'Maggot' in Macca's ice cream

McDonald's have said they would offer the family vouchers and a replacement ice cream.

A girl started screaming and retching after finding what appeared to be a maggot in her McDonald's treat.

Gender-neutral urinals? No thanks

Berlin is trying to curb outdoor peeing - with gender-neutral urinals in public toilets.

OPINION: Berlin's plan to introduce gender-neutral urinals to public toilets raises oh-so-many questions.

Baby flamingo too hot to trot video

Squish, born from an abandoned egg, needs handmade booties to walk outside.

Squish, born from an abandoned egg, wears handmade blue booties to walk outside.

First US eclipse since 1918 video

School children wearing protective glasses pose for photographers outside The Royal Observatory during a partial solar ...

Just like storm chasers run after tornadoes, this group get an adrenaline rush from an eclipse.

Tui Glen Reserve to be transformed?

The Moths and Butterfly New Zealand Trust want to build a national butterfly centre in Tui Glen Reserve.

West Auckland could be the resting place of a national butterfly centre, after moth and butterfly experts floated the idea.

A rare white moose is on the loose video

Flabbergasted hunters who come across the ghost moose are choosing to let them live.

Flabbergasted hunters who come across the ghost moose are choosing to let them live.

Diamond found on the end of carrot

Mary Grams had given on up finding her ring, until it turned up on a carrot.

After being lost in a vegetable garden for more than a decade a ring has been discovered on the end of a carrot.

Caution: silly road names ahead

The Poplar Ave interchange on the Kapiti Expressway, in the middle of the shot. Hugging the hills is the old highway, ...

Not everyone took Kapiti's $100,000 consultation project entirely seriously.

Free ink offer draws tattoo virgins video

Jamee Mitchell's new tattoo.

An offer of free tattoos drew a line of keen punters staunchly queuing in winter downpours.

Dude, where's my beach? video

Boat repairer John Kelly on the beach that was there one day and gone the next.

Porirua had what seemed a firm sandy beach on Sunday. By Monday it was gone.

Chilli-eating comp held in spicy bath

This competitor probably has a few spicy regrets.

It's one thing to eat hot peppers, but it's another to do it in super spicy water.

What 10,000-egg omelette looks like video

The omelette was made in Malmedy, Belgium.

An egg contamination scare could not stop a Belgian town's 22-year-old tradition.

Shipping container art an 'eyesore' video

Duncan MacDonald said he was not pleased the containers with graffiti were visible to the public.

Business leader in Auckland suburb says graffiti-covered containers for a neighbourhood policing project are "rubbish".

How not to parallel park video

A motorists mounts kerbing in New York City after cutting off another vehicle in a quick bid to grab a parallel park.

A motorist's dash for a parallel park in New York has stunned a passing cyclist.

Man flies 14,000km on wrong plane

Samuel Jankowsky contacted his pregnant wife who immediately phoned the airline to complain.

Staff checked his boarding pass, but somehow he ended up in Las Vegas, not London.

'God's farm' faces sale

For sale: The Beerepoot home.

Australian farm to be sold after owners failed to pay rates since 2010 because they believe the land is owned by God.

Cemetery visitors drive over graves

Don't drive on the graves, in other words.

How disrespectful can you get, asks relative of people buried in Greytown.

An eye for an eye video

A glass eye collection is up for auction at Dunedin's Hayward's Auction House.

A unique collection of glass eyes is going under the hammer.

Paige the 'menacing' jack russell video

Marion Sturm and her jack russell terrier, Paige.

She killed the neighbour's chicken and now she has to wear a muzzle wherever she goes.

Art show for dogs drool-worthy

The works of art were strategically placed at eye-level for attendees - or, in this case, a touch over.

Exhibits you can eat and pee on: Big Apple's first art show for canines has them straining at the leash.

Tiny treasures worth thousands

A penny black stamp on a cover with a market price of £600 (NZ$1059) had a price tag of $250 at Alan Craig's booth.

There's no penny claret - NZ's most valuable stamp - but plenty of others are on show.

'Wow, that's not a regular dolphin' video

Pinky was first spotted by a charter boat captain in 2007.

"Pinky" is not, strictly speaking, pink - it's blushing.

Tortured over Lionel Messi photo

Democratic Party member Howard Lam shows off his injury at a news conference in Hong Kong, China August 11, 2017.

Hong Kong activist says security agents stapled his legs as a warning against sending a signed photo.

Huge pipes wash up on UK beach video

The largest section of pipe was 480 metres long.

Enormous plastic pipes up to half a kilometre long have washed up on a British beach.

Highway gets unexpected topping video

Frozen pizzas litter a highway in Arkansas in the US after a truck and trailer unit smashed into an overpass support.

A pizza delivery has gone badly wrong in US.

Century-old fruitcake found

A Huntley and Palmers paper label had started to disintegrate, but remained relatively intact and helped preserve the ...

If keeping a slice of your wedding cake in the freezer isn't enough of a memento, taking the whole cake to Antarctica may be another option.

Put that llama on a lead


Ebony Howes, 8, with the Animal Farm llama Elmo at the Trafalgar Centre ...

Just follow the rules and you can walk any domestic animal through Wellington.

Whale lodges onto cruise ship

The Grand Princess was the world's largest cruise ship when it launched in 1998.

2600-passenger cruise ship pulls into Alaskan port to find a sad surprise on its bow.

Missing ring found in vast desert

The missing ring certainly is a "lucky jewel".

176,500 square kilometres of Australian desert, and someone finds Elizabeth Docherty's "lucky jewel".

Shh, the dog is listening

A Wellington City Councillor should we consider carefully the 'owner' and 'ownership' when referring to animals.

They're our fur babies - so should we really say we own our pets, a Wellington councillor asks.

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