September has been wet with more rain forecast for the Nelson region

It's been a wet September in the Nelson/Tasman region, with higher than average rainfall.

It's been a wet September in the Nelson/Tasman region, with higher than average rainfall.

Nelson's September weather has not been living up its 'sunny Nelson' reputation with rainfall up on the last two years. 

Lawns are growing wild, washing is piling up and umbrellas are being regularly pulled out as the rain continues to fall, seeing only six dry days so far this month. 

Total rainfall for September is at 75.4mm compared to last year's 45mm and 2015's 64mm. 

Metservice forecaster Cameron Coutts said there had been 18 days of rain and 13 "wet days" which were classified as having more than 1mm fall in a day. 

He said throughout the year, the "annual normal" was 959mms and Nelson was only 90mm shy of reaching the quota for the year. 

The wet spring has followed a wet winter which started out dry but delivered 172mm of rain in July and 102mm in August. On the bright side, it was a warmer than average season by 0.5 degrees. 

Two household tasks hindered by the wet weather are laundry and lawns, and while the former is seeing an increase in patrons at laundrettes, the latter is growing out of control.

Laundromats are experiencing a rise in the use of dryers as locals struggle to get clothes dry outside. 

Stoke Liquid Self-service laundromat caretaker Jayesh Darji said the weekends had been very busy with people going in just to use the dryer.

Unable to mow damp, wet lawns, Jim's Mowing Nelson Marlborough franchisor Rod Skelton said clients were having their visits delayed until weather cleared up.

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Ideally they needed three or four days without rain, he said.

"The lawns unfortunately are looking a bit tatty because you can't get onto them."

Farmers are feeling the pinch during this "critical time".

Golden Bay Federated Farmers president Wayne Langford said farmers were "going through a bit of a wet patch".

He said the warm spring was helping the grass to grow but it had been "eroded away by the wet weather".

"It means a little of bit extra supplement's being fed at a time when farmers are looking to take out areas to make supplement. It can all turn around pretty quickly with a week of fine weather and we'll be away again but today she's pretty wet and muddy.

"Everyone likes a bit of sunshine, animals and farmers included."

Nelson City Council communications manager Paul Shattock said the wet weather hadn't closed any sports fields recently as it was "between seasons".

"However, the start of the cricket season is likely to be affected with all-weather pitches in use until the others dry out."

A break in the weather for the weekend gave some respite with warm air from Australia boosting temperatures without a drop of rain in sight.

While the forecast showed rain to settle in again at the start of the week for a number of days Coutts said he didn't think it would be "as bad" as the current prediction

"We're still in spring. We're still getting these things coming across the Tasman. It's probably going to continue to be very changeable, rain interspersed by nice days, it's your typical spring pattern."

While summer was too far away for weather predictions, NIWA forecaster Chris Brandolino said temperatures would be above average for spring.

"Of course there'll be cold spells and chilly periods but that's not going to define spring. It's just like you could have a great marriage but it doesn't mean you don't argue."

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