A steep hill to climb

Gareth Morgan was the face of the Opportunities Party but announced at the end of last year he would be quitting as ...

OPINION: TOP's new leader seems pleasant, but his party may need to change its approach.

Connecting buses that don't

My bus arrived early but missed the departing ferry by minutes

Why is a bus timetabled to miss a ferry by minutes? An Auckland mystery.

Don't blame the ABs video

Captain Kieran Read with the Bledisloe Cup the All Blacks have held since 2003.

OPINION: Theories of All Blacks dominance damaging rugby just don't wash, writes Marc Hinton.

Never too old to be a better you

Joel Maxwell: "So to those considering learning te reo Māori who worry about their age – don't. It is never too late. In ...

OPINION: Don't let doubts about age put you off changing the course of your life.

'Evacuate the kids off Nauru' video

Grant Bayldon is the World Vision New Zealand National Director.

OPINION: The children detained on Nauru are deeply distressed and traumatised.

Stuff Cartoons

Tom Scott cartoons

Tom Scott at home in Wellington.

Tom Scott is an internationally renowned cartoonist, whose perspective on life in NZ has been entertaining Kiwis for years.

Sharon Murdoch cartoons

Sharon Murdoch won Canon Media Awards Cartoonist of the Year in 2016 and 2017.

From pet pooper scooper to award-winning cartoonist, Sharon Murdoch has a unique take on NZ.

Malcolm Walker cartoons

Malcolm Walker has returned as our cartoonist for Stuff and Sunday News where his cartooning career began.

Malcolm Walker drew for Sunday News for 34 years. Now the Auckland cartoonist returns to inkblot the news.

Mike Moreu cartoons

Mike Moreu loves to point out everyday life's foibles.

Mike Moreu has delighted in satirising modern life and making people think for more than 15 years.


Dilbert - dt_c171121.tif

The classic cartoon about office life.

Shaun Yeo cartoons

Shaun Yeo has been sharing his take on the world for many years.

Born and bred Invercargill man Shaun Yeo has been sharing his take on Kiwi life since he was in high school.

Trace Hodgson

Trace Hodgson's take on Rob Muldoon.

In the industry since the 1980s, Trace Hodgson still finds time to cartoon each week for the Dominion Post.

More Opinion Headlines

Why MPs might welcome a freeze

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced a pay freeze for MPs, and it's been met with support from across the House.

OPINION: There's unlikely to be an public qualms over their stagnant pay packets at any rate.

Don't say 'open the kimono'

Spark's Simon Moutter speaks about Spark's journey to being a more respectful, inclusive workplace.

OPINION: Spark's Simon Moutter's reference to nudity blotted an otherwise compelling speech.

Taboo subjects need discussion

Protesters exercise their free speech to stop Don Brash from exercising his.

Defending free speech is hard. How far do we go?

Why I don't want to 'get serious'

Just because love doesn't endure doesn't mean it didn't exist. (File photo)

OPINION: Not all good love has to be great. And right now, a relationship that's "not going anywhere" is OK for both of us.

Why right now beats the future

Short-term splurges on brunch can sabotage our long-term ability to save and invest.

Why do we choose short-term gain even when we can see it will cause pain in the long-term?

Trump's 'vile, grotesque' Aretha tribute video

Aretha Franklin died Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018 at her home in Detroit.  She was 76.

OPINION: The miserable words of the American president, felt the need to point out that "she worked for me". Thus implying that she provided a service to him.

China's mysterious Belt and Road Initiative

People take pictures in front of a "Golden Bridge on Silk Road" installation, set up ahead of the Belt and Road Forum in ...

OPINION: China's Belt and Road Initiative is "deliberately vague", and little understood in New Zealand.

Cuomo gaffe highlights gender disparity

Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo drew criticism this week after saying America "was never that great" during ...

OPINION: New York Governor walking back his "America was never that great" comments, but that doesn't mean he didn't have a point when it comes to women and minorities.

Race you to the bottom

After the perfect whitebait fritter recipe? Easy, all you'll need is baking powder, lemons, a couple of eggs and a time ...

OPINION: Winter brings misery, anguish and inconvenient headlines. When that happens, don't lose hope!

Teachers inherited broken system

Well over 200 local teachers, principals, parents, and children took to Caroline Bay and Stafford St as part of the ...

OPINION: Those willing servants of the state are up in their collective arms at the low wages they are forced to endure.

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