Wasp Wipeout

The problem with wasps video

The Nelson Mail and Stuff are campaigning to curb the damaging impact of wasps on our environment.

In the height of summer, there are 10,000 times as many wasp queens in the beech forest as there are people in New Zealand.

'It's knocked 'em for six'

15022017 News photo MARION VAN DIJK/Fairfax NZ

A wasp takes to the bait in a trap at Mosquito Bay at the start of the ...

With the help of Nelsonians we have wiped out a massive number of wasps throughout the region, and we'll be back next summer to carry on the fight.

Wasp Wipeout campaign a winner

Fairfax Media Nelson regional editor Victoria Guild, left, and Conservation Minister Maggie Barry prepare to apply wasp ...

Conservation Minister Maggie Barry says the Nelson Mail's Wasp Wipeout campaign was a "game changer" for New Zealand nature.

BASF chips in to wipe out wasps

Wasp wipeoutlogos

Multi-national chemical company BASF, has made $22k contribution to the Wasp Wipeout project.

What lies beneath

Wasps are eating the honeydew that was historically part of the forest's nutrient cycle.

Invasive wasps are having unseen effects on life beneath the surface of New Zealand's native forests.

'Nests will die'

Department of Conservation biodiversity ranger John Henderson lays vespex in the Abel Tasman.

Time is ticking for the invasive wasps of Abel Tasman National Park.

We did it! Wasp Wipeout hits target

Wasp Wipeout logo.

Wasp Wipeout has hit its funding target, providing a $50,000 boost to the region's wasp control operations.

Southland's wasp problem

Geoff Scott shows a small section of the wasp nest that was 2.75 cubic metres.

Hidden from view they grow in numbers, ravaging the land and attacking anyone who gets in their way.

MTB club battles wasps

Chase Burgess, 5, has been helping with the Nelson Mountain Bike Club's wasp control operation by setting up bait ...

Invasive wasps are being targeted on some of Nelson's most popular mountain bike tracks.

Where we're wiping out wasps

Beautiful areas of New Zealand like Nelson Lakes National Park are under threat from vespula wasps.

These are the areas you can help to protect from wasps this summer.

Warming planet sees wasps thrive

A new study has found that the success of common wasps is heavily dependent on spring weather.

Kiwi scientists have discovered a link between climate change and rising wasp numbers in New Zealand.

The weapon for wasps video

Observing wasps swarming an apple tree was Richard Toft's first experience with the invasive insects.

As an eight-year-old, Richard Toft watched the apple tree at his family home in Kerikeri get "eaten alive" by wasps.

Siblings versus wasps

Natalie Wallace and her brother Gary Andrews are working together to wipe out wasps on their properties in Wakapuaka.

 A shared interest in protecting New Zealand's native species has inspired Nelson siblings to join forces to wipe out invasive wasps.

Why the birds are hungry

Friends of Rotoiti founding member Bryce Buckland.

Wasps are an "alien species" devouring our native birds' most valuable food sources.

Ruthless villain, dangerous invader

Vespula wasp targeting honey dew on a beech tree.

The German invaders arrived in New Zealand as stowaways at the end of World War II.

Beehives wiped out by wasps

Nigel Costley with beehives at his property in The Brook.

While wasps pose a threat to humans they can also be deadly for bees, capable of wiping out entire hives.

NZ's most dangerous insect?

Wasp stings can cause allergic reactions in some people.

Their sting can trigger a serious allergic reaction - and sends a signals for others to attack.

10 things to hate about about wasps

The German wasp has made itself well and truly at home in New Zealand.

For starters they wreck the environment and ruin the economy. There are eight more reasons why wasps need wiping out.

How to rip into paper wasps

Asian paper wasps (Polistes chinensis).

Paper wasps are worlds apart from their German cousins - but what's the best way to get rid of them?

Lifesaving reaction to wasp stings video

Bryan Heslop, was first on the scene to administer adrenaline to a forestry worker who suffered severe allergic reaction ...

"It took a heap of adrenaline to snap him out of it, he had something like 250 wasp stings."

Business buzz around wasp wipeout

Liz Gavin, director at Canopy Landscape Architects, and Jacquie Walters of Walters PR, are sponsors of the Wasp Wipeout ...

Nelson businesses have lent their support to our mission to rid the region of wasps.

Wasp Wipeout: FAQ

Wasp Wipeout is a community-led conservation project aimed at significantly reducing German and common wasp populations ...

Answers to all your questions about Wasp Wipeout, a community-led conservation project.

Meet our wasp invaders

Wasp Wipeout.

To explain why we're targeting German and common wasps, meet Gunter and Carrie.

Wasp Wipeout: The documentary video

Nelson Mail journalist Charles Anderson inspects some honeydew near Lake Rotoiti, Nelson Lakes National Park.

To understand the true impact of wasps, we venture deep into the native beech forest.

Why are we getting involved in wasp control?

Join the battle to wipeout wasps in the Nelson region.

The challenge is for all of us to work together for a common goal.

Wasp Wipeout: An overview video

A German wasp.

We want to wipe out wasps in the Nelson region. Here's how we're doing it, and how you can help.

Time to wipe out wasps

The common wasp has largely displaced the German wasp in South Island beech forests.

Nelson-Tasman is the "wasp capital" of New Zealand. Today, we launch a new campaign to reclaim our outdoors.

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