An 'agitator' in the weather world

Niwa chief executive John Morgan told the economic development, science and innovation select committee there was a ...

Niwa chief executive John Morgan has warned MPs about the presence of an "agitator" in the sector.

Roger Hanson: super slender high rise

Roger Hanson sings the praises of steel.

Are super slender high rise buildings the way of the future.

Climate change claims first mammal video

The Bramble Cay melomys has been confirmed as extinct.

Say goodbye to the Bramble Cay melomys.

Neptune's 'new' moon discovered

Neptune's blue-green atmosphere, as captured by the Voyager 2 spacecraft.

New moon found on the edge of the solar system that is "ugly, mangled and potato-looking".

'Extinct' giant tortoise found video

A Galapagos Islands giant tortoise. A species of tortoise which was thought to be extinct (not pictured) has been ...

A giant tortoise believed extinct for over 100 years has been discovered on the Galapagos island of Fernandina.

Storm system not Oma video

Rain, wind and even alpine snow are likely to affect parts of the country over the weekend and early next week.

The cyclone is staying close to Queensland, but stormy weather is still coming this weekend.

Wanaka's space balloon canned

Nasa's super pressure balloon launch at Wanaka Airport, 2017.

US government's partial shutdown forces space agency to cancel Kiwi research balloon launch.

Get the weather - from Mars

On Sunday, InSight recorded a high of -7 degrees Celsius and a low of -95C on the red planet.

Wear a coat, it'll be -95 degrees: Nasa's newest lander is offering daily reports on the red planet's icy winter.

Robot probes major underwater fault

Samples being collected following the deployment of an instrument that will be left for the next two years to measure ...

GNS uses underwater robots to closely study slow slip quakes off the North Island's east coast.

Spider fossils have glowing eyes

Two of the fossil specimens discovered in Korea had reflective eyes, a feature still apparent under light.

Over 100 million years since they died, newly-found spider fossils' eyes still emit reflected light.

Scientists' association slams axing of experts video

2772018 Photo: ROSA WOODS/STUFF
Generic, Te Papa, Wellington, Waterfront, Museum of New Zealand.

Association of Scientists joins chorus of outrage about Te Papa's decision to axe two top experts.

'This is the ka-boom weekend'

The American GFS model on the website puts the former tropical cyclone Oma directly over central New Zealand ...

Severe weather could hit New Zealand this weekend, but it's too early to pinpoint where.

Climate change will move weeds

Suitable habitat for the mexican daisy - an invasive species - will move to the south.

Life will be both better and worse for weeds as the climate heats up.

Measles a needless crisis

Dozens of studies involving millions of children show no link between the MMR vaccine and autism.

OPINION: Measles is making a comeback because children who should be vaccinated aren't.

Too much acid in the ocean video

Shell fish at Auckland Fish Market. Sanford  retail assistant Sione Harrison unloads some mussels.

Our seas are turning acidic and will soon begin to dissolve shell fish.

Shining light in dark sky movement

Former Labour cabinet minister Margaret Austin CNZM has been a strong and successful advocate for many causes over the ...

Community service and science doyenne Margaret Austin explains why darkness is good for New Zealand.

Antarctic voyage returns video

A Humpback whale fluke on Scott Seamount, seen from the Tangaroa on the 2019 Antarctic voyage.

From bacteria to whales, a recent Antarctica trip was 'a voyage of extremes', scientist says.

Cruel warriors in my garden

The air is filled with cabbage white butterflies these hot, sweaty days.

OPINION: They say there's a looming insect extinction. Not at my place.

The lasting memories of a Mars rover video

Opportunity on the surface of Mars.

Nasa's rover Opportunity is dead after a record-setting 15-year run, but its memory - and scientific discoveries - live on.

Reprieve for scientists video

2772018 Photo: ROSA WOODS/STUFF
Generic, Te Papa, Wellington, Waterfront, Museum of New Zealand.

Top Te Papa scientists axed in a controversial restructure given a stay of execution.

Teen cannabis suicide risk link video

Marijuana use during adolescence was associated with increased risk of depression and suicidal thoughts or attempts ...

Because so many teens smoke cannabis, there is potential for large numbers of young people to be affected, say researchers.

Nasa to pull plug on Mars rover video

The rover Opportunity on the surface of Mars. The exploratory vehicle landed on Jan. 24, 2004, and logged more than 45 ...

Nasa is trying one last time to contact its silent Mars rover Opportunity, before calling it quits.

'Dark day for science' at Te Papa video

2772018 Photo: ROSA WOODS/STUFF
Generic, Te Papa, Wellington, Waterfront, Museum of New Zealand.

Two world-class scientists have been axed in Te Papa's controversial restructure.

NASA plan to nudge an asteroid

This artist's conception shows an asteroid crashing into Earth in an event that scientists believe occurred in the ...

Tons of space debris falls to Earth every day, mostly dust and sand. Occasionally, space sends something bigger.

Dry weather could last weeks yet

There is little green to be seen at Jack's Point, south of Timaru.

Rain-bearing weather systems are failing to make inroads across much of New Zealand, further fuelling fires.

Periodic table turns 150 video

Almost every science classroom has the periodic table on display.

Russian chemist's table of elements has been around for a century and a half.

Appetite for illicit drugs growing

1506 2012 Photo by Ross Giblin copyright Dominion Post, Fairfax.
Cannabis and cash seized in a Kilbernie house, by ...

The referendum outcome will likely come down to our values and our appetite for risk, which seems to be growing.

Like humans, crows plan ahead

New Caledonian crows can plan ahead to solve complex problems, Auckland researchers have discovered.

People can plan ahead while using tools. A "remarkable" Auckland study shows crafty birds can, too.

Beer before wine, feeling fine?

Beer before wine and you're fine? Science says no. Findings suggest the order of drinking does little to stave off ...

Oh no, no. Scientific findings suggest the order of drinking does little to stave off nausea and a throbbing head.

Chch shaking under scrutiny

Severe shaking near the Waiau epicentre of the 2016 Kaikōura earthquake was not as bad as measured, a study has found. ...

Was shaking in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake as bad as recorded?

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