Embrace the unexpected

Irish villages surrounded by fields of emerald green, like this one in Dunseverick, provide a life-affirming experience.

I was careful for what I wished for and was rewarded in full.

Dad jokes no laughing matter

Dad humour can be an acquired taste.

In this week's Middle-aged Man Stu Hunt looks at the pros and cons of the dad joke.

Political kite flying in spring

There's plenty of hot air in the political scene at the moment as New Zealanders wait for a decision on who will govern ...

Whatever Winston chooses to do this time, the National Party needs fresh options to be able to form governments in the future.

Good mates and great ideas

It's amazing what you learn from like-minded outdoors people.

In life's continuing journey we all meet exceptional and extraordinary people every day.

Exploring a road once far more frequently travelled

People in Clarence, north of the slips near Kaikōura, are hearing rumours State Highway 1 will close again after ...

OPINION: The highway south of Blenheim was nearly empty of traffic.

Get the cigars out - it's a lamb

With a little care, ailing newborn lambs are back on their feet.

A midwifery pair of blokes on bikes sometimes have to call for the "lambulance''.

Motueka's own google

The Motueka Buy and Sell Facebook page has its finger on the pulse.

In this week's Sweet Home Motueka Elise Vollweiler sings the praises of the Motueka oracle otherwise known as the Buy and Sell Facebook page.

Dissociation a delightful travel tool

Travelling tests you in so many ways, so dissociate yourself and enjoy the ride.

OPINION: I've just limped back to Nelson after nearly a month travelling in Ireland.

Is there a tunnel option?

Could a tunnel be a cost effective option weighed against the Southern Link?

A tunnel under the Port Hills should still be considered as a viable solutions to Nelson's traffic problem, writes Mark Moorhouse.

Putting the cart before the horse

Lewis Stanton has been moved on from Trafalgar St but where to from here?

Now that Lewis Stanton has been moved on, the challenge for the council is to create a long-term solution.

How to succeed at failing

If trying feels like crossing a shaky swingbridge then the best advice is probably don't look down.

In this week's Middle-aged man Stu Hunt negotiates the minefield that is failure.

Winners are grinners

Not for the first time after an election, Winston Peters is holding all the cards.

He's got a beautiful smile has Winston Peters.  So many teeth.  Like the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland – he can vacate his blustering and baffling political persona at the drop of a mad hat, leaving only his beautiful smile to fill the electoral air.

Snow worries when you're hunting tahr

Hunting guide Zane Mirfin in the South Island high country. It's not an easy environment, but the reward is worth it.

In a lifetime of great outdoor adventures, hunting the alpine mountain tops has always been one of my first loves.

Link's long journey far from over

Rocks Rd is an asset for Nelson and having a shared pathway with a state highway is not the answer.

There's a whole lot of mud wrestling, puzzle solving and mind games for pro and anti Link camps to endure before the southern corridor's fate is decided.

Rushed housing union

Part of a recently approved special housing area in Atawhai.

Married at First Sight makes for strangely compelling TV but mostly because it is in almost every respect a train wreck.

'Fully funded' but out of pocket

Some rest home residents are being hit in the pocket as the impact of the pay equity settlement for aged care workers ...

Opinion: Recent coverage of Blenheim's Aberleigh Rest Home has highlighted the challenges facing aged care providers around the country.

Putting green into practice

Motueka's Greenwood Health environmental officer Fi Johnstone.and practice manager Daniel Bulman.

The six doctors and one dentist who set up Greenwood Health in Motueka in 2008 committed from the beginning to running a green business.

Spine-tingling symphony

The Nelson Symphony Orchestra put on a spine-tingling performance of Russian classics.

Russian Spectacular Nelson Symphony Orchestra Nelson College Saturday September 23. Reviewed by Margot Hannigan.  

Wax-eye massacre by heron

Wax-eyes are in dangerous territory when they enter Joyce Wyllie's Kaihoka farm.

The wax-eye carnage by a solitary heron made the election look lightweight.

Smith weathers the storm

Labour Party candidate Rachel Boyack, left, concedes to Nick Smith at the Nelson National Party headquarters on election ...

OPINION: The seasoned campaigner wins again, but the margin is starting to close.

Reaching out for nana's help

There's no substitute for a nana's guiding hand.

In this week's Sweet Home Motueka Elise Vollweiler writes about what it takes to feel like you belong in a community and how sometimes you just have to ask.

Don't get ticked off, just do your job

The great Kiwi camping tradition still lives on but if we don't treasure these spots, they may just become a thing of ...

The story was buried in an Auckland suburban freesheet. It deserved front-page in the New Zealand Herald, and a spot on national TV bulletins.

Jamming of 1ZB our dirtiest election trick

Rev. Colin George Scrimgeour (1903-1987), Methodist minister and broadcaster, who became affectionately known nationwide ...

Dirty tricks in election-lead ups are par for the course.

Making your vote count

Voting is a hard-won right we all should exercise.The alternative is a failure to care.

The election is almost upon us now and some time tomorrow evening the result will be in.

Vision for a city of people, not cars

Nelsust argues Rocks Road should be a wide shared path for walkers, scooters, buggies and wheelchairs, combined with on ...

For a long time, the Southern Link has divided this town into potential winners and losers. Nelsust is calling for all win solutions.

Reeling through the years

The cassette tape: 90 minutes of durable, highly portable low-fi goodness.

In this week's Middle-aged Man Stu Hunt pushes rewind to the golden days of the cassette tape.

Poll dancing and election exhaustion

It's been a ding-dong battle this election between Labour and National.

The political polls go up – the political polls go down - they do the hokey-tokey and they shake this town around.

Outdoor issues still ignored

American angler and Washington DC political lobbyist CJ Bishop

It's general election time and politicians are supposed to be fair game.

Why we need the Southern Link

The likely route of Nelson's Southern Link, designed to provide a heavy transport route to the port.

OPINION: Things are changing quickly and Nelson is in danger of totally missing the bus – again.

Barking up the right tree

If you've never owned a dog before, you could do a lot worse than bringing a golden retriever into your life.

We've never owned a dog despite our youngest son's various Machiavellian and, quite frankly, emotionally manipulative maneuvers aimed at getting a dog, any dog, into our lives.

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