We still need feminism

"I know I'm not the only person that came to feminism later in life," says Anna Guenther.

OPINION: I never thought I was a feminist, but three things made me realise it's still important:

Success isn't a straight line

Dallas Kete with Terry Shubkin, Lion Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme chief executive.

OPINION: Telling the story of the bumps, the hiccups and the flaming crashes will hopefully encourage young women.

We need female role models

Sarah Trotman.

OPINION: Never underestimate the impact of opening the eye of young women to opportunities they never knew were possible.

First woman in 118 years

Katie Milne, the newly voted national president of Federated Farmers on her Rotomanu, West Coast farm.

Katie Milne is the new face of Federated Farmers, and is the first woman to hold the role.

Female bosses in 'double bind'

Female managers are viewed negatively if they don't focus on building relationships with their staff, Massey University ...

Women expect more flexibility and support from female managers than male managers, study finds.

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