Ant crowned fastest animal video

Forget cheetahs or sharks, the agile Dracula ant is the fastest animal in the world.

We should count ourselves lucky the Dracula ant is not the size of a crocodile.

Robotic selfie on Mars


Nasa reveals mosaic selfie, taken by the organisation's new Mars lander on the red planet.

Nasa's first look at Bennu

Rocky Bennu. This mosaic image composed of 12 PolyCam images collected on December 2 and provided by Nasa shows the ...

The spacecraft Osiris-Rex hooked up with the tiny asteroid Bennu and it found some surprises.

Voyager 2 reaches interstellar space video

Voyager crafts 1 and 2 are identical - and now both are in interstellar space.

After 41 years in space, Nasa's Voyager 2 has become the second human-made object to reach the space between the stars.

Is there summer under the Xmas tree?

A cyclist heads towards Sumner on a mixed weather Christmas Day.

With December 25 a fortnight away, what are the chances of a summery Christmas Day?

Climate change haiku

Dr Andy Reisinger has written a haiku version of the latest climate change report, for those who don't have the time to ...

The latest climate change report is 560 pages long; a Kiwi scientist has distilled it in a poem.

Tasman Sea warming again

Extreme fire warnings were in place for Canterbury and Marlborough last summer after days of hot weather.

A rare "marine heatwave" played a part in last year's record summer and might be happening again.

Mystery of the littered beaches video

Students found these plastic shotgun wads on Taranaki beaches. How did they get there?

Clever detective work by school children and adults solved a mystery plaguing the beaches of Taranaki.

Government should fund research

NZ universities don't fund research, says Dr Siouxsie Wiles.

OPINION: I have to find the money to pay salaries and buy petri-dishes.

Only science may rescue South Dunedin

South Dunedin is one of the country's most vulnerable built-up areas when it comes to flooding.

Rain running off Dunedin's hills is one of the biggest issues behind South Dunedin's flooding problems.

The ingredients of a mass extinction

Some 250 million years ago, about 90 per cent of sea life and 70 per cent of land life went extinct in what is now ...

Scientists know what killed most life on Earth 250m years ago and say we're on the same path.

Pig-to-human heart transplant 'closer' video

One baboon survived with a pig heart for more than six months in a recent study at a German university.

Successful tests on baboons raise hopes that pig hearts could soon be tested in humans.

Is Chch the world's worst city for liquefaction?

Cleaning up in eastern Christchurch after extensive liquefaction caused by the "double whammy" quakes of magnitude 5.9 ...

More factors than usual may have been at play in producing the grey mud that flowed across parts of Christchurch after the earthquakes.

South Island's dissolving mountains video

The upper reaches of the Rakaia River, which contains dissolved chemicals from rocks along the Main Divide.

Sections of the South Island's majestic mountain range are disappearing into thin air.

Mesopotamia - birthplace of Western civilisation

Roger Hanson talks about Mesopotamia being the birthplace of Western civilisation.

Roger Hanson goes back in time to when countries like Iraq led the world.

New dinosaur found in opal rubble

An artist's impression of a Weewarrasauras Pobeni.

'It was a crazy moment': Dinosaur discovered in Australian town amongst bag of rough gem offcuts.

Helping understand Christchurch's flood risk

Better wind data from Bromley could help the Christchurch City Council's understanding of future city flooding. In July ...

Readings from the Avon-Heathcote Estuary may improve understanding of future flooding risks from storm surges, high tides and extreme weather.

Situation normal: Extreme weather video

Damage on Takaka Hill road from ex-cyclone Gita.

Extreme weather frequency is creating "here we go again" fatigue, concerning forecasters.

Baby born using dead donor's uterus

This December 15, 2017 photo provided by transplant surgeon Dr Wellington Andraus shows the baby girl born to a woman ...

Woman born without a uterus successfully gives birth, after transplant from fatal stroke victim.

Some rare good climate news

Meridian Energy's power station at West Arm, Lake Manapouri.

National hydro-power generation could increase as a result of climate change. Our grapes may benefit too.

Science our worst subject

Children start learning about scientific phenomena like electricity from year 4, but most don't understand science well ...

Four in five students enter high school without the science skills they need, study finds.

Time to get real over climate change

Dr Bronwyn Hayward, of the University of Canterbury, says limiting global warming to 1.5C will require "life-altering" ...

NZ officials need to get their heads out of the clouds on climate change, academic says.

Ancient asteroid's first visitor video

Nasa's robotic explorer Osiris-Rex pulled within 19 kilometres of the diamond-shaped space rock Bennu.

After a two-year chase, Nasa spacecraft catches asteroid that could hold secrets from the beginning of our solar system.

Pesky drizzle on the way

The drizzle and low cloud plaguing the Canterbury coast over the past few days is finally on the way out.

Canterbury's persistent shroud of drizzle and low cloud is expected to dissolve overnight.

Gene-editing scientist deserves contempt video

Professor He Jiankui claims to have made the world's first gene-edited babies.

OPINION: He claims he wants to rid the world of disease, but he deserves our contempt - not our respect.

Medical devices poorly regulated

Loopholes in international medical device regulation has allowed unsafe procedures to go ahead.

Export-only devices get far less scrutiny than devices sold in the US.

The first moments of a dying star

The white dwarf (right) stripping the material from its neighbouring star. When it takes too much, it finally collapses ...

In a galaxy far, far away, scientists spot a cosmic vampire - and watch it explode.

Fighting the mud invasion video

Pneumatophores are produced by mangroves to provide air for the plant, which grows in waterlogged mud.

Our sandy, forested estuaries have been swallowed by thick layers of oozing mud. Is it too late to save them?

Volcanic crater lake overflow risk

Remnants of sulphur mining efforts on White Island.

Condensing steam and rain are raising the level of White Island's crater lake, which could overflow next year.

Explosive earthquake science video

An earthquake from the Hikurangi subduction zone could devastate the east coast of New Zealand with a tsunami, this ...

Five dynamite shots will be detonated in boreholes between Gisborne and Whakatāne to generate seismic energy.

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