Kissing social justice goodbye

Bill English, right, campaigning in Lower Hutt with Simon Bridges, left, and local candidate Chris Bishop. No animals ...

OPINION: What is that grotesque practice of politicians kissing kids about, who started it, and why isn't there a law against it?

Water issues boil over

Winston Peters addresses the party faithful in Ashburton.

OPINION: Winston Peters steps into the politics of water.

The verdict: It's a draw video

Things took a heated turn at the final leaders debate.

 Our political pundits give their take on how the leaders performed in their final debate.

Who won the final debate? video

AUCKLAND, NEW ZEALAND - SEPTEMBER 20:  Labour party leader Jacinda Ardern speaks during the TVNZ Vote 2017 2nd Leaders ...

OPINION: Jacinda Ardern looked and sounded like a woman in a fight for her political life. And she is.

Oil on troubled waters video

Judith Collins has drafted in the navy over the pipeline crisis.

The oil crisis could sink National's campaign, but it may turn out to be manna from heaven as they prove themselves in a crisis.

English's squeeze is working video

Bill English is finally smiling, and rightly so.

OPINION: Bill English is killing NZ First and it's now clear he's making a dent in Labour too.

Debate strikes useful balance

The Manawatu Standard candidates debate was broadcast live on Facebook.

OPINION: Election campaign meeting mixes information with humour and differences.

NZ's hidden protest vote video

20092017 News Photo: Iain McGregor/Stuff
NZ First's Winston Peters in Ashburton.

The polls don't lie – or do they? Is there one party people are too afraid to admit they'll vote for?

Handshakes galore as week heats up

On the campaign trail in Blenheim National leader Bill English was in a race to cover as much ground as possible.

OPINION: There are 4.6 million people in NZ and National leader Bill English seems determined to shake every one of those 4.6 million hands.

The day after the election

What if the election is a dead heat? What would Labour leader Jacinda Ardern and National leader Bill English do then?

OPINION: With deals to be done, the really important day is not September 23, but the day after.

No magic rabbits left

National leader Bill English is hammering his messages on the economy as the election campaign curtain begins to fall.

National and Labour have started their closing arguments on the campaign trail - and they're playing it straight.

From a house to the House

The courageous Ellen Melville stood for Parliament seven times without success.

OPINION: Parliament's no longer a boys' club, but there's still work to do to make New Zealand a better place for women and children.

Once we've voted, what's next? video

Early voting is under way, with election day just around the corner.

OPINION: Get ready to see the strange beast that is NZ politics after election day, when the politicians go "free-style" to form a government.

Election campaign's wild ride

Win or lose on Saturday, Jacinda Ardern has brought her party back from zombieland.

OPINION: This election campaign has featured bribery dished out with the fervour of a Boxing Day Sale at Harvey Norman.

What happens if Labour wins

What will happen if a Labour Government is elected, asks Liam Hehir.

OPINION: By this time next week, we may have elected a Labour Government.

Goodwill tested by fuel crisis

Bill English and Judith Collins address the fuel shortage issue

OPINION: The oil crisis stranding travellers, MPs and journalists, seems like a fitting end to this election campaign.

Farmers kick up a stink video

Farmers take to the streets in Jacinda Ardern's home town Morrinsville to protest Labour's proposed  "water tax".

It's the last week of the campaign and the talk is all about an urban-rural divide. Is there one?

Renewal's upon us

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern talks with students at Addington Primary School in Christchurch last month. Johansson says ...

OPINION: Whatever happens on Saturday, the generational plates that lie under the surface politics of the campaign are shifting.

When the country goes to (cow) town

One of Morrinsville's shrines to the dairy industry.

OPINION: Morrinsville farmers' protest another chapter in lengthy story of rural antagonism towards the needs and aspirations of New Zealand's urban majority.

Teina Pora ripped off, again video

Life since he was freed from prison has been overwhelming for Teina Pora.

OPINION: Minister Amy Adams, here's your chance. Give Teina Pora the compensation he deserves for two decades of wrongful imprisonment.

Labour takes on National in ICT

One area where National and Labour diverge in terms of tech policy, is how to fund research and development

So who would you vote for, if this election was just about technology policy?

The Kate within Jacinda

The similarities between Jacinda Ardern and Kate Sheppard abound, a Canterbury historian says.

OPINION: Historian Katie Pickles sees shades of pioneering suffragette Kate Sheppard in Jacinda Ardern.

Blue Dragon down in flames

Two-term National list MP Jian Yang, right, gives his maiden speech in Parliament. He has been caught up in awkward ...

OPINION: We spy a problem for Jian Yang's aspirations in the National Party, and the party's hopes of re-election.

Turnout to decide election video

The Holden Kingswood stops on the Desert Rd on the way home.

OPINION: After two weeks travelling NZ, Martin van Beynen thinks it'll be tight - but the smaller parties could surprise us.

Talkin' bout my generation

Prime Minister Bill English was born in 1961, placing him firmly in the Baby Boomer camp.

ANALYSIS: It's Millennial Jacinda vs Baby Boomer Bill, or so we've been told.

Dirty streams, dirty politics video

Alison Mau: If you've already cast your vote, good for you, you can relax. I'll be here, chowing on the popcorn, till ...

OPINION: A nervous Alison Mau chows down on popcorn as the election builds to an outraged climax.

For whom the bell polls

Aristotle's three tenets of rhetorical proof: ethos, pathos and logos are on display in the 2017 general election.

OPINION: If you want more for your family, for the environment, for all the kids sleeping in cars, then make sure you vote, writes Lynda Hallinan.

Hard Act to follow

Act leader David Seymour's latest book, Own your Future, is the type of book to win over a prospective mother in law.

OPINION: The Act Party has lost its bravery and hides its true nature for the sake of holding Epsom.

Vote like your life depends on it

It's been a barn-dance election campaign, says David Slack.

OPINION: David Slack shares his ballot-box secrets ahead of the election.

Election cash splash

With election day fast approaching, politicians are promising spend-ups to win your vote.

OPINION: With less than a week to go until polling day, the bribes are flying in thick and fast. So, what’s in it for you?

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