Humans on the Moon - really?

Suggestions the flags shown supposedly planted on the Moon were actually fluttering in a breeze are a mainstay of some ...

Forty-eight years since the first human walked on the Moon - busting the conspiracy theories.

Forecasting the next big quake

The Adelphi Hotel, in Kaikoura, was pulled down due to earthquake damage.

It's impossible to say when an earthquake is going to strike. But the predictable patterns of aftershocks can help.

Apollo 11's moon bag sold video

The bag, which contains traces of the collected samples, is the only such relic available for private ownership.

A bag containing traces of moon dust has sold for US$1.8m at auction following a galactic court battle.

Scientist's 'frightening' Trump warning

US President Donald Trump's proposed budget cuts to climate programmes have scientists "frightened".

US president's proposed budget cuts threaten to set back global climate science advances.

Moon dust valued over $3m

The Apollo 11 Contingency Lunar Sample Return Bag used by astronaut Neil Armstrong.

Price of Neil Armstrong's collection bag of moon dust expected to skyrocket at auction after a galactic court battle.

Drilling Zealandia, the lost continent

Core samples taken from six sites in the Tasman Sea during the next couple of months are expected to answer many ...

A $120 million drilling programme into the sea floor around New Zealand will help explain how the mostly underwater continent of Zealandia formed.

Those dam problems

The Blue Nile flows into Ethiopia's Great Renaissance Dam in Guba Woreda, some 40 km from Ethiopia's border with Sudan.

OPINION: A dammed river is a good source of hydro electricity. It can also be a good source of conflict.

Mysterious space signal (probably) not aliens video

The team has been observing several stars, including the mysterious Ross 128,  Abel Mendez wrote on his blog.

It was like nothing Abel Mendez had ever encountered. A pulsing sound from an unassuming red dwarf star 11 light-years away.

Stop littering, say our kids video

Think globally, act locally – that's the mantra Kiwi children are living by, when it comes to saving the environment, as this wonderful video shows.

MH370 search reveals secrets

A computer generated three-dimensional view of the sea floor obtained from mapping data collected during the search for ...

Fruitless search for MH370 lifts veil on remote Indian Ocean, where undersea mountains loom larger than Mt Everest.

Auckland's volcanic past decoded

Auckland is built on a dense volcanic field, with more than 50 vents dotted around the city.

Scientists are filling in the gaps of Auckland's temperamental volcanic past, but agree the rate of eruptions had increased.

From space stations to classrooms

Rob Fuller, an ex-Nasa and US Air Force engineer, is training to be a NZ teacher.

A former US Air Force and Nasa engineer is halving his wage to inspire Kiwi secondary school students.

Pluto's iced terrain close up video

Pluto's terrain is icy and mountainous.

Nasa is allowing people to get a taste of what Pluto would be like with a new flyby video.

Seal culls may be needed

The fur seal population may not reach into the millions but it will increase markedly, scientists believe.

New Zealand fur seals have recovered so well that they might need to be culled.

Helium supplies at risk

Helium, the gas used to blow up balloons, could soon be in short supply (file photo).

The Arab States' blockade of Qatar is threatening the world's supply of helium, the gas used to blow up balloons.

Maths genius dies at 40 video

A 2014 file photo of Iranian-born Maryam Mirzakhani speaking at the International Congress of Mathematicians in Seoul.

Mathematicians are mourning as breast cancer claims the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Fields Medal.

Leukemia-fighting therapy endorsed video

Gene therapy could be used to get rid of leukemia cells.

Individually tailored treatment uses patients' revved-up immune cells to fight the disease

Neil Armstrong's moon bag for sale video

The bag, which contains traces of the collected samples, is the only such relic available for private ownership.

The long-lost bag, used to bring back the samples of the moon, is said to still contain traces of moon dust.

Short film encoded in DNA video

Eadweard Muybridge’s image of galloping horse have been transferred into the DNA of living cells.

It's probably the smallest movie ever made. And it in some bacterial cells.

Jupiter's Great Red Spot close up

Jupiter's monster storm, known as the Great Red Spot.

Flyby of the colossal, crimson storm on Jupiter yields impressive images.

GirlBoss takes flight with NASA

Alexia Hilbertidou founded GirlBoss New Zealand as a year 12 student at Albany High School.

GirlBoss is heading to the limits of space in NASA's flying observatory.

Elena Ceausescu: fake scientist

Elena Ceausescu and husband Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu.

OPINION: She didn't know the chemical formula for water but became a fellow of the Royal Institute of Chemistry.

Giant Antarctica iceberg splits video

A section of an iceberg - about 6000 sq km - broke away as part of the natural cycle of iceberg calving off the Larsen-C ...

The Antarctic Peninsula is forever changed and an iceberg six times the size of Auckland is adrift.

Quake 'related' to monster shake

Since 2003 there have been four earthquakes of more than 7.0 magnitude in the southwest corner of New Zealand and offshore.

The shallow 6.4 quake south of NZ struck on the spot where two huge plates collide.

Alzheimer's linked to poor sleep video

A bad night's sleep could be doing you more damage.

Just one night of poor sleep is enough to trigger a spike in a brain chemical linked to Alzheimer's disease.

Spotting Jupiter's massive storm

Auroras created by high-energy particles are seen on a pole of the planet Jupiter in a NASA composite of two separate ...

Nasa's Juno spacecraft has flown close to a 16,000-kilometre storm on Jupiter.

Climate change lawsuit against Trump will be hard fought

University of Waikato law student Sarah Thomson took a similar court case against the NZ government last month. The ...

A landmark climate lawsuit against Trump is scheduled for trial next year. Here's what to expect, writes Chelsea Harvey. ​

Ghosts of ​Gondwana


How, when and why did New Zealand inherit so many unique animals and plants from the ancient continent?

Why I turned to cannabis video

Kelly Patchett was diagnosed two years ago with the disorder fibromyalgia.

Confined to home and unable to drive, Kelly Patchett knew she couldn't go on living the way she was.

'We've got to protect players from themselves'

A Sonny Bill Williams shoulder charge meant Anthony Watson needed a concussion test.

British and Irish Lions doctor tells of up to 10 staff and 12 cameras all focused on identifying concussion.

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