Ardern's star not dimmed

Winston Peters, Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw in a show of unity after cracks appeared in the coalition.

OPINION: A year on from the election, she continues to rise internationally even as she weathers storms at home.

A bit of bother over backpay

Iain Lees-Galloway says BusinessNZ is playing "silly buggers" over backpay for pay equity.

OPINION: When you're courting someone, it is not polite or politic to call them names.

Sorry day for a once proud party

Duncan Garner: "A once proud party has agreed to lose its name because the ageing husband isn't happy with who's getting ...

OPINION: Labour has given itself an uppercut over what to call the Government.

Meth panic was always political video

Housing Minister Phil Twyford, left, and Housing NZ chief executive Andrew McKenzie say tenants evicted after meth tests ...

OPINION: Housing NZ's tough meth policy was driven by Government.

Ardern's last act of a hellish month

Jacinda Ardern was going for a firm but fair approach.

ANALYSIS: The PM wasn't going to make the same mistake with Meka Whaitiri that she did with Clare Curran.

I admit it, I voted for Winston

08082018 Photo: ROSS GIBLIN/STUFF 
Minister of Foreign Affairs, Winston Peters.

OPINION: It seemed rational at the time, but this is not how I meant it to turn out.

Ardern's sigh of relief - for now video

NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Arden visited Nauru earlier this month. It's her personal brand to be kind to refugees.

OPINION: For the PM to win a concession from Winston Peters, it seems she has to publicly lose another.

Du Plessis-Allan's ignorance is no excuse video

Presenter Heather du Plessis-Allan says the Pacific "leeches" off New Zealand.

OPINION: Heather du Plessis-Allan has made entertainment out of dehumanising Pacific Islanders. She should be ashamed.

Ardern's economic lesson video

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's mistaken answers over economic growth questions highlight the importance of market ...

OPINION: It was a simple mistake, but the punishment for Ardern's GDP mix-up could have been much more brutal.

Just what is Ardernism?

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Green Party leader James Shaw  after the ...

OPINION: She resists political labels, but Jacinda Ardern is essentially a republican.

1893 opinion: 'Shrieking sisterhood'

Kate Sheppard, one of the women condemned as part of the "shrieking sisterhood" by The Press in 1893.

The right to vote was forced on women who didn't want it, The Press wrote at the time.

Advancing Sheppard's legacy

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Kate Sheppard, who led the successful 1893 campaign to give women the vote and saw the ...

OPINION: Women are continuing in the footsteps of Kiwi pioneer Kate Sheppard, but there remains a long way to go.

Crown Maori Agency gets over the line

All smiles at the weekend for a show of unity - Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and ...

Jacinda Ardern can finally cross one of her NZ First "problems" off the list, before she leaves for New York.

Numbers behind Peters' tactics video

Winston Peters has to balance the numbers when it comes to tactics with Jacinda Ardern.

OPINION: Peters behaved as acting PM, then started flexing his muscles. Why? It's all in the numbers.

Ardern hobbled by her coalition hand

Jacinda Ardern and coalition partners Winston Peters and James Shaw are all smiles, for the cameras at least.

OPINION: Prime minister's ability to lead dependent on coalition partners.

Push-me-Pull-you Government

Winston Peters, Jacinda Ardern and James Shaw front the media at the launch of the Government's 30-year plan.

OPINION: There's no tail wagging the dog, Government says - but the coalition is still a strange beast.

All smiles for the Winston and Jacinda show

All smiles - Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Green Party leader James Shaw

OPINION: Something was missing from the Jacinda Ardern and Winston Peters' unity show.

Lecturing some parliamentarians

Sunday Star-Times columnist Damien Grant gave an oral submission in Parliament for the select committee on the ...

OPINION: Lecturing a handful of parliamentarians during my day before a select committee.

Time's up for Question Time

Clare Curran resigned over scrutiny of her use of a personal email account to conduct Government Business

Question Time is a pointless back and forth of poorly scripted insults and planted questions. Let's abandon or reform it.

4 reasons anthem is subversive video

TJ Perenara sings the national anthem ahead of the All Blacks' Rugby Championship match.

OPINION: Despite name-checking God 11 times, 'God Defend New Zealand' hides a radical challenge to tradition, says Jonathan Milne.

The PM has a baby - get used to it

Wouldn't we rather have a Prime Minister who knows the battle of trying to raise a child?

OPINION: We'd like our politicians to live in the real world, please, with the distractions real people have – like babies.

The coalition's not finished yet

If you want truly dysfunctional, hark back to the coalition between National and NZ First, pictured here in January ...

OPINION: Messy, incoherent, yes. But Ardern has a chance to spin her way out.

Labour's dud Lotto win

Winston Peters had good reason to keep everyone guessing on election night.

OPINION: Winston Peters delivered electoral victory to Jacinda Ardern. It's payback time.

Suffrage 125: How far we've come

September 19 marks 125 years of women's suffrage in New Zealand, although the fight for equality continues.

A 1968 stamp commemorating women's suffrage leads Sandra Coney to ponder the upheaval of the 60s and the struggles that were formative for her.

Super should fund infrastructure

TOP leader Geoff Simmons wants the Super Fund reformed in order to fund infrastructure.

OPINION: If we reformed NZ Super to make it affordable, $38b could be freed up to invest in our infrastructure now.

Curran's demise a public disgrace

It had been obvious for some time that eventually Clare Curran would have no option but to relinquish her portfolio ...

Clare Curran's political demise may have been very public but it still wasn't easy to watch, writes Richard Griffin.

Jim Tucker: Ever tried pitching a tent on asphalt?

New Plymouth District Council His council "still can't decide what to do about preventing this summer becoming another ...

Our freedom camping debate may be the first local evidence of what Sunday Star-Times writer Shamubeel Eaqub calls "overtourism", the downside of having too many visitors.

Fertile fields and desert despair

A Ravensdown topdressing plane delivering fertiliser, the vast majority of which comes from contentiously mined ...

OPINION: Jacinda Ardern has seen the suffering of the Saharawi people. Her government can play a role in helping them and doing what's right.

Opportunity in our language

Pupils at Roslyn Primary School in Palmerston North learn te reo, from left, Savannah O'Neil, 11, Taleyah ...

OPINION: Antagonism towards te reo Māori rooted in cultural insecurity.

Why Jacinda Ardern is not weak

Winston Peters and his MPs on election night

OPINION: If Winston Peters overplays his hand, he will force the PM into a standoff that she must win.

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