Bill English buries his demons video

Bill English has well and truly exorcised the ghost of his 2002 defeat, writes Stacey Kirk.

OPINION: But a toll is still to be paid to win, and what is Winston Peters' price, asks Stacey Kirk.

Election highs and lows

Guy Williams makes no secret about his pro-Greens politics but even he thinks a promise to plant a billion trees is a ...

OPINION: After a frenetic campaign of highs and lows, Guy Williams picks out some memorable moments.

Nats made deal with devil

Ali Mau: "National may well take victory as a mandate to continue on as per. That would not be okay."

OPINION: It must have been hard for Bill English, a decent man, to keep massaging the truth.

Greens face return to sidelines

The Greens rebounded from the doledrums under James Shaw's steady leadership.

OPINION: Another spell outside of Government will be tough to swallow for the Greens.

Peters is no pushover

The NZ First leader won't make life easy for National and Labour. Don't be surprised if he fits in some fishing before ...

OPINION: NZ First leader has been around long enough to know exactly how to make National and Labour sweat.

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Island of red in an ocean of blue

A weaker opponent this time and the Jacinda effect were helpful for Iain Lees-Galloway's campaign in Palmerston North.

OPINION: The odds were stacked against National candidate Adrienne Pierce and one had to wonder how serious National really was.

Inside the Nat-Labour chasm

Labour Party leader Jacinda Ardern would be wise to treat outreach to Asian New Zealanders as a key order of business, ...

OPINION: National's courting of Asian New Zealanders was aided in no small part by Labour's unwise decision to make enemies of them.

Peters should work with National video

Winston Peters has stars in his eyes – but in truth, he is barely needed.

OPINION: Let us be clear: Peters has no choice. Voters will not tolerate Winston Peters abusing his kingmaker position.

Nutty professors are on to something

Lynda Hallinan discovered the latest eating trends at a conference in London this month.

OPINION: We love to mock the latest trends in food, but break down the buzzwords and they start to make sense.

Don't expect a rate rise anytime soon

Rates are in intensive care, Martin Hawes says.

OPINION: Is inflation dead? The answer is no.

Spotting the signs of problem gambling

Each pokie machine takes an average of almost $50,000 a year, and usually from those who can least afford it.

OPINION: It’s a silent addiction, but there are red flags that might alert you if a loved one has a gambling problem.

Give prisoners the vote

Prisoners deserve to vote.

OPINION: Society owes it to prisoners to give them the vote. It's a right, not a privilege.

Politics is tribal, reality is not

Stock tax sign

OPINION: The tax debate brings out a much deeper truth about politics.

Tolkien and Trump's tough talk

US President Donald Trump addresses the United Nations General Assembly in New York, this week.

OPINION: As a children's classic reaches a milestone, Danielle McLaughlin finds many of its themes are still relevant today.

Reason: Greyhounds gone to the dogs

Smaller greyhound trainers complain they can't get a fair go in the industry dominated by big players.

OPINION: Maligned sport set to get a clean up as a new CEO steps up, writes Mark Reason.

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