Wounded Wallabies under the pump

Rumour has it Wallabies coach Michael Cheika's temper has become increasingly volcanic in recent months.

OPINION: Aussie rugby has lost popularity and standing at home, but a win over England may help reverse a slow decline.

Should we pay millionaires a pension?

Winston Peters has built a political career championing the rights of older people. Should a pension without question ...

OPINION: Working taxpayers are on the hook to fund wealthy pensioners' retirements.

The planet's heart is faltering

New Zealand's coastal waters are warming, a new report released on Thursday says, making them less able to swallow ...

OPINION: New Zealand's coastal waters are warming, a new report says, making them less able to swallow carbon dioxide.

Nissan Leaf: to pedal or not to pedal? video

New Leaf hits a sweet spot of price, range and equipment in the EV market. But is it truly desirable?

OPINION: 'One pedal' driving is an EV technology embraced fully by the new Leaf. But that doesn't mean it's a good thing.

The perfect antidote to hate

It was Farid Ahmed's deep religious love that enabled him to so easily forgive his wife's killer, in the terror attack ...

OPINION: True love overspills, it takes over everything, ... and, more importantly, it leaves no room for hate.

Stuff Cartoons

Dilbert cartoons

Dilbert, December, 2018.

The classic cartoon about office life.

Sharon Murdoch cartoons

Sharon Murdoch won Canon Media Awards Cartoonist of the Year in 2016 and 2017.

From pet pooper scooper to award-winning cartoonist, Sharon Murdoch has a unique take on NZ.

Jim Hubbard Cartoons

Jim Hubbard is renowned for his bold cartoons.

Award-winning cartoonist Jim Hubbard is renowned for his simple, bold work, a staple of newspapers, books and even stamps.

Jeff Bell Cartoons

Jeff Bell specialises in caricatures.

Jeff Bell is a Kiwi cartoonist and illustrator, with a passion for caricatures.

Malcolm Walker cartoons

Malcolm Walker has returned as our cartoonist for Stuff and Sunday News where his cartooning career began.

Malcolm Walker always wanted to be a cartoonist. Decades into his career, he's still loving it.

Emma Cook cartoons

Sunday Star Times illustrator Emma Cook at home in Taupo.

Emma Cook is living a dream 40 years in the making, as a cartoonist.

More Opinion Headlines

Overseas appointees don't represent us

New Treasury Secretary Caralee McLiesh is an Australian recruit, replacing a predecessor from Britain.

OPINION: People in our top jobs need to have an emotional stake in New Zealand.

Lost in translation

Japan fullback Ryohei Yamanaka speaks at his team's press conference in Tokyo on Wednesday.

Jamie Joseph's team has got a lot right at this World Cup, but they've missed the target with one aspect, writes Marc Hinton.

Comedy cuts point to bigger TV problems

7 Days host Jeremy Corbett, and a slice of cheese.

ANALYSIS: Cutting back on popular comedies shows MediaWorks is determined to cut costs.

Sorry Japan, defence wins Cups

Japan's attack against South Africa's defence should make for an engaging Rugby World Cup quarterfinal.

OPINION: Japan have proved the revelation of the tournament, but good attacks are not a winning formula.

250 years before Cook even arrived

Dunedin's Olveston House, originally owned by a prosperous merchant, and surrounded by an acre of gardens, is evidence ...

OPINION: The arrival of Captain James Cook here 250 years ago, as part of a global circumnavigation, came 250 years after the first one.

How to be Christian without being religious

A woman holds up a poster of the planet Earth with a thermometer in its mouth during a worldwide protest demanding ...

Religion has a pretty bad press these days. For many it smacks of religiosity rather than faith, of extremism more than a love of all people.

Faith in building industry undermined

A new imaging technology has revealed that hundreds of buildings around the country have concrete and/or steel ...

OPINION: Canary in the coal mine is tweeting: many buildings are broken, and so is the system that supports them.

Peters holds keys to union wins video

Winston Peters might have nostalgia for the 1970s, but it's not clear that he wants to take union law back to those days.

OPINION: Winston Peters might have nostalgia for the 1970s, but it's far from clear that he wants to take union law back that far.

Māori and Pākehā are inextricably intertwined

A bird's-eye view of Mt Titirangi reveals stunning views across Gisborne.

Gisborne has a distinctive character formed partly by its isolation, but also because 45 per cent of its population are tangata whenua.

How to be a whistleblower

The American news cycle has been dominated by talk of impeachment over the last few weeks.

OPINION: Whistleblowing has sparked a major scandal in the US - how are NZ's whistleblowers protected?

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