Antique coffee machine rescued from dump video

The coffee machine "belongs here" says Grieder.

Christine Grieder bought a coffee machine from the 1900s in bits at the dump. She got it restored. Now it makes coffee at her heritage village south of Nelson.

They bought a zoo - and so can you

Pouakai Zoo owners are selling the zoo after four years as owners.

 If you've ever wanted to buy a zoo, now is your chance.

Meet 'Trumpy Bear'

The website encourages people not to "miss out on owning a piece of American history".

A patriotic bear has been created with a bizarre advertisement, and it's not a joke.

No window at seat? Let me fix that

Passenger complained about the lack of a window at his seat, so he got one drawn for him.

Passenger complains about the lack of a window at his seat, so he gets one drawn for him by crew.

Bill settled after 102 years

Albert Cracroft Fookes was New Plymouth's second mayor but he died in 1916.

A former New Plymouth mayor's land built up thousands of dollars in rates but he can't pay them - he's dead.

Odd uses for Onzos in Wellington video

Wellingtonians appear to be using their creativity in unusual ways when it comes to Onzos. This bike has had its ...

The rental bikes are appearing at crime scenes, atop bus shelters and in fireworks displays.

Ignoring rook sightings rookie error

Council biosecurity office Dave Webb in front of pine and eucalyptus trees, which are the prime nesting sites for rooks.

Kiwis are being urged to call in sightings of rooks, "one of the most destructive birds introduced to New Zealand".

Emu and donkey in love

These animals are inseparable - and that makes finding them a home hard.

Inseparable emu and donkey leave US animal shelter struggling to find them a home.

69 years old, going on 49? video

Self-styled Dutch positivity guru Emile Ratelband is 69 - going on 49? Time - and the courts - will tell.

Tinder troubles and age discrimination spark Dutchman's bid to legally have his age lowered by 20 years.

Sunny days a recipe for bees video

Worker bees hang en masse around the queen to keep her warm and safe. The honeybees are at their most docile, having ...

Heard more buzzing lately? High pressure, light winds, drier conditions and plenty of sun appears to be the right mix for bee swarms.

Walkies with Sophie the cat video

07112018 News. Photo: DOUG FIELD/STUFF
Grant Jelley and Sophie the one-eyed cat go for a walk around the Temuka creek ...

Most people take their dogs for a walk, but Grant Jelley's walking companion is his five year-old cat Sophie.

Get a slice of the Pizza Museum video

The "Pizza Guitar" from musician Andrew W.K.

New York's Museum of Pizza is dedicated to all things cheese and sauce, but there's more to it than meets the tongue.

Too much hubbub for brain surgeons

Brain surgeons at Wellington Hospital said work on a nearby bus hub was a disruption to surgery (File Photo).

Construction of Wellington bus hub paused because vibration was affecting nearby brain surgery.

DoBro sausages a hit with bogans

Riversdale Meats butcher Daniel Butler has created a sausage recipe flavoured with Double Brown beer.

A Southland butcher has created a sausage recipe that's a hit with bogans.

Labour-of-love 'owl' bookshelf awol

An owl bookcase made by Auckland teenager Sebastian Rossouw was accidentally put in the wrong car.

Boy laboured over an owl-shaped bookshelf for his sister, then it was put in the wrong car and driven away.

Geng's bizarre, useless inventions

Geng Shuai, a social media star for comic videos demonstrating his offbeat inventions, stands in his workshop in the ...

Quirky and prolific, Geng Shuai has become a star with his bizarre inventions.

Scrounging Steve sparks panic

A fire alarm woke Tayla Smart, and baby Braxton, after Steve the cat turned on a ceramic stove top, burning a pot.

A cat on the hunt for a midnight feast activated a stove top, sending a family scrambling for safety.

Japanese island vanishes

The Japanese Coast Guard is apparently planning to search for the islet, called Esanbehanakitakojima, about half a ...

One of Japan's islands has quietly disappeared - and no one has noticed until now.

The launch of International Matt Day

Reporter Matt Brown has launched a bid for International Matt Day on November 29.

National Spaghetti Day, Kiss A Ginger Day... there's a day for everything but is there room for an International Matt Day?

Drink, drive, whack mum's car

Thomas Smith drove  with a breath alcohol reading of 681mcg, a court heard.

He attacked his mum's car with a piece of wood.

Squatter awarded Sydney home

6 Malleny Street, Ashbury, officially has a new owner.

After noticing the house was empty, Aussie man changed the locks and started renting it out.

Ex-circus monkey and his pet cat video

Laurie the capuchin isn't really into other monkeys. He prefers the company of his pet cat Jungle.

After quitting the circus, Laurie the monkey has settled into the quiet life with his pet cat, Jungle.

Missing dog's adventure over video

Lucas the dog has been reunited with his family after being found wandering down a street in Wainuiomata.

Lucas the cavoodle has been found alive.

Growing old disgracefully

Perkin says mature dancers would see an improvement in mobility and strength.

 It may have got singer Miley Cyrus into trouble, but twerking could help combat old age.

Ticket collector 'too scared' to charge tourists

Springtime blooming at Shinjuku Gyoen Park, Tokyo.

It is thought the elderly attendant has cost a Japanese garden over NZ$338k in lost ticket sales.

Making the paranormal, normal video

James Gilberd, the founder of Wellington-based paranormal investigators' group the New Zealand Strange Occurrences Society.

All around New Zealand, tight-knit groups are on a mission to explore and investigate the unexplained.

Ghost tours popular with Kiwis

Toia speaking with a group of people on one of his night tours.

Spooky night walking tours are "massive" overseas, and now we're into them too.

Missing dog spotted video

Lucas the missing cavoodle dog at home before getting lost.

Lucas the cavoodle has been seen alive - now searchers are scrambling to find him.

SPCA under attack from rabbits

Not so cute: the rabbits have damaged the Waikanae centre's grounds.

The charity tasked with keeping animals safe has been targeted by burrowing bunnies.

Toy story mystery solved video

The hunt to reunite the "saddest toy in Wellington" with its young owner is over.

A young boy is set for a happy reunion with his beloved toy, earlier dubbed the 'saddest toy in Wellington'.

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