Live: Labour does not concede

Winston Peters is deciding the next government.

6:43 AM  Who will lead the next government? It's Winston Peters' decision, as New Zealand First holds the balance of power. But Peters isn't rushing to decide, as Bill English lines up to try and win him over.

Bill buries demons 12ft under

Bill English has well and truly exorcised the ghost of his 2002 defeat, writes Stacey Kirk.

OPINION: But a toll is still to be paid to win, and what is Winston Peters' price, asks Stacey Kirk.

A big loss for the kingmaker

NZ First leader Winston Peters holds court at the Duke of Marlborough. He leaves his campaign party the kingmaker.

Winston Peters wraps up election night with defeat in Northland, but holding the balance of power.

Ardern: 'We hoped for better'

Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern addresses her supporters as she waits for an election verdict.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern says her party was hoping for a better result, as National stays 10 points ahead.

Seymour emerges victorious

ACT leader David Seymour speaks to supporters on election night.

The leader of ACT has once again swept to victory in Epsom – but could still end up in opposition.

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Election highs and lows

Guy Williams makes no secret about his pro-Greens politics but even he thinks a promise to plant a billion trees is a ...

OPINION: After a frenetic campaign of highs and lows for each party, Guy Williams picks out some memorable moments.

We didn't believe your fairytales video

The Jacinda effect wasn't enough to change Labour's fortunes.

OPINION: Sadly for Jacinda Ardern and her cohort of aspiring ministers it appears that the public didn't take the bait, writes Damien Grant.

Peters should work with National video

Winston Peters has stars in his eyes – but in truth, he is barely needed.

OPINION: Let us be clear: Peters has no choice. Voters will not tolerate Winston Peters abusing his kingmaker position.

Nats' deal with the devil

New Zealand PM Bill English could not name one economist who backed Nationa's fiscal hole.

OPINION: It must have been hard for Bill English, a decent man, to keep massaging the truth.

Greens face return to the sidelines

The Greens rebounded from the doledrums under James Shaw's steady leadership.

OPINION: Another spell outside of Government will be tough to swallow for the Greens.

Migrant wave likely to continue

Vikas Singh voted for the first time in this year's election, but might never have made it to New Zealand, with the ...

With National looking to be back in power, it looks like the influx of migrants will continue.

Roads, houses, health for Auckland

National and Labour both made big infrastructure promises to Auckland.

Despite pitching himself as the steady economic hand on the wheel, Bill English skillfully threw just enough lollies to win over Aucklanders.

Raising wages not that simple

Should low wages be forced to rise? Two economists disagree on the answer.

Promises to combat inequality were big this election cycle, but it won't be an easy fix.

All over bar Winston's shouting

Winston Peters will decide the next government.

After an election of startling twists and turns, Bill English says National has the "moral authority" to have first crack at forming a govt.

Give prisoners the vote

Prisoners deserve to vote.

OPINION: Society owes it to prisoners to give them the vote. It's a right, not a privilege.

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Peters is no pushover

The NZ First leader won't make life easy for National and Labour. Don't be surprised if he fits in some fishing before ...

OPINION: NZ First leader has been around long enough to know exactly how to make National and Labour sweat.

All you need is votes

Opinion: There's a song for every mood so pump up the volume to 11, writes David Slack.

Lollies or NZ's future?

The TV election: food, glorious food

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