A variety of family friendly shows at the Nelson Arts Festival

Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon at the Nelson Arts Festival.

Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon at the Nelson Arts Festival.

From a World War One play to contemporary clowning, the Nelson Arts Festival this year has a variety of entertainment for the whole family.

"An Awfully Big Adventure" is a play about two young men during World War One.

One of the men is a keen enlister, the other a conscientious objector.

As suitcases transform to trenches and coats become a map of Europe, their stories collide on Flanders field.

Through energetic songs this ensemble shares unforgettable stories.

It's on at Theatre Royal on October 17 at 6pm. Recommended for children aged 7 and up.

The sun is wondering what it would be like to stay up all night, in the Australian play "Sunny Ray and the Magnificent Moon".

Sunny Ray loves her life but has always secretly wanted to know what happens when she goes to bed.

Her best friend in the sky, Magnificent Moon, stays up every night until very late.

One night Sunny Ray breaks all the rules and instead of going to sleep, stays up very, very late to party with the Magnificent Moon. 

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On at the Suter Theatre on October 11 at 1pm and October 12 at 10:30am. Recommended for children aged 4 and up.

A taste of Switzerland is coming to Nelson with the performance "Pss Pss", blending contemporary clowning with theatre and circus.

Inspired by the era of silent films, two characters take to the empty stage in a timeless performance of enthralling physicality and exquisite humour.

Poetic, surreal, ironic, acrobatic and infinitely enjoyable, they play out their unique and hilarious pas de deux through the universal language of gesture and look, without a single word being spoken.

On at Theatre Royal at 7pm on October 21 and 22. Recommended for children aged 9 an up.

For more information go to www.nelsonartsfestival.co.nz/shows.

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