Housing, education, health and 'first world wages and jobs' the focus for Winston Peters video

Winston Peters says he's always focused on the four things that will ultimately improve the lives of Māori.

Winston Peters says he's always focused on the four things that will ultimately improve the lives of Māori.

Winston Peters says he's never stopped thinking about the four things that will change the lives of Māori - housing, education, health and "first world wages and jobs".

The NZ First leader spoke to Radio Waatea on Wednesday morning ahead of a busy day of negotiation talks with National and Labour, which he described as "going fine".

"People forget we didn't know the result of the election properly until 2pm on Saturday...we're happy with the progress."

Asked whether it was true that he had turned his back on Māori, Peters said he was concentrating on four things and they were all important to Māori.

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"Anyone who has ever watched my career where Māori politics is concerned will know I concentrate on the four things that really matter. That's housing, education...a decent health system for everybody and first world wages and jobs for everybody," Peters told Radio Waatea.

"Those four things I've never stopped thinking about and in the end that's what will change Māori lives."

Following his third negotiation meeting of the day, Peters said those four things had been his focus his "whole career when it comes to the Māori world".

"It happens to be also what everybody in the world wants, those four things are their number four priorities."

Peters spent much of the Radio Waatea interview talking about the pressure that had been put on him by the media, in particular, to make a decision.

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"They were saying we should have been able to do the talks and finish the decision before the Saturday special results...then they think we should be driven by their agenda."

Peters said "these things take time" and that it wasn't NZ First's fault that the full election results weren't known until October 7.

"That's the system's fault."

In terms of negotiations he said it was long days with pre-briefs and debriefs with his caucus before and after every meeting.

He said it was "a lot of work to get through".

"I think everybody is working towards a stable government for the next three years and beyond."

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