Covid's just the icing on a very dismal cake for young people video

''Young people get told they can be anything they want to be, and by 19 they already suspect that’s a lie.''

5:00 AM  Opinion: We shouldn't be surprised that young people are fed up and anxious.

Why the secrecy from Highlanders over the Queenstown apartments incident? video

Richard Knowler

5:00 AM  Opinion: The Highlanders refuse to divulge details after Queenstown incident, but that raises issues of accountability, writes Richard Knowler.

Don't be shy - acknowledge your inner Karen video

Verity Johnson: “Middle-class white women know better than anyone that among us is a certain subset who like to shame ...

5:00 AM  OPINION: She's lurking in many of us, and we can't fight it until we accept that fact.

When people in power behave badly video

A patrol from the New Zealand Provincial Reconstruction Team in Bamyan Province, Afghanistan in 2010.

OPINION: Small democracies like ours are vulnerable when our guardians are less than honest.

Strong, resilient and now free video

Kurdish Iranian refugee and journalist Behrouz Boochani.

OPINION: As the mosque terror attacks demonstrated, there is enough love and compassion here not to succumb to the politics of division and hate.

Stuff Cartoons

Sharon Murdoch cartoons

Sharon Murdoch won Canon Media Awards Cartoonist of the Year in 2016 and 2017.

From pet pooper scooper to award-winning cartoonist, Sharon Murdoch has a unique take on NZ.

Jim Hubbard Cartoons

Jim Hubbard is renowned for his bold cartoons.

Award-winning cartoonist Jim Hubbard is renowned for his simple, bold work, a staple of newspapers, books and even stamps.

Jeff Bell Cartoons

Jeff Bell specialises in caricatures.

Jeff Bell is a Kiwi cartoonist and illustrator, with a passion for caricatures.

More Opinion Headlines

Let's hold an election debate solely on climate change

In 2017, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said climate change is “my generation's nuclear-free moment”.

OPINION: The changing climate is the biggest issue facing us. Shouldn't we make political leaders debate it in depth?

How many lockdowns are one too many? video

People stand in line without social distancing outside a restaurant in Gotland, Sweden, last month. Sweden’s more ...

Opinion: Sweden is now showing that lockdown is the wrong way to go

Can we postpone the 2020 election? video

We’ve ended up with a campaign focused on scandal, personality and leadership, with a policy void that’s worse than usual.

OPINION: The political parties don’t seem ready for the 2020 election and we’ve ended up with a campaign focused on scandal, personality and leadership, with a policy void that’s worse than usual.

Is the 'Bula Bubble' dead? Here's Fiji's big problem for Kiwis video

Vomo Island, Fiji. Fiji is our most popular Pacific Island escape, with around 180,000 Kiwi holidaymakers visiting each year.

OPINION: Will Fiji open up just to Kiwis, or leave the door open for the lucrative - and considerably more risky - US and Asian markets?

Retirement: a lifestyle with its own rhythms video

Suzanne Carty is glad to have a retired life with choices including what she wants to do each day, including whether she ...

OPINION: After four decades of deadlines, I have the luxury of doing tomorrow what I didn’t do today. Or doing it next week. Or not doing it at all.

Let the much-loved quiet stay

Yvonne Martin looking out from Queensberry Hills to the area where a jet-capable airport is proposed, on the other side ...

OPINION: if Christchurch Airport really can’t see potential in its own backyard, let it partner with Invercargill Airport.

Art is supposed to provoke, confuse and annoy us video

Poppy Lekner is the winner of the 2020 Parkin Drawing prize with her piece Forward Slash, an A4 piece of paper with ...

OPINION: Why did a sheet of typed characters win $25,000?

We've created a right to be anti-social video

Police and prison officers might expect to be assaulted occasionally, as they deal with extremely anti-social people. ...

OPINION: Attacks on teachers and ambulance officers stem from a belief that people are entitled to be unpleasant.

Don't count on mortgage holiday exemptions video

Take any city street, and the chances are at least one household is relying on the bank home loan ‘holiday’ scheme.

OPINION: Home loan 'holidays' will be extended, but don't rely on them after Christmas.

The tragedy of an old dog's death

Poppy couldn’t run any more, but she could bark and on her last visit to the beach she barked plenty.

OPINION: We used to call her the fun police because she tolerated no nonsense whatsoever.

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