UK politician Boris Johnson to visit New Zealand

Boris Johnson - one of Britain's more flamboyant politicians.

Boris Johnson - one of Britain's more flamboyant politicians.

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson will visit New Zealand this month.

Sources have confirmed the trip, although there an official announcement is yet to be made.

Johnson is one of Britain's most flamboyant politicians and is emerging as one of the main contenders to roll Theresa May as prime minister after she nearly cost the Conservative Party an unlosable election.

The former London mayor, was appointed Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs after being one of the leading champions of the so-called Brexit vote withdrawing Britain from the European Union.

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But he is almost as famous for his colourful quotes and flamboyant appearance.

He is scheduled so spend July 23 to 25 in New Zealand.

Famous Boris Johnson quotes:

"My chances of being PM are about as good as the chances of finding Elvis on Mars, or my being reincarnated as an olive.

"The dreadful truth is that when people come to see their MP they have run out of better ideas."

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"My friends, as I have discovered myself, there are no disasters, only opportunities. And, indeed, opportunities for fresh disasters."

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