Who has Winston's ear?

The 72-year-old political veteran has thrown everything at this campaign.

ANALYSIS: Polls suggest Winston Peters will choose the next Government, but it's possible he won't even talk to Jacinda Ardern.

History is here, ready or not video

Jacinda Ardern in Christchurch talking at the University of Canterbury. Both leaders are in a race to the finish line now

An unprecedented fourth term or an astonishing rise to power? Either way, we will have the extraordinary election this campaign deserves.

The biggest fibs this election video

ardern v english

ANALYSIS: National's told some tall ones but Labour isn't exactly squeaky clean either.

Greens appeal to TOP voters

Buoyed by polls putting the Greens back in the safe-zone, James Shaw has issued a call to TOP voters - "don't waste your ...

They won't get into Parliament, says Shaw. "So give your vote to us".

Nat supporter accosted video

Young Nat Jacob Butson gets manhandled at a Labour Party rally at Christchurch's University of Canterbury.

National supporter has sign ripped from his hands at Christchurch Labour rally.

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Dry election day as heat looms

Walking to your local polling place on Saturday? Chances are you'll stay dry and the sun may even be shining.

Most voters should stay dry on Saturday, ahead of a hot week.

Live: Last day of election race

It's all coming down to the wire with polls suggesting a photo finish in Saturday's election.

It's all coming down to the wire with polls suggesting a photo finish in Saturday's election.

When the voting's done

Labour candidate Janette Walker has to juggle her work at Crossroads Charitable Trust with her campaign work.

Two will be at the pub, one will be at home, the incumbent has hired a hall. But who will be celebrating?

Tight race draws out voters

Tasman Makos Pari Pari Parkinson, left, Rupena Parkinson, Siua Halanukonuka and Viliami Lolohea vote at the advance ...

Make your vote count in what's tipped to be a tight race for the Beehive.

The one poll that matters

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and National leader Bill English say the 2017 election race is very tight.

OPINION: The debates have been robust, but the arguing is nearly over and we should soon have a better idea of what it all means.

Protest sign beside man on fire video

Emergency services near a patch of burnt grass outside Parliament House in Wellington where a man reportedly set himself ...

Man who set himself on fire at Parliament grounds may have brought sign with him.

People missing from the heart of the rebuild

OPINION: It's fast becoming apparent the rebuild will take somewhere between the expected lifespan of a heavy smoker and that of old Queen Liz.

Heads in a spin

Personality doesn't pay bills, former prime minister Jim Bolger has said, but  it can sway election results.

OPINION: Will National's record of sound economic management be enough to hold back the natural human desire to try something new?

A farmer's son's letter to his father

Fears of an inheritance tax and water taxes have dominated farmers' election discussions.

OPINION: The urban/rural flame war is being stoked by a cynical Government and is not as deep as farmers believe, writes a farmer's son.

Fake names deny justice

Chief executive Brendan Boyle s approved of the use of false names by MSD staff.

OPINION: The MSD's use of fake names disadvantages their clients.

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Fair pay or national awards?

BusinessNZ has warned Labour's fair pay agreements marks the biggest change to industrial relations in a decade, and ...

OPINION: Labour's fair pay agreements signal a major change in industrial relations.

Change is coming

OPINION: The election campaign has forcibly revealed that generational renewal is happening across society.

The perils of Government

Debate strikes useful balance

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