Don't split vote, National warns


National is urging its supporters not to split their vote as our latest poll confirms the minor parties are on the rise. | Full poll results

National back on track

John Key

National's popularity soars after Judith Collins' exit, putting it on course for huge victory. | All over bar the shouting | Full poll results

National drops, Labour up in poll

John Key and David Cunliffe could be in a race to reach Winston Peters on Saturday night.

John Key and David Cunliffe could be in a race to reach Winston Peters. | Possible coalitions | Poll results

National's $8m oil and gas plans

Tag Oil

National promises $8m to help give better information for investors interested in exploring for oil and gas in NZ.

Fight over the middle ground

Jeennifer, Patrick and Brianna Gregg

The leadership of the nation will be decided by middle NZ, but how do they feel? | Key the man for NZ? | Can Cunliffe lead?

Mahuta keeps Labour strong

Nanaia Mahuta

Nanaia Mahuta holds commanding lead in her Hauraki-Waikato electorate, latest poll shows.

Aucklanders happy with Nats

Auckland city generic scene

Auckland votes may get National into a one-party majority government, poll suggests. | Full results

What's up with Auckland?

sky tower

Auckland's the vote-rich centre of our economic and political world. So, what do you think about it? | Locals back Nats | Full results

Labour to keep Ikaroa-Rawhiti - poll

Meka Whaitiri

Labour’s hold on Ikaroa-Rawhiti looks set to continue, with Meka Whaitiri drawing the most support in the latest poll on the Maori seats.

Who plays dirtiest?

Katie Wilson who read Nicky Hager's book 'Dirty Politics' then took a poll asking how it will effect her decisions for this coming elections.

Voters are divided over who plays the dirtiest in one of the dirtiest election campaigns in living memory. | Full results

Key and Nats slip

John Key

The gloss is wearing off John Key over the dirty politics saga, latest Stuff.co.nz/Ipsos poll suggests.

National support slips

political polls generic

National would struggle to form a Government as the dirty politics saga takes its toll, latest poll says.

Dirty Politics a win for Craig

Colin Craig

Dirty Politics saga has pushed Conservatives within reach of Parliament, poll finds.

Labour firm in Te Tai Tonga

Rino Tirikatene

Labour is storming ahead in Te Tai Tonga, with the party and its candidate Rino Tirikatene both outstripping their rivals according to a new poll.

Clearing the chaos


Kiwis want MPs who have experience bringing order to chaos – such as doctors, poll says. | Poll results

National strong in latest poll

political polls generic

The latest Roy Morgan poll shows National up and a resurgence from NZ First.

Is the gloss off Key?

david cunliffe and john key

Voters would much prefer a beer with John Key than David Cunliffe - but the "dirty politics" furore threatens their trust.

Voters to leave National 'in droves'

David Cunliffe

David Cunliffe confident Nicky Hager's book will turn voters off National as Labour plummets to new depths in our latest poll. | Poll graphics

Labour jumps in poll


Labour handed some rare good news on the last day of the current Parliament, with a new poll showing a rebound in fortunes.

Support for minor parties drops

Peter Dunne

OPINION: Dunne, Peters and Craig celebrate milestones but there's little else to cheer about.

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