Search for dog continues after toddler attack

A toddler was attacked by a dog on Atawhai Cres.

A toddler was attacked by a dog on Atawhai Cres.

A dog that attacked a toddler last week has not been identified.

Nelson City Council dog control officer Stephen Lawrence said they had received a call from a member of public since the attack on Thursday who confirmed there was a dog on the loose in the Atawhai area where the 20-month-old boy was bitten, but the person did not know where it came from.

"It's highly likely the dog is owned by somebody, most dogs are, but whether it was roaming loose or with somebody, we don't know."

Nelson City Council dog control manager Brent Edwards said a mother was walking in the Nelson suburb of Atawhai with her son in a pram and her dog on a lead when another dog came out of the bushes.

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The two animals started fighting before the stray dog jumped into the pram and put his mouth over the child's face.

The boy suffered two puncture wounds; one on the eyelid and the other on the side of his head.

St John paramedics took the boy and his mother to Nelson Hospital. 

The attack happened between the Four Square Supermarket and the bridge on Atawhai Crescent on Thursday at 5.30pm. 

The dog was described as a medium-sized mixed breed with a tan-coloured body and a white face.

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Information can be given to the Nelson City Council Dog Control on 03 546 0381.






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