Max Martin,

Sugar – the ultimate comfort food

My name is Sarah, and I'm addicted to snacks.

Hobbies keep us sane and strong


While being the best mother we can will always be our priority, retaining "bits" of who we are helps us during the toughest of times.

Fast food favourites from friends


I appealed to family and friends for support in compiling default meals. They responded magnificently. Here's a selection of their favourites.

Finding wings in a bewildering land

Nelson Mail reporter Sarah Dunn is currently in Korea, working on an English-speaking newspaper. Here is her second blog from Seoul.

Competition not a dirty word

It's not the winning that counts, it's the taking part. Yeah right.

Wise Aussie anglers save best till last

Craig Henderson and Mark Parker When April 30 rolls around each year it's almost a relief that another trout fishing season is over.

Taking sides for the great barra quest

Part two of Zane’s fishing adventures in remote Queensland waters.

Living it up on the reef

Special friendships spawned on the river

'Do I feel lucky' - really?

jon stewart Seeking pure happiness starts to get troublesome when you've got bills to pay - and that goes for people of any age.

An artificial picture of perfection

I cannot express how heartily sick I am of antlers, though they continue to sprout from the walls and doors of homes in nearly every magazine I read.

Regaining the freedom to burn

Absence felt strong

House has a wild past

Although my home may have once been a party house, we never suspected it could be a P-lab until an Auckland friend narrowly escaped buying one herself.

Answering the call of the wild

call centre Bob Irvine weighs the cons and cons of that necessity of modern corporate life, the call centre.

A plea for those who stand and wait

It must be gut-wrenching to watch a system with the noblest of aims become a battering machine for those who wait, and wait, and wait . .

At least there was chocolate

Germs and rules lurks round every corner

A word about all these goings on

We need our own new lexicon to keep abreast of local events. Here's a starter.

Time to call Whanau's bluff

James Takamore s The law is not a game of pick-and-choose, writes Karl du Fresne.

Food hype is hard to digest

Karl du Fresne finds the growing faddism around food, wine and now craft beer leaves a sour taste.

Outside interference unwelcome

Williamson just part of a pattern

Wise nun sets example for church

When I was a boy growing up in a small Hawke's Bay town, every household would receive a free weekly guide to the films showing at the local picture theatre.

Better off just digging

Some anglers wax lyrical about their exploits: "I made a few casts with a red dragon fly but the line fell like silver wire on the water and danced idly over the cool stones in the rapids ... " (F Rollet.)

It's true, I'm normal

The recent Mail article, "Does Nelson measure up in the greenie stakes?" cast around for reasons to be greenish and commented: "Maybe it's the proximity of long-term hippie hangout Golden Bay."

Lost in family holiday brouhaha

Rambling chats demonstrate a word's worth

Life's a constant battle with the elements

I was going to call this column "The Deepest Passions of a Country-Dweller" but I'd never get away with it.

Bird battle a token effort

1080 drop In the bigger picture, the well-aired and tiresome arguments over the use of 1080 are a sideshow - and so is the Battle for the Birds.

Double standards on drugs

Our moral panic over synthetic cannabis seems to be based on judgments about people seeking out a product that alters their consciousness.

Harmony hits discordant note

Political perfection

Motueka missing out on funds

I may be cheating on Motueka but apathy is screwing it over.

Beware those who obscure the truth

jon stewart So, I flew back into New Zealand yesterday after two weeks in America. Did I miss anything?

I'm a new man; money here I come

"Frank, I need your help." I burst through the front door and made my way to Frank's kitchen table. There was no time for niceties. I was a man on a mission and I knew Frank was a guy I needed to speak to.

Rescuers from all directions

The NZ elite are doing nicely

Not-so-sweet dreams

If Martin Luther King had a dream, last night I had a nightmare. In it I got chased by a big orange blow up man all the way into a strip club.

Fire with match-fixing smoke?

Either Lou Vincent's ex-wife Elly Riley is lying or Chris Cairns has helped to perpetrate one of international cricket's biggest match-fixing scandals.

Looking for a hooker? Try this...

New Zealand rugby is apparently light on quality hookers.

Changes could lessen champions' credibility

Ko has time on her side

Doing without runners

It appears that injured batsmen will no longer have the luxury of completing one day international (ODI) innings with a runner.

Know what you want to achieve then set goals

To achieve any fitness goal, first you need to define the desired outcome.

Stu's run open to all comers

You meet some exuberant characters in sport. One of them is Stu Cottam, who lives just up the street from me.

Trust keeps talent on target

It's autumn, but stay off the sofa

Trust helps athletes to live dream

The Sports Nelson Tasman Trust is a charitable organisation set up to give a helping hand where people may not otherwise fund their sporting goals.

All Whites dodge Latin bullet

It was the one-in-three chance which might have scuppered the All Whites' chances of reaching the next football World Cup finals before they'd even begun.

Real tough ask to beat South Africa

There's just one question consuming the minds of the Black Caps. How do you beat South Africa?

Black Caps hitting form at the right time

High noon in small hours

All our Irish eyes are smiling, but...

There seemed to be just a bit too much delight taken by New Zealand rugby fans in Australia's loss to Ireland on Saturday night.

Let’s harness all that wasted energy

History tells of epiphanies arriving in the most mundane of places - Newton under an apple tree, Archimedes in the bath. So why not at a car wash in Vanguard St?

Back in my day, I might have revealed it all

I woke up bright and early on Sunday morning full of energy and plans for the day.

When hangovers are delicious

Values lost in Christmas snow job

Hunting and gathering ‘over there’

Although I have long been curious about the Boulder Bank, I had never set foot on it until last weekend.

Blessed are the cheese makers

Fiona Guyan A cheese making experience demonstrated that I wasn't yet in the cheese-master category, so I decided to test local offerings.

Five great trips for Easter

Elizabeth Bean suggests five ideas for making the most of having a public holiday during the last of our beautiful autumn weather.

Tahuna: Our big sandy beach

Plenty to do for boomers

The riches of Richmond

It's not often that I am able to wander around Richmond. But with the help of a few friends I am going to share our top picks with you.

Tour gems not in the guidebooks

Columnist Angela Fitchett finds, after spending the winter away, that there's no place like home.

Woodburner rules grate residents

There are too many people feeling cold and miserable with little prospect of improving that state before next winter. Nelsonians' patience is wearing thin.

Time we eased off the road-rage pedal

Both journey and destination

Picnics bring fond memories

The picnic season comes hard on the heels of Christmas and leftovers mean that most households can forget about food planning or preparation for at least a few days.

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