Everyone should mind the gap

Hayden Thompson of Pomeroy's Coffee and Pip Jamieson, National Council of Women and Graduate Women New Zealand are both ...

OPINION: A Nelson cafe's decision to charge men extra for coffee sparked a heated debate online.

Pooled efforts needed to fix waterways

Some beaches in Beach Haven on Auckland's North Shore have warnings against swimming and shellfish collecting.

OPINION: January 2008: "Let's stop for a swim." We'd reached Murchison on a stiflingly hot trip from Christchurch.

Sun, soil and skill

Winemaker Patrick Stowe with the 2016 Rimu Grove chardonnay voted Nelson's best.

Despite only producing 2 per cent of NZ's grapes, the Nelson region is creating some impressive wines.

Ticking the right box this election

Where are we going on the election road?

So many important things but only two ticks to say it with.

Toying with freedom

Young Emre Vollweiler-Kelly patiently awaits the return of his mother.

In this week's Sweet Home Motueka, Elise Vollweiler gets a taste for time out while immersing herself in all things toy library.

Sup soup for a super you

Soup and toast for dinner is Bob Irvine's recipe for a thinner you.

A foolproof diet that involves no suffering, no willpower, little sacrifice and no special foods.

Once will the Warriors deliver?

Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, Ken Maumalo and David Fusitu'a of the Warriors look dejected after losing to the Penrith Panthers ...

Can anyone keep the faith with the Warriors?

Getting in touch with inner Irishness

Ro Cambridge is off to visit her daughter in Ballycastle, Ireland where they hold the 'Ould Lammas Fair',  one of ...

When I was 20, I spent six lonely and unhappy months in London. I had gone to England because I was unhappy with myself, and with life.

Sanctuary key for conservation halo

Nelson's Brook Waimarama Sanctuary was a water catchment reserve.

OPINION: Nelson is on course to becoming home to New Zealand's second-largest pest-free, fenced sanctuary.

Getting your goat

From a trophy perspective, a nice set of wide-spreading curly horns is always an attraction to any hunter.

Healthy, plentiful and ideal for recreation hunting, winter is the perfect time to bag some big billies.

Hope vs fear

I'm quietly hopeful this isn't all it takes to impress my little girl.

In this week's Middle-aged man Stu Hunt cautiously backs hope in the title fight against fear.

Why can't we all just get along?

Nelson Mayor Rachel Reese is leading a council beset by infighting, cliques and petty squabbles.

Opinion: Another week and yet another bizarre chapter in the ongoing Nelson City Council soap opera.

Fish and chips the perfect way to end the week

Nothing beats finishing the working week with fish and chips on a Friday night is a Kiwi classic, but not all fish and ...

It's Friday. The prospect of an after-work drink with friends and an easy and tasty evening meal of fish and chips picked up on the way home is a New Zealand tradition we all enjoy.

No escape from reality

Little did Queen's Freddie Mercury know that the lyrics to his 1975 hit Bohemian Rhapsody would have such relevance to ...

It's been a big week for Jacinda, Metiria and 'The Mooch'. Oh, the irony of Bohemian Rhapsody.

Workplace child's play next to parenting

The workplace is a walk in the park next to parenting.

In Sweet Home Motueka this week Elise Vollweiler explores the workplace skills to be gained from parenting.

Moving nursery rhymes with the times

What is Little Miss Muffett sitting on?

Ring-a- ring o' roses

Going with the flow a state of mind away

Hungarian psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi described the state of "flow" as happening when one is "completely ...

When I am writing I am a stranger to my body. Or rather, my body is a stranger to me.

Breaking up bad

It all starts innocently enough.

In this week's Middle-aged Man Stu Hunt combs through the wreckage of his dating history.

A part for every party?

Winston Peters expects voters to swallow his election bait about changing the political system every three years.

OPINION: It's two months before the election and there's a flotilla of political parties coming into the harbour hot and heavy. 

Taking a stand for climate change

Katerina Seligman and Joanna Santa Barbara with a copy of Our Climate Declaration.

If the government won't take climate action, individuals and companies can, says a climate activist.

Living in an ever-changing landscape par for the course

Landslides, like this one on the Clarence River in Marlborough, happen more than we like to think.

Fly over or drive through New Zealand's rural landscape and it's easy to see slips, slumps and toppled forests leaning drunkenly down hills.

Brutal assessment of town a hick-up

Visitors to Motueka are not typically greeted by banjo playing on the porch.

In this week's Sweet Home Motueka Elise Vollweiler recoils at the idea that her hometown could be considered a hick town.

Lost Spanish caravel became an obsession

The remains of a wreck at Smokey Beach on Stewart Island, and what's thought to be a slipway nearby. Are these the ...

It's entirely plausible and somewhat tantalising to speculate that other northern hemisphere navigators reached our shores before Abel Tasman.

A glimpse of the joy of sport

The joy of riders at the Neale Park skatepark gave Ro Cambridge a new view of sport.

I am physically and temperamentally ill-suited to being a sports player or spectator. Especially winter sports.

Prostate not something to poke fun at

You'll never look at walnuts the same again.

In this week's middle-aged man Stu Hunt looks at an uncomfortable truth.

Building costs hard to explain

John Key, left, Nick Smith and Bill English have all failed to get their heads around the housing crisis.

Good news last week - the government announced a one off payment of $4 million to be given to my kids' high school.  

Weather gods deliver wet reminder

Tahuna Beach is one of Nelson's many winter pleasures.

Tahuna Beach, 8.30am on a crisp, fine winter morning just before the shortest day. The tide is falling and the beach looks freshly polished.

Food people are great NZers

Lambs head to the yards at Kaihoka.

Stand tall and call yourself a farmer.

Peeling back the plastic

Losing sleep over the impact of plastic on the environment.

Having dropped the ball with Junk Free June, Elise Vollweiler is talking up plastic-free July in this week's Sweet Home Motueka.

Travelling the road in an age gone by

AA service vehicles then and now.

In the unflappable tones of a British Movietone Newsreel narrator, the 1970s AA Road Atlas of New Zealand reflects an age of motoring long gone.

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