Man admits to receiving gear stolen from Nayland College

A Hamilton man has admitted receiving bikes and stolen sports gear from Nayland College.
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A Hamilton man has admitted receiving bikes and stolen sports gear from Nayland College.

A man has admitted receiving a slice of $15,000 worth of stolen sports equipment from Nayland College.

Fourteen mountainbikes, along with back packs, tents and clothing items were taken from the college's storage facility between June 21 and 22.

Cody Mark, 19, appeared in the Nelson District Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to receiving some of the stolen equipment. He will be sentenced at the Hamilton District Court next month.

Police discovered mountainbikes, seven hiking backpacks containing clothing and camping gear, and four tents at a Leicester St, Stoke address in Stoke where Mark was staying.

Police spotted a number of mountainbikes in the backyard and, when questioned, Mark told them he was aware the bikes had been stolen.

He told police he had intended to buy one stolen mountainbike for $100, but had been offered eight for $200.

A couple of days earlier, Mark had sold two bikes to Cash n Trade, fetching $130 for both. When he attempted to sell them a third bike, he was refused. All three bikes were confirmed as Nayland College property.

Several of the bikes discovered at Mark's address had been spray painted and altered in appearance and had been concealed behind the garage on the property. Police also discovered the majority of the college's stolen camping gear in a sleep-out at the address, next to the Mark's bed.

When Mark was taken to the police station for questioning it was discovered the backpack he was wearing and had claimed was his own, had "Nayland College" printed on it.

All of the property discovered at the Leicester St property, along with the two mountain bikes sold to Cash n Trade, have been returned to Nayland College. Reparation of $130 for Cash n Trade is also sought.

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Mark is returning to his hometown of Hamilton and will be sentenced on August 28.

Nelson police have made other arrests in relation to the Nayland College burglary.




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