Royal Tour

Royals a treat

William and KAte

Tour has made William and Kate into New Zealand's favourite family friends.

New Kiwis thoughts on royals

royal tour dunedin Some immigrants weren't interested in Will and Kate's visit, but others say the royals still have relevance.

Thanks for the memories

Kate and George So Wills, Kate and George are gone, leaving us only with memories. Here are the best bits.

Gifts and gushing fans

CAtherine in Wellington A modern Beatlemania gripped Wellington as William and Catherine greeted thousands of near-hysterical fans.

Royal tour: Winners and losers

Catherin and William Prince George's first foreign trip was always going to be a big deal. Some came out of the tour well and others less so

NZ Royal Tour: What Kate wore

Catherine Duchess of Cambridge We bring you all the details on the Duchess' clothes as she travels around Aotearoa.

Royal tour jets south

Smiles all round as Wills and Kate took off down the Shotover river at high speed. | Baby rumours quashed

'Princess Kate' a hit

Williams turns Biggles

Charles, the traitor Prince

Royal Charles Edward was stripped of his royal titles, joined the Nazi party and eventually died alone.

Princess' grief-filled life

Her life was both controlled by her formidable mother and marred with endless grief.

The Queen's hidden cousins

The kissing cousins

Princess Alice, mad or frustrated?

Princess Alice was struck by mid-life crisis - so was she schizophrenic or merely sexually frustrated?

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