Politics: Have your say

Let's talk about suicide


Our national suicide rates continue to climb. What can we do?

What Waitangi means to you

Waitangi day

Australians party on their "flawed" national holiday - should we Kiwis celebrate more on Waitangi Day?

Got your NCEA results?

Logan Robertson

Have you got your NCEA results? Tell us if you're happy or disappointed.

Time to ditch the royals?

Prince Charles

As the republic debate renews across the ditch, is it time for New Zealand to shake off our past?

Sharing the wealth of knowledge


With our ageing population, planning for retirement is becoming more important. What are your tips?

What should be on NZ's flag?

new zealand flag

Does our country's current flag represent you or would you like to see something fresh flying?

Modern NZ needs flag for all

For Len Wicks, there are several absolute requirements for a flag to represent modern New Zealand.

Reasons for change

I don't often agree with John Key, but he's got it right here. We need a new flag.

A flag that's 'bold and fresh'

A flag should be symbolic, powerful, peaceful, distinctive, distinguished and graceful, writes Dene Andre.

'Killing is not the answer'


I struggle to reconcile the intentional killing of another human being with the promotion of wellbeing.

Right to die questions raised


Whatever it takes for us as a society to convince someone to stay alive, it's worth the cost, writes Josh Thompson.

Ban fireworks, I need sleep


It's past midnight and Guy Fawkes night was days ago, but I still can't sleep for the sound of fireworks.

Flag for harmony & balance

Robert Ansell chose the colours for his flag design to express a unity of cultures in New Zealand.

Icons combine for NZ flag

Based on the Canadian, Swiss and Japanese flags, the Starfern is simple, reversible, geometrical and iconic.

Embracing NZ flag change

I understand resistance to changing the flag but hope and believe we're ready as a nation to do so.

Remember fun of fireworks


I have no interest in fireworks but the arguments for banning them aren't enough, says John Bingham.

Remembering Guy Fawkes


What do I do when the only way I can keep the tradition of the burning of the Guy is by breaking the law?

A fern flag with a twist

The iconic silver fern on a plain black background is too stark for a national flag, writes John Hyndman.

Ban killjoys not fireworks

New Brighton Pier fireworks

Some want a fireworks ban because they're killjoys masquerading as animal lovers, writes Nigel Jones.

Labour needs to redefine role

Labour Party

Labour needs a leader with a profound vision for a new socialism in New Zealand, writes Daniel Talis.

Will you pay to stop poverty?

child poverty

If a child doesn't have their basic needs met we should see if they should be supplied, writes Heinz Fellerhoff.

Time to stop selling fireworks

Firework sales

I like fireworks, writes Tim Brown, but here are four reasons to stop selling them to the public.

Symbolism for NZ flag

Alex Colton's flag design is an ode to the land, people and waters that surround and flow through New Zealand.

Three ways to safer roads


Enforcing a lower speed tolerance only adds to the frustrations for drivers, Jimmy Ryan writes.

This is how to stop poverty


We produce the basic needs to eliminate poverty, but focusing on exports doesn't leave enough.

Why road tolls must be paid

Auckland traffic

Tolls are the perfect solution to a problem that's growing faster than the local government can fix it.

Ways for Labour to win


Here's what Labour's next leader would need to do to lead the party to success at the next general election.

Leader, not a follower

Labour leaders

Labour is trying to guess what the public wants, and then do that. It won't work long term.

NZ's identity crisis


The hunt for a new flag has begun in earnest. Will we find a design that unites us?

Who is the Opposition?


Can Labour compete with the Greens and NZ First, both hungry for more parliamentary presence?

Who should lead Labour?

Labour contenders

There are four candidates in the running to be the next Labour leader, but who's got what it takes?

Is a degree in NZ worth it?

university graduates

Does getting a degree in NZ set you up for the job market or is it more debt than it's worth?

A flag to portray NZ heritage

A design to portray New Zealand's location as well as its natural and cultural heritage, writes Neil Anderson.

Artistic approach to NZ flag

Michael Smythe has come up with a flag design based on the work of New Zealand artist Gordon Walters.

Simply New Zealand

A national flag doesn't need to incorporate every icon to be relevant to that nation, writes Justin van Veen.

Let's ditch the colonial flag

It doesn't mean history is being downgraded, it means we're confident as a nation looking to the future.

No obvious benefit to change

New Zealand flag

Should the nation really be fiddling with the bunting instead of addressing more gruelling issues?

America's Cup flag vote?

NZ flag

It's not so much the what or the why, but the how of picking a new flag that concerns Campbell Griffith.

When two flags become one

We already have all the elements we need for any new flag design, writes Janis Barbour.

A flag to connect Kiwis

Any new design for New Zealand's flag just needs to say we're progressive, we're all Kiwis and proud.

Booze part of wider problem

Drinking culture


New Zealand's culture is ingrained with the idea that drinking alcohol is not only normal, but essential.

What about NZ's other flags?

lockwood flag

If we change New Zealand's flag we need to consider the impact on the Armed Forces' flags too.

Canadian flag leads the way

Canada flag

I heard all the flag debate arguments in Canada. They ended up with a great design and so can we.

Changing NZ flag is 'idiotic'

New Zealand flag

The people who want to change the flag are young and not thinking about our history. It's an idiotic move.

I'm involved, but I don't vote

Voting sign

I regularly contact MPs and councils and I file on any legislation I disagree with, but I don't vote.

Keep it simple for flag design

Being original, uncluttered and representative of New Zealand is key for Peter Taylor in any flag design.

Labour's weak campaign

Jacinda Ardern

Labour's first priority needs to be finding a strong leader who can compete with National's John Key.

Silver fern is 'our only choice'

silver fern flag

The fern may not be unique to New Zealand, but to the world it IS New Zealand, writes Tim Pate.

Labour's 'slow death' denial

David cunliffe

Labour is in meltdown. The sideshow continues, but it's not really that funny, Bevan Berg writes.

Why Labour is losing my vote

David Cunliffe

I have voted Labour in every election since 1975. But I won't be doing that again unless things change.

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