Where is Bill English?

Bill English took a couple of days out early in the week for family time but recess week is the Opposition's time to ...

OPINION: Opposition leader has gone AWOL and there are plenty lining up to fill his shoes.

Sorry not sorry, Tony Veitch video

Tony Veitch will not work on Sky TV's new sport chat show.

OPINION: He showed no remorse for an incredibly violent assault and he gets to live life as if none of this happened.

Is the honeymoon still on?

Jacindamania has not waned despite claims that the new government has fumbled.

OPINION: The public are still in love with Jacinda, James and Winston.

Basin Reserve is key

The Basin Reserve is considered by many to be New Zealand's best venue for cricket, but is central to Wellington's ...

OPINION: The capital is doomed to gridlock if we don't deal with that roundabout.

Child poverty or bad parenting?

Does New Zealand have a problem with child poverty or poor parenting? (File photo).

OPINION: "Child poverty" is becoming an excuse for poor parenting, writes John Sargeant.

Stuff Cartoons

Sharon Murdoch cartoons

Sharon Murdoch won Canon Media Awards Cartoonist of the Year in 2016 and 2017.

From pet pooper scooper to award-winning cartoonist, Sharon Murdoch has a unique take on NZ.

Al Nisbet cartoons

Al Nisbet is an award-winning cartoonist.

Scotland-born Al Nisbet is an award-winning cartoonist with 37 years of experience under his belt.

Mike Moreu cartoons

Mike Moreu loves to point out everyday life's foibles.

Mike Moreu has delighted in satirising modern life and making people think for more than 15 years.

Tom Scott cartoons

Tom Scott at home in Wellington.

Tom Scott is an internationally renowned cartoonist, whose perspective on life in NZ has been entertaining Kiwis for years.

Shaun Yeo cartoons

Shaun Yeo has been sharing his take on the world for many years.

Born and bred Invercargill man Shaun Yeo has been sharing his take on Kiwi life since he was in high school.

Trace Hodgson

Trace Hodgson's take on Rob Muldoon.

In the industry since the 1980s, Trace Hodgson still finds time to cartoon each week for the Dominion Post.


Dilbert - dt_c171121.tif

The classic cartoon about office life.

More Opinion Headlines

My child won't speak at school

Some children refuse to speak to particular people or in particular places as a way to cope with anxiety. (File photo)

OPINION: Spare me the concerned face - my daughter's different, but she's fabulous.

World Rugby gutless over Cheika

Rugby cannot say it is based on respect when Michael Cheika gets away with foul-mouthed rants.

OPINION: Ben O'Keeffe has been left dangling in the wind after Michael Cheika's rant, writes Mark Reason.

NCEA level one Maths tackles the big subjects

SATIRE: There are a total of SEVEN questions over FOUR pages, THREE questions per page. You must attempt all EIGHT questions to pass.

Enough is enough

Traffic congestion is an all too common reality in Hamilton these days, and Fairfield Bridge is one of the hot spots.

OPINION: Hamilton people, you've been had. You've been played, manipulated and walked over. It's time to put your foot down.

How not to sell a new tax

Former Labour finance minister Michael Cullen.

OPINION: The choice of Michael Cullen to chair the tax working group is the wrong call.

Do the right thing Jason Taumalolo

Kiwis coach David Kidwell heard through a third party about Taumalolo's switch.

OPINION: I'm loving the big Tongan shake-up, but let's keep fair play front of mind.

Electric dreams are fast becoming reality

Mike O'Donnell: "It's clear that in the race for the future of personal cars, the EV has won."

OPINION: The rise of the electric vehicle will be quick and unstoppable.

Handy hints for washing Grandma

Beck Eleven shared some "washing Grandma" tips as we all might need some help washing as we get older. (Stock image)

OPINION: Beck Eleven heads south on SH1 to take care of her 98-year-old grandma.

Endings and fresh starts

A Zimbabwean newspaper seller reads all about it after Robert Mugabe resigns as president.

OPINION: A tyrant quit, justice was won and our music dominated.

Golden rules for travellers

You're in Singapore and your hotel pool is great... But don't let it stop you from exploring Chinatown - as well as ...

OPINION: Learn the lingo, explore, eat the local food and be tolerant - these are my rules when I travel.

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