MPs' expenses

Update: The latest batch of MP expense reports and receipts has now been uploaded, spanning from March to June 2010. Help us sift through the claims and receipts to find out which MPs have been wasting tax dollars and who deserves further attention.

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On June 10, the Department of Internal Affairs released thousands of pages of credit card transactions and receipts from MPs' spending between 2003 and 2010. The documents were trawled through by journalists as well as Stuff readers. The findings left MPs shamed and demoted.

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Each receipt has buttons to the right which you can click to tell us if it's worth further investigation. Add notes if there is something specific you'd like to say, then click Submit Review.

If you're not sure, you can skip to another random receipt.

What to look for:

1) Items that cost much more than they should (eg: $1000 suits, $200 bottles of wine)

2) Spending lots of money in short periods of time (eg: $1000 in restaurant bills is alright for a month, not for a day)

3) Strange explanations from MPs (Do they keep losing their luggage on overseas trips? Do they give vague reasons for large bills?)

4) No details on the bill (eg: $2000 on "room charges" in a hotel bill, with no more info).

5) Things that have no business being paid for by the public (eg: movie tickets, new cars, home electricity bills)

Receipts often have pages nearby that explain (or try to explain) why the purchase was made. Click the Previous and Next buttons to see if there's more information nearby.

We've taken our lead from Britain's Guardian website, which created something similar to sort through MP expenses in their own country and turned up a lot of interesting information.

We'll share the results online as soon as we're able.

Thanks for your help. We have thousands of pages from 2003-2010 to check.