Live: NZ First - Thursday D-Day

Negotiations around forming a new government are ramping up following secret leaders' talks with Winston Peters.

NZ First will make an announcement on the result of coalition talks tomorrow afternoon.

Peters' legacy leans to the left

The time has come. Winston Peters must decide how best to leave a legacy.

7:22 PM  OPINION: National must be emptying its bag of tricks to stay in the race.

Time for kings to be made video

Winston Peters will reveal which way NZ First is going on Thursday afternoon.

7:28 PM  Winston Peters has told both Bill English and Jacinda Ardern he's ready to make a decision.

Is Peters doing MMP wrong?

Winston Peters has done all the talking since the election

6:00 PM  OPINION: There's a right way and a wrong way of doing politics in MMP - and Winston Peters keeps picking the wrong way.

'Heart says Nats, head Labour'

Former Attorney-General and National man Paul East says Winston Peters will likely be gunning for Foreign Minister ...

A former National minister and Winston Peters' long-time friend says NZ First won't sit on the crossbenches.

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Jacinda Ardern's ultimate downfall stuff nation

Telling people you have a 'vision' is great. However, after a while people are interested in what it actually is.

Simply repeating 'I have a vision' was not enough. She needed evidence, reports and facts to assert control. Unfortunately, she failed.

Don't just blame Winston Peters

NZ First leader Winston Peters met with his board on Monday morning as coalition talks continue.

OPINION: Former MP John Tamihere says MMP changed the constitution forever.

Lowering the barrier

NZ First leader Winston Peters arrives at Wellington airport on Monday morning to meet with his board as coalition talks ...

OPINION:The five per cent barrier is too high.

Live: Waiting for Winston

With NZ First's board meeting again, will this be the day a new government is announced?

NZ First leader has been holding one-on-one meetings with Jacinda Ardern and Bill English tonight.

Big pay rise for Superfund boss

Another big pay rise for Adrian Orr - a 2.7 per cent bump to his base salary.

Superfund boss earns $1.2m a year, and he's just got another pay rise almost three times what was recommended.

Government 'doomed to fail' video

The major party leaders should have stepped up and run the show. They made a mistake in bowing to Peters' tune.

NZ First's vanity is an "inbuilt self-destruction mechanism" in any government, ex-MP Peter Dunne says.

Who backed Winston?

Winston Peters' NZ First Party draw much of their support from the regions, especially the Bay of Plenty and Northland.

NZ First is set to decide who will govern. What do we know about its supporters?

Ngaruroro needs protection

Forest & Bird Freshwater Advocate Annabeth Cohen

OPINION: WCOs can go hand in hand with thriving agricultural economies, says Forest & Bird.

Politically Correct: When will we get a government?

The whole country is watching its watch, as the formation of the next government continues to drag on.

It's been more than three weeks since New Zealand tried to elect a government and it's looking like that wait will continue.

Key: MMP not pretty, but gets there

Former Prime Minister Sir John Key has been appointed to the ANZ board.

The government will be judged by its performance, not how long it takes to form, says John Key.

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Ngaruroro needs protection

Forest & Bird Freshwater Advocate Annabeth Cohen

OPINION: WCOs can go hand in hand with thriving agricultural economies, says Forest & Bird.

Backroom dealing hard to stomach

OPINION: You have to be a bit careful when it comes to deciphering the words of Winston Peters.

Coalition - a crown or a poisoned chalice video

Peters and The Twelfth of Never

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