Great Hansen has gone stale

Steve Hansen has been the All Blacks' most successful coach – but is it time for him to move on?

OPINION: Steve Hansen is the greatest All Blacks coach, but his time is running out, writes Mark Watson.

Pike River decision is a victory for justice

Pike River Re-entry Minister Andrew Little and family representatives at the announcement of the plan to re-enter the ...

OPINION: We must learn from what happened at Pike River.

Where are the new house buyers?

Phil Twyford is fronting the KiwiBuild programme, which is off to a slow start.

How can demand for new homes be falling when we've been warned of a chronic housing shortage?

Crotty twice the player at 12 video

Ryan Crotty and Jack Goodhue have formed the best midfield combination in New Zealand for the past two years.

OPINION: Inside back's effort against England confirms what his best position is, writes Paul Cully.

Schmidt a good ABs fit? video

Joe Schmidt is yet to advise the Ireland Rugby Football Union whether he will extend his contract beyond the 2019 World Cup.

OPINION: Ireland coach can stake his claim for ABs job by staging an upset, writes Richard Knowler.

Stuff Cartoons

Tom Scott cartoons

Tom Scott at home in Wellington.

Tom Scott is an internationally renowned cartoonist, whose perspective on life in NZ has been entertaining Kiwis for years.

Sharon Murdoch cartoons

Sharon Murdoch won Canon Media Awards Cartoonist of the Year in 2016 and 2017.

From pet pooper scooper to award-winning cartoonist, Sharon Murdoch has a unique take on NZ.

Malcolm Walker cartoons

Malcolm Walker has returned as our cartoonist for Stuff and Sunday News where his cartooning career began.

Malcolm Walker drew for Sunday News for 34 years. Now the Auckland cartoonist returns to inkblot the news.

Mike Moreu cartoons

Mike Moreu loves to point out everyday life's foibles.

Mike Moreu has delighted in satirising modern life and making people think for more than 15 years.


Dilbert - dt_c171121.tif

The classic cartoon about office life.

Shaun Yeo cartoons

Shaun Yeo has been sharing his take on the world for many years.

Born and bred Invercargill man Shaun Yeo has been sharing his take on Kiwi life since he was in high school.

Trace Hodgson

Trace Hodgson's take on Rob Muldoon.

In the industry since the 1980s, Trace Hodgson still finds time to cartoon each week for the Dominion Post.

More Opinion Headlines

Women should retire after men

The idea of the doddery retiree has lost a lot of currency in recent years, as people stay healthier for longer.

OPINION: If NZ Super age is set to health expectancy, women would get it two years after men.

An infinity of dropped peas

There are infinite peas in a packet. When dropped they go to every place there is.

In the supermarket. I was not guilty but I looked guilty. I was standing alone amid a sea of peas.

Awards are nice. Success is better.

Fiordland Marine Guardians in Te Anau for the launch of the Fiordland Marine Pathway Plan last year.

OPINION: Environment Southland's new marine pest protection plan.

Fonterra's empty chair

Fonterra chairman John Monaghan quickly opted to settle the case against Guiney.

OPINION: A protest and a voting quirk means shareholders backed an empty chair as a director.

Lock in Damian McKenzie video

Damian McKenzie cuts through the English defence during the All Blacks' 16-15 win at Twickenham.

ANALYSIS: Damian McKenzie should be the All Blacks' fullback for the Rugby World Cup, writes Paul Cully.

Council's peculiar spin on its telling-off

Horowhenua District Council chief executive David Clapperton vetted emails until the practice stopped last year.

OPINION: Horowhenua officials are desperate to cast their actions in a positive light, when there isn't one.

Reason: How I hate the TMO video

Referee Jerome Garces rules out England's late try against the All Blacks after consulting the TMO.

OPINION: The referees used to set on-field laws. Now they're toothless, thanks to the hopeless TV official.

How to be a better traveller

It only takes a few steps to reduce so many of the ill effects of over-tourism.

OPINION: Slow down, ditch the selfie stick, and roll with the punches.

Taxidermy: freaky or fabulous? gallery video

Taxidermy is perhaps the most divisive of decor topics.

OPINION: Whether you buy a chicken for the pot or a taxidermy bunny for the bookcase, an animal will die.

US politics a vicarious melodrama

Donald Trump's pointed communication style makes more sense when viewed through the lens of professional-wrestling bravado.

OPINION: Politics is increasingly about entertainment and the United States is a pop-cultural superpower.

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