Drains: Not sexy, but needed

When the rain falls and the drains block.

Forget fancy council projects, most Kiwis just want the country to not turn into Atlantis every time it lightly drizzles.

Offer tax cuts for the childless

Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei has opened a can of worms.

OPINION: It's not just cows who are gross producers of waste, so come on Green Party.

Gorge alternative urgent

Contractors work in the Manawatu Gorge earlier this year. Their efforts have so far been futile.

OPINION: Middle New Zealand has to keep the pressure on politicians to help Manawatu.

School rugby too great a risk?

Isaiah Papalii of Mt Albert Grammar is tackled by Tanielu Tele'a of St Kentigern during a First XVs match last August.

OPINION: The number of head injuries is likely to be hugely under-reported, writes Mark Reason.

Fake News and tinfoil hats

12052017 News Photo: TOM LEE/FAIRFAX NZ - MP Peter Dunne speaks at Cafe Agora in Hamilton. 4 members of the audience ...

OPINION: As Trump and his supporters bang on about "alternative facts", the concept is very much alive and well here in the provinces.

More Opinion Headlines

Year of the flood?

21072017 News. Photo: Mytchall Bransgrove/Timaru Herald. Wet weather rain storm cold water town wind flood. Flooding ...

OPINION: No-one can afford to be complacent, because the weather is going to get more extreme.

Immigration: Why is NZ touchy? video

NZ First leader Winston Peters may see a surge in support as concern over immigration grows.

Immigration looks set to become a key issue in this year's general election. So why do we find it so hard to talk about?

Pay dispute imperils Ashes

Australian Cricket Players Association chief executive Alistair Nicholson (L), pictured with Shane Watson, has warned ...

Opinion: "The public could turn off the sport for a long, long time'' if the Australian cricket pay dispute lingers, writes Jon Pierik.

It's time for Kiwis to live up to our survey answers

An international survey showed four out of five Kiwis had a strong sense of belonging to NZ but around one in 10 didn't ...

Opinion: It's all very well filling in these surveys and finishing fifth in international league tables, writes Oscar Kightley, but we should never forget what defines us.

Playing follow the leader

Thanks to an accident of birth, Prince George could be King of New Zealand tomorrow if the worst happened to the royal ...

OPINION: From charming John Key to adorable Prince George, we fall for the superficial stuff.

Pay by card and we get stung

Nadine Higgins: Credit card charges have no place in modern New Zealand and have to go.

OPINION: Wait, why am I paying anyone for the privilege of parting with my money?

No coach can 'make' a player

All White Ryan Thomas celebrates after scoring against Fiji in March.

OPINION: The job of any coach working with our kids is actually quite simple - keep it fun, and keep out of the way.

Are singletons doomed?

If you're in the forever alone camp, things aren't looking good right now, writes Richard Meadows.

Life’s tougher without a significant other – just ask anyone trying to buy a house in Auckland on one income.

Give young people free money

Alison Mau: It's young people who will fund the pension that pays for our discount bread and vegemite, and a little ...

OPINION: Young people deserve a weekly handout as much as retired folk, Alison Mau argues. But young shoe designer Gustavia Liu disagrees.

Cotton wool won't save jumpers

A teenager does a back-flip off the Raglan footbridge. Last year, 16-year-old Richard Keremeta died in the same place.

OPINION: As some of our councils are declaring states of emergency to combat rising flood waters, others are preparing for the harm that will come as the waters warm up.

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