sound disgusting, but these cowpat-eating insects are really good for our environment.

Watch: Schoolboys team first national side to perform haka before cricket match video

The New Zealand Maori Secondary Schoolboys team performs its haka.

The powerful performance was a New Zealand-first on a cricket pitch - and it meant a lot to the boys in the team.

See rescued blue penguins have their first swimming lesson video

Native Bird Rescue nursed the penguins back to health.

Two boys got a massive surprise when they uncovered ailing penguin chicks. Now they're checking in on the birds' progress.

How a near-death experience motivated one young girl to fight for road speed changes video

Kea Kids reporter Charlie Maxner, 10, meets Millie Stonier, 11, and Ben Withers, 10, who are campaigning to reduce speed ...

After almost getting run over while checking the mailbox, an 11-year-old has successfully campaigned to halve her neighbourhood's speed limits.

Inside the world of competitive barbecuing video

At the national barbecuing competition, meat is judged on its taste, texture and presentation.

When you're born into a BBQ family you practise cooking meat, not kicking balls.

Visually impaired kids given chance to shred the slopes for the first time video

Riley Dexter, who has limited vision, tries snowboarding for the first time as part of the Blind Sport NZ programme.

Not being able to see is no barrier for these kids, who are trying out a number of sports including skiing and snowboarding.

What's it like going to school during Covid lockdown? video

See-Me Tuaratini, 10, has a go on the playground equipment at Auckland’s May Road School during the city's latest level ...

Children of essential workers say it's weird being at an almost-empty school when their mates are learning from home, but at least they get first dibs on the playground!

Māori Battalion war medals finally make their way home video

Kea Kids News season 2 ep 55. War medals

Whānau of elite WWII fighting unit received the medals, 70 years after battle, in a special ceremony.

How gratitude can stop you feeling angry video

Reporter Lucinda Seeney talks to prison volunteer Pat Reble about anger management.

Pat Reble knows more about anger than most. The retired prison officer teaches anger management tools to prisoners.

Letters from children prompted Jacinda Ardern to help Māui dolphin video

KEA Kids News reporter Jericho Tuburan interviews Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

Prime minister explains why letters from kids are the only ones she reads every week.

Six-year-old already a hip hop dance veteran video

Grayson performs at Hawke's Bay Opera House.

Grayson Quach has been doing solo showcases since he was 3.

School builds its own cardboard game arcade video

Panmure District School has made a plethora of cardboard games.

Students from Panmure District School have unleashed their imagination to create all sorts of impressive cardboard contraptions.

Blues take Northland kids through their paces video

The Blues play a game with Northland kids.

Young rugby fans couldn’t believe their luck they got the chance to train with the Blues.

How one boy broke his neck trampolining video

Joshua Green had to wear a neck brace for five weeks.

Joshua Green recovered but with payouts for trampoline injuries at more than $10m in 2020, ACC is offering some tips to avoid accidents.

The champion BMX biker teaching kids top tricks video

Freya McCabe, 10, from Albany Primary School, with champion BMXer Jed Mildon and a young rider.

Champion Kiwi BMX rider Jed Mildon has mastered some amazing stunts, riding up ramps and doing gravity-defying flips and spins on his bike.

Meet the boy who would rather be out hunting than playing video games video

Kea Kids reporter Jackson Coughlan, 8, has visited Sam Johnston’s family farm to learn all about his love of hunting and ...

Sam grew up in a hunting family and has learned how to safely shoot a gun. He even hunts for food!

Synchronised swimmers trade Argentina for Invercargill events after Covid cancellations video

Keita Morgan-Aupouri, 11, of Invercargill Middle School meets a talented group of synchronised swimmers.

Talented all-girl team share their training routine and what they love about the sport.

Covid-19: When will kids get the vaccines? video

Vaccines are part of the fight against Covid-19.

Coronavirus vaccines are being distributed, but most kids will be among the last to be immunised. Why?

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Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: May 16, 2021

Curious George's companion wears which colour hat?

Curious George's companion wears which colour hat?

Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: May 16, 2021

When were armoured fighting vehicles first referred to as "tanks"?

When were armoured fighting vehicles first referred to as "tanks"?

Quiz: Afternoon trivia challenge: May 15, 2021

Which Hindu festival is known as the festival of colours?

Which Hindu festival is known as the festival of colours?

Quiz: Morning trivia challenge: May 15, 2021

Is the black mamba snake poisonous, or venomous?

Is the black mamba snake poisonous, or venomous?


$67.4m in Budget to help public sector buy electric vehicles, clean heating

The police fleet is one of the highest-emitting in the public sector, but work is under way to replace non-patrol cars ...

In a few short years, Government departments will need to buy offsets to counter any climate pollution they can't get rid of. But with coal boilers and fossil-fueled cars still rife, will the money be enough?

Climate scientist Dave Lowe's 50-year fight

Dave Lowe has been tracking atmospheric carbon and its effect on climate change for more than 50 years.

Dave Lowe has been at the forefront of climate change since before the phrase “climate change” existed.

Exploring NZ's subantarctics

New Zealand fur seals cosy up to one another on Antipodes Island, spotted during a Heritage Expeditions tour.

Our lesser known islands harbour a wealth of wildlife, and a legal loophole.

Scuba divers in the US begin massive effort to rid Lake Tahoe of rubbish

Scuba divers in the US have completed the first dive of a massive six-month effort to rid the popular Lake Tahoe of rubbish.

It will take six months for volunteers to clean the hugely popular tourist attraction of fishing rods, tyres, cans, beer bottles and other trash.