Scientists prefer studying pretty plants to dull ones - study

Ragwort doesn’t appear to be cute enough to inspire scientific study.

Plants are less likely to be studied by scientists unless they are found to be aesthetically pleasing.

'Straya: Snake catcher hauls dozens of skins from family home

More than 30 snake skins were found in the roof.

Amazingly, the Australian family's reaction was not to immediately relocate to Antarctica.

Coffee and lollies mainstays at four-day council meeting

Deputy Mayor Richard Jordan’s pink tie made him a nominee for the best dressed on Wednesday.

In fact, the New Plymouth deputy mayor even admitted to stealing chocolates from others’ places.

Australian driver discovers the quickest way to get arrested

Australian police arrested the Hyundai driver after he ran a red light in front of a patrol car. But there was so much ...

A driver in Australia was arrested after running a red light in front of a police car while he was on bail. And it actually gets stupider from there.

Parasitic wasps that leave mummified corpses unlikely environmental heroes

The tiny parasitic wasps are released into willows at the Northland Regional Council's Mata poplar and willow nursery, ...

The tiny wasps only attack giant willow aphids, that infect and potentially kill willow trees.

Man clings to pool noodle in harbour after homemade dinghy sinks

One of the men, wearing a life jacket, managed to swim to shore while the other hung onto a noodle.

The man had to be rescued after he was caught out without a life jacket and without a way to call ashore for help.

Passenger survives being hit in the head by flying turtle

Turtle hits car

A 71-year-old woman in Florida suffered an injury to her forehead when a turtle smashed through the windscreen of the car she was a passenger in.

Firefighters called to 'e-scooter on fire' at Wellington's Miramar shops

Firefighters have been called to Wellington’s Miramar shops after smoke was seen coming out of an electric scooter in ...

A worker at a shop on Park Ave in Miramar said she saw and smelled smoke coming out of an e-scooter.

Florida couple caught trying to hold wedding at mansion without permission

Florida Couple Caught Trying to Hold Wedding at Mansion Without Permission - Thumbnail

A Florida couple sent out invitations for their wedding at their "dream home and estate". The only problem is that the property didn't belong to them.

Shakespeare taking over Stratford

Blackwell, Stallard and Webby are looking forward to the day, and a bigger festival in future.

To dress up, or not to dress up, that is what “Stratford-upon-Pātea” locals will be asking themselves as they prepare to head to a medieval market day this weekend.

Pinball machines, Playboys and a moa skeleton for sale in 'man cave' auction video

Some taxidermy efforts are better than others.

If you're in the market for a moose head, then Dunedin is the place to go.

Covid-19: Couple offer free rides to US vaccination centes

Joe's Covee Car gives free rides to neighbours unable to get to coronavirus vaccine appointments.

Not many Fiat 500s are covered in handcrafted red spikes intricately designed to resemble the novel-coronavirus protein.

Taranaki sees a weekend full of animal shows

Erin Cooley, 4, enjoyed the pig show at Stratford’s A & P Showgrounds on Saturday.

There were maine coones, kunekune and birman ragdolls getting judged over the weekend – but not at the same show.

From 'wow factor' to foul factor - fancy new loos in Tokoroa plagued with issues

Issues with Tokoroa's Leith Pl public toilets continue.

The block, laid to signify the Southern Cross, comes with a constellation of issues that a councillor has described as an "embarrasment".

Creature terrorises Polish city residents, turns out to be a croissant

Residents of a Polish street thought it was a beast - but it was a croissant.

People in the area had become so frightened of the creature that they had stopped opening their windows, lest this unknown specimen make its way into their homes.

The sport where picking the perfect poo is pivotal video

KEA Kids News reporter Jackson Bleakley takes a whiff of what he hopes is a winning cowpat at the New Zealand Rural Games.

What does it take to be an expert in cowpat frisbee?

Return of the (feline) cat burglar video

Kathi and Bruno Egli wake up each morning wondering if the neighbourhood cat has left anything on their driveway overnight.

Years after vanishing into the night, a thief has returned to a quiet New Plymouth suburban home – but instead of taking from the owners, this cat burglar is leaving them his ill-gotten gains.

Taranaki council hosts its most isolated LTP meeting

The Republic of Whangamōmona president John Herlihy and Stratford Mayor Neil Volzke caught up with a post-meeting brew ...

Not many council meetings end with elected members having a beer at the pub, but not many council meetings are held in New Zealand’s only (self-proclaimed) republic either.

Car fished out of Lake Rotomanu

A car was pulled out of Lake Rotomanu in New Plymouth on Tuesday during pipe maintenance work.

It's known for Grass Carp and European Perch, but contractors working at Lake Rotomanu in New Plymouth landed something slightly bigger on Tuesday.

Top beach volleyballers show age is no barrier

Micah Lindsay-Brown and Susan Imhasly, from New Plymouth, are celebrating their volleyball success.

Micah Lindsay-Brown and Susan Imhasly two children each, hold down a business, and still came out on top.

'I thought everybody's father didn't have thumbs'

Waihi historian Doreen McLeod with the two thumbs. She admits finding them somewhat ghoulish.

Back in the day, it was common for Waihi miners to chop off their own thumbs so they could get some quick cash.

Phone wet and dead? Soaking it in rice won’t work, but this might

The rice myth isn't going to save your smartphone.

While new phones are advertised as “water resistant”, this doesn’t mean they are waterproof. But there is hope.

Big-Rig Driver Helps End Police Chase in California by Blocking Getaway Car

Big-rig driver helps end police chase in California by blocking getaway car.

A car chase in California came to an abrupt end when a tractor-trailer driver offered some assistance by blocking the vehicle's path with his own big rig.

A wētā called Jacinda found on maunga Taranaki

A newly discovered wētā, Hemiandrus jacinda, was found by chance on maunga Taranaki.

A scientist studying endangered NZ robins on maunga Taranaki discovered an extremely rare wētā also lives there.

Australian café owner apologises after posting image of racist note

Shay Hayston posted the photo to his public snapchat account before it was noticed by several community members.

Brisbane café and restaurant owner, Shay Hayston wrote, "OMG I love my staff" when he posted a derogatory food order.

Trump's cranky Easter message repeats untrue claims of election fraud

Donald Trump released an Easter Sunday press release statement in the style of his banned Twitter account.

Meanwhile, US President Joe Biden recorded a message encouraging vaccination as US spends its second Easter under the cloud of the Covid-19.

Trip to Dubai for plastic surgery ends in Irish quarantine court case

Members of the Irish police on patrol on St Patrick's Day in Dublin's city centre. (File photo)

Two Irish women who reportedly travelled to Dubai for breast enhancement surgeries have been arrested and ordered to quarantine.

The 10 most dangerous ocean creatures in the world play stuff

Who's up for a swim? This list looks at the meanest, nastiest, and most dangerous denizens of the deep.

Who's up for a swim? This list looks at the meanest, nastiest, and most dangerous denizens of the deep.

What if there were no wind? play stuff

What if there were no wind?

Do you think our planet could exist without wind?

Battle of the winter forecasts: Niwa v Herman the tortoise

Alf Hoyle swears by Herman's ability to predict accurately how good a summer we will have, or how bad a winter, ...

Forecasting fight pitches a seasonal hibernator against the scientific minds at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research.

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