2 minutes with

MarchFest through brewer's glasses

Rainbow Sports Club

Since Riwaka brewer Simon Nicholas is a newcomer to the region's beer scene, we thought it would be fun to get his insider-outsider perspective on MarchFest.

The funny guys are coming

Dai Henwood

Kiwi comedians Dai Henwood, Ben Hurley and Vaughan King are on top of their game - and on their way to Nelson.

Caver extraordinaire

Kieran McKay

Caver Kieran McKay made history last week when he led the Extreme Caving Group on the first "through trip" of the Stormy Pot/Nettlebed system.

Down-to-earth activist

Verena Maeder

Verena Maeder describes herself as a mother of two, a self-employed earthbuilding artisan and an eco warrior at heart.

Passionate about cycling in Nelson



John-Paul co-ordinates Bicycle Nelson Bays with Chris Allison. He promotes cycling and takes two minutes from his busy schedule to talk to The Leader.

Eelco embraces all opinions

Nelson man and Free House co-owner Eelco Boswijk talks to us about the campaig to bring Belgian-based street artist ROA to Nelson.

Seven years on for bishop

Bishop of Nelson, Richard Ellena

It is almost seven years since Richard Ellena moved over from Blenheim to become Anglican Bishop of Nelson. At this important time of the year he took two minutes from a busy schedule to chat with The Leader.

Little things count for Lawrey

Matt Lawrey


Former Nelson Leader reporter and current movie critic, sometime broadcaster, family man and co-originator of The Little Things cartoon, Matt Lawrey has never seemed one to sit back and wait for things to happen.

Don't be afraid to crash

Sarah Walker

Olympic BMX champion Sarah Walker was guest speaker at the Nelson Sport Awards, and took two minutes out of her busy schedule to talk with The Leader.

Steve toils so campers can kick back

Motueka's Top 10 Holiday Park

When the region goes into cruisy summer mode, Steve Edwards goes into overdrive. Along with his wife Jeanette, he owns three holiday parks in the region.

Climate change threat to world future

Jim Salinger

Climate change scientist Jim Salinger's predictions for the future make sobering reading.

A passion for needlecraft

Rosemary McLeod


Columnist, commentator and collector Rosemary McLeod was in Nelson as part of the Arts Festival's Page and Blackmore Reader and Writers series.

Champ comes out of his corner

Joseph Parker


New Zealand heavyweight boxer Joseph Parker visited Nelson last week, continuing his support for the young contenders at Victory Primary School

Book on life and Liberace

Jonquil Graham

Golden Bay's Jonquil Graham is launching her second book Once I was a teenager: Growing up in the 50s and 60s in venues around the top of the South Island.

Hard yakka on The Block

Loz and Tom Heaphy

We catch up with Nelson couple Loz and Tom Heaphy, two of the stars on TV3's hit reality TV show The Block.

Amelia's alter ego 'ditzy' but likeable

Amelia Reid-Meredith

Shortland St star Amelia Reid-Meredith lives in Auckland but loves getting home to see her family in the Wakefield area as often as possible.

Richmond's local hero

 Jill Knight

Salvation Army manager Jill Knight was recently named by a national company as Richmond's local hero for her goodness and kindness.

Presenter wild about New Zealand

Andy Roxburgh

Nelsonian Gus Roxburgh is the presenter of a new TV One series on New Zealand's national parks Wild About New Zealand.

Lawyer's spark of spontaneity

Mark Dollimore

Mark Dollimore has been a barrister for 23 years, becoming a lawyer in his 30s. He now represents clients in Nelson, Motueka and on the West Coast. A father of three daughters, he has a soft spot for Minis, owning 11 so far.

Kokako revival inspires artist

Sara Raider

Golden Bay artist Moana Lee is celebrating the change in status of the South Island kokako in her installation (Make a little) bird house in your soul at Doors Unhinged in Nelson.