Time will tell on Britain's big leap forward video

INEOS Team UK had Britannia smoking against Luna Rossa.

OPINION: Sir Ben Ainslie won more than just a great race against Luna Rossa and here's how he can maximise his favoured position.

The questions that really grate with migrants video

Ziena Jalil: “In a country as diverse as ours, it is worth taking the time to learn about cultures different from our own.”

OPINION: A quarter of Kiwis weren't born here. But they're not all treated equally.

Why selling a slice of the All Blacks makes sense video

Daniel Dunkley says the deal should provide more funding for the domestic game, from grassroots levels up but is also ...

OPINION: An American firm is poised to become the first investment giant to cash in on New Zealand's national obsession. But it might not be the last.

In hand holding we trust

Jane Bowron: '’It’s one thing to want to bond and celebrate intimacy by holding a hand every now and then, but it’s ...

OPINION: What's with fit and healthy couples holding hands every time they step out?

Delay in Covid vaccine rollout is top risk for Ardern's Government video

The countdown is on until April, when the first groups of New Zealanders are set to receive a Covid-19 vaccine. But then ...

OPINION: Without a shot in the arm, a sluggish immunisation programme could be the Government's biggest risk in 2021.

Stuff Cartoons

Sharon Murdoch cartoons

Sharon Murdoch won Canon Media Awards Cartoonist of the Year in 2016 and 2017.

From pet pooper scooper to award-winning cartoonist, Sharon Murdoch has a unique take on NZ.

Jim Hubbard Cartoons

Jim Hubbard is renowned for his bold cartoons.

Award-winning cartoonist Jim Hubbard is renowned for his simple, bold work, a staple of newspapers, books and even stamps.

Jeff Bell Cartoons

Jeff Bell specialises in caricatures.

Jeff Bell is a Kiwi cartoonist and illustrator, with a passion for caricatures.

More Opinion Headlines

Challenges of whipping a large caucus into shape

Jacinda Ardern delivered her party a landslide win, but with that comes lots of new MPs and lots of opportunities for ...

ANALYSIS: Jacinda Ardern delivered her party a landslide win, but with that comes lots of new MPs and lots of opportunities for them to stuff-up.

The brutal truth: There are votes to be won in a broken housing market video

The next election is likely to be decided by whether people have a roof over their heads, whether it's insulated and ...

ANALYSIS: Labour and National MPs are conflicted on rising housing prices, and will never do anything to cause them to drop.

Investors would pay us to build road, rail and houses video

New Zealand has failed to invest in the modern transport infrastructure it needed for its growing population.

OPINION: Cheap debt could build the modern New Zealand we need to stay competitive.

A guide to using the n-word

The Puhoi Pub is thought to be one of the oldest in New Zealand.

If cheese company execs can wrap their head around this concept, you can too.

The grief behind the road toll

Broadcaster, radio personality and writer Polly Gillespie.

OPINION: "Take away the wrongs and rights.....and we are talking about human suffering and incredible grief.”

The New Reasonable: Can the election of Joe Biden make the centre great again?

President-elect Joe Biden speaking days before his inauguration.

OPINION: Is Joe Biden the right person at the right time?

A four-year term? Be careful what you wish for

Jon Johansson was Chief of Staff to Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters in the Labour-New Zealand First Coalition.

OPINION: We've rejected it twice before - so why is a four-year Parliamentary term back on the agenda?

Economic predictions are tricky - even the best get it wrong

Renowned economist Irving Fisher.

OPINION: If even the best economic mind of 1929 couldn’t see the upcoming cliff should we trust the best economic minds of today?

Government's 'housing reset' announcement too little too late

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern must take her share of responsibility for encouraging the property feeding frenzy of the ...

OPINION: The prime minister has not just failed to dampen down, but has actually poured petrol on the pyrotechnic panic-buying that has seen housing prices spiral out of control.

We don't have to agree about history to recognise its importance

This 1846 illustration shows the huge pūriri palisades which helped to protect Ruapekapeka Pā.

OPINION: Knowing the facts is important, but so is interpretation, and it's OK to have different views.

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