NZ's glaciers melting too

The Franz Josef glacier in 2006.

Visitors to the Franz Josef glacier are noticing changes - it's melting away

Rare stirrings in Antarctic sky

Scientists are unsure what is happening in the stratosphere - the second layer of the Earth's atmosphere - this month. ...

A sudden stratospheric warming over the Antarctic could be driving NZ's stormy August weather.

Govt urged to fund gaming video

In New Zealand 76 per cent of people play video games, and 98 per cent of households have a video game device, a new ...

Interactive games are a $143 million business in New Zealand, but it could be bigger, the industry says.

Funeral for dead glacier

People walk on snow atop the OK volcano crater on their way to the glacier's funeral.

Icelanders hike up a volcano to say goodbye to a glacier that fell victim to climate change.

Ebola drugs show promise

A girl receives an Ebola vaccine in Beni, Congo, in July.

OPINION: Ebola scares me as much as sharks. But there's hope.

Nature may 'never recover'

Moa won't evolve again, sadly. Other birds will, eventually.

New Zealand bird diversity could take 50 million years to recover from extinctions caused by humans, a new study has found.

Master waka navigator Hoturoa Barclay-Kerr

Barclay-Kerr has spent a lifetime living up to his name Hoturoa, which comes from the captain of the waka that brought ...

When people said Māori arrived in Aotearoa by luck not skill, navigator Hoturoa Barclay-Kerr set out to prove them wrong.

Committment to the craft

Dr Bruce Riddolls worked to improve the safety and viability of major engineering projects in New Zealand.

OBITUARY: Dr Bruce Riddolls lived by one mantra - to understand engineering you had to understand rocks.

ISS seen from Canterbury video

A closer view of the the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth.

Video shows silhouette of the spacecraft whizzing across the face of the Moon.

Weather wakes up

Stormy weather over the past two weeks is expected to continue for the rest of the month and into spring. Lightning seen ...

It's been a very unsettled, wintry couple of weeks and the stormy weather could make the start of spring cold too.

Scientists find micro plastics in Arctic

The researchers examined snow collected from sites in the Arctic, northern Germany, the Bavarian and Swiss Alps and the ...

Discovery indicates the particles are being sucked into atmosphere and carried to some of the most remote corners of the planet.

Understanding Antarctic ice melt video

Burners used to heat water needed for boring through the ice.

Researchers ran simulations to understand the 1000km retreat of the Ross Ice Shelf during the past 20,000 years.

Gene edited babies concern

Chinese scientist He Jiankui has claimed to have gene-edited twin baby girls.

The scientist who worked on twin girls was called "China's Frankenstein" and his methods were described as clandestine.

New MetService website

The home page of the new MetService website, which is in beta testing format for several months.

More towns, specialised forecasts, and clearer indications of likely extreme weather are part of the site's revamp.

Mystery surrounds black hole's 'glow'

This visualisation uses data from simulations of orbital motions of gas swirling around at about 30 per cent of the ...

A black hole four million times larger than the sun has been glowing with "unprecedented brightness". Scientists aren't sure why.

Don’t lick sexy pavement lichen

Xanthoparmelia lichen on on basalt on O'ahu in Hawai'i.

There are claims the lichen is a natural Viagra, but scientific evidence is scant.

Meteor shower due tonight

A meteorite of the swarm of meteorites Perseida illuminate at the sky above Salgotarjan, Hungary, early Tuesday, Aug. ...

The night skies are set to light up as a fireball meteor shower streaks across the globe.

'Surprising amount' of aftershocks

The Alpine Fault comes ashore near the mouth of the John O'Groats River - which runs into the sea near to the entrance ...

More than 25 aftershocks followed the magnitude 5.5 quake in Fiordland on Monday night.

Scene set for a crucial conversation

The concept of biodiversity covers the "carbon that is captured and stored in our forests, wetlands, and seabed ...

OPINION: Kiwis have the rare opportunity to be part of a conversation crucial to our future.

Call for gene editing of pests video

More than 4000 native New Zealand plants and animals, including the kererū and the Kiwi are at risk of extinction ...

Royal Society Te Apārangi says Government should consider gene editing to help eradicate pests.

Motueka quake deep in crust

A magnitude 5.2 quake on Monday morning registered widely across central New Zealand, with 2100 felt reports on the ...

Monday morning's Nelson-Tasman earthquake was deep within the collision zone between the Pacific and Australian crustal plates.

Stroke breakthrough hope

The new intravenous solution developed in the US simultaneously regenerates damaged tissue, reduces harmful ...

Stroke victims could have the chance of a full recovery thanks to a stem cell injection that extends the "golden hour" to a day and a half.

Too many pink salmon in North Pacific

Spawning pink salmon in Alaska in 1991. (File photo)

Researchers wonder whether there's too much of a good thing in the North Pacific Ocean.

Climate change: Hard questions

Questions on climate change. Should people in the West have fewer children?

OPINION: Here's your chance to throw some curveballs at the experts.

Climate clues in kauri trees

Researchers hope to find the forests where kauri grew that was later used n colonial buildings.

Kauri recovered from 1860s buildings has climate clues.

Hope for threatened spider

A previously uncatalogued population of katipō spiders has been discovered near the entrance of Wellington Harbour. ...

Foreign invaders and habitat loss, the tale of the country's only dangerous native spider.

More snow for south

Heavy snow fell around eastern Southland on Sunday and Monday, particularly between Gore and Balclutha, including on the ...

Another wet and snowy weekend is on the way but telling where the worst weather will be remains tricky.

Extreme creatures' moon crash

Tardigrades - also known as water bears or moss piglets - can survive extreme conditions on Earth.

An Israeli spacecraft which crashed on the moon in April had some unusual passengers - and they might just have survived the impact.

Aurora just as cool from space video

A view of the aurora from the International Space Station in 2011.

Kiwis have been loving the aurora from Earth this week - here's what it looks like from in orbit.

Big asteroid zooming past

An asteroid thought to be more than half a kilometre across will zoom past Earth on Friday.

Rock up to 570m in diameter will come within 7.4 million kilometres of Earth on Friday, travelling around 16,740kmh.

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