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C&F Legal Hercules Hold crew training for the Taylor's Cars Strongman Challenge event, at the Nelson A and P Show, in November.

It will be brawn versus beast at the Nelson A&P Show which will see strong men and women lift, pull and tip items weighing hundreds of kilos.

This year the Taylor's Cars Strong Man Challenge has a new event Strong Man promoter Luke Slotemaker said. 

The C & F Legal Hercules Hold requires competitors to stand on a platform between two utility vehicles and hold the weight of each 650kg vehicle with each hand for as long as possible. The strong women's equivalent consists of quad bikes weighing 350kgs. 

Stephani Mitchell tries to hold two 350 quad bikes during training for the Taylor's Cars Strongman Challenge for the ...

Stephani Mitchell tries to hold two 350 quad bikes during training for the Taylor's Cars Strongman Challenge for the Nelson A&P Show.

Slotemaker said the show was "all about events that look ... really really spectacular".

With 15 strong men and women already registered from all over the country, from Auckland to Wellington, the eight components of the Strong Man event will consist of tests in strength, endurance and speed. 

"That's what Strong Man's about, challenging all aspects of strength."

Other rounds include tipping five metre logs end over end, pulling a truck from a seated position and a steel log lift. 

Stolemaker said he wanted to create a family show for young and old. 

He introduced the Strong Man competitions to Nelson in 2014 and said it was "the first of its kind here".

"I decided to make big spectacle events ... for the crowd, not just for the competitors. I want to bring kids in, families, I want people to stand there and watch this and be impressed."

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Many of the participants are in it for the goal of reaching a title. The Nelson event awards New Zealand's Strongest Woman and South Island's Strongest man with competitors able to qualify for the 2018 Arnold Sports Festival in Melbourne and New Zealand's Strongest Man 2018. 

Two powerful competitors reaching for the Arnolds this year are Nelson's own South Island Strong Woman and judo champion, Louise Kelly and her counterpart Dennym Kara from Christchurch. 

Four events will be held each day during the Nelson A&P Show on November 25 and 26 at the Richmond Park Showgrounds. 





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