How to place a Classified Advert

The Nelson Mail

Our friendly telephone-sales representatives are available Mon-Fri 8am to 5pm to help you place your advert (see below for office hours).

Talk to the run of paper advertising team

Here are the details of the members of our sales team. Who you deal with is dependent on the area in which your business is located as we all work in different geographical areas. 

Talk to the editorial team

We have journalists spread across the region collecting the news our community likes to read; making sure that local faces are constantly in the editorial mix.

Not getting your favourite community paper?


Email us and let us know:
make sure to include your name, address, home phone number and a quick explanation of what the problem is.

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Solutions to frequently asked questions.

About the Leader

"I find the ads quite useful, especially for knowing what is on sale and finding new things.  I like the ads as much as the news stories and read the classifieds even if I'm not looking for a specific item."
Quote from: 'The Newspaper Experience Study" May 2003 Readership Institute