The Valley e1: Enduring Freedom

The Valley, episode 1: Enduring Freedom

NZ's military history is full of heroism and sacrifice. But what aren't we being told?

Before and after Apiata's medal

Villagers have described the events that unfolded when NZ SAS troopers visited in 2004.

Calls for apology and punishment over firefight at centre of one of NZ's proudest military episodes.

This is not what leaders do

The Defence Force declined three years of interview requests for Stuff Circuit's The Valley.

OPINION: Silence from the Defence Force reeks of a lack of accountability.

Meet Stuff Circuit

The Stuff Circuit team, from left, Phil Johnson, Paula Penfold, Eugene Bingham and Toby Longbottom.

The talented investigators revealing hidden details about NZ's war in Afghanistan.

The Valley Virtual Reality

The Valley Virtual Reality.

A fully immersive VR experience with NZ troops in the Battle of Baghak in Afghanistan.

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Life as a woman in Afghanistan video

When Paula Penfold went to Afghanistan to investigate our years of military deployment there, she entered a land where ...

Paula Penfold goes to a land where women are subservient, controlled and, on the streets, almost invisible.

Child death at Gloriavale video

Prayer Ready, who died aged 14 at the Gloriavale community on the West Coast.

A teenage girl with Down syndrome choked to death at the Gloriavale community in an isolation room where the door couldn't be opened.

Police boss's drink driving confession

Police Commissioner Mike Bush said he shown "extremely poor judgement" in driving over the legal alcohol limit.

Police Commissioner Mike Bush has admitted a drink driving conviction.

The racist truth about crime video

Stuff Circuit investigates our racist justice system

"If I was Pakeha or I could afford a $1000-an-hour lawyer, I wouldn't have been charged."

A child's death in Gloriavale video


How has a reclusive Christian community managed to cover up the death of a child, in concerning circumstances, for more than a year?

The Gloriavale story video


WATCH: How the Gloriavale community has attracted unwanted attention for years.

Special investigation: inside our jails

Private Business, Public Failure is a major investigation into the prison system by the Stuff Circuit team.

Is NZ's 'incarceration nation' a failed experiment?

Rewa 'police informant' claims video

malcom rewa

"It seemed that he just got off time and time and time again," says one of Malcolm Rewa's victims.

Malcolm Rewa: To catch a killer video

Malcolm Rewa

Serial rapist's victims forgo their name suppression in bid to seek justice for homicide victim Susan Burdett.

'Time to re-open the case' video

Serial rapist Malcolm Rewa was convicted of a sex attack on Susan Burdett but not of killing her.

OPINION: With new evidence linking Malcolm Rewa with Susan Burdett's murder, police must now bring justice.

'I've thought about it a lot' video

Tracey Ann Patient.

Four decades after Tracey Ann Patient was strangled, a key witness reveals what he saw.

Teina Pora, happy the end is in sight video

Teina Pora has doesn't like to talk about his time in jail, but says it was hard. "When you're around inmates that are ...

It's like the best and worst holiday movie scene ever; the reality of the Free Teina Pora campaign, Cook Island style.

Who's to blame?

Teina Pora spent 21 years in prison after he was wrongly accused of rape and murder.

An innocent man was locked away for 21 years. Who put him there?

This can't happen again

Teina Pora's legal team have said they will not be pushed into accepting the Government's compensation offer immediately.

OPINION: The offer made to Teina Pora at least begins to right the incomprehensible wrong.

Anatomy of a miscarriage of justice video

When he walked into a police station Teina Pora was 17 but had a mental age of 9.

Teina Pora is to receive compensation for New Zealand's worst miscarriage of justice.

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