Kiwis try to fend off flu

Dr George Slim consultant being monitored in a survey to see if he has symptoms ...

Currently the flu jab only lasts a season, but Kiwis are one step closer will drawing that out longer.

Solomon Islands getting quake-wise

The Solomon Islands are east of Papua New Guinea and north-west of Vanuatu.

Solomon Islands is getting its first geohazard monitoring network, thanks to GNS Science staff.

China's plan to launch 'fake moon' video

It is hoped that the "artificial moon" will be ready in 2020 (file photo).

An ambitious idea to launch an illumination satellite, 8 times brighter than the actual Moon.

DOC calls out fake 1080 claims

DOC says photos like this one, which show kiwi killed by cars and dogs was misrepresented by some anti-1080 campaigners.

Anti-1080 protesters stole image of kiwis killed by dogs and cars and claimed it was 1080.

The genius of Emmy Noether

Emmy Noether was one of the world's most respected and creative mathematicians.

OPINION: Earlier this month physicist Alessandro Strumia said physics "was invented and built by men". How wrong he was.

Teachers, open the windows

About 90 per cent of New Zealand classrooms are designed to be ventilated by windows.

Leaving the windows closed means air pollution builds up in classrooms, study finds.

Without geo-engineering, we are imperiled

New science columnist Peter Griffin has written about science and tech for nearly 20 years, including 10 years as ...

We've got one ace card left to play on climate change, argues new science columnist.

Scientists monitor the Hikurangi video

Once instruments have surfaced, scientists must look for red flags during the day, or bright flashing lights at night ...

Scientists conducting research into our largest fault are installing the next round of earthquake-monitoring technology.

Storm delays Antarctica summer

A recent storm outside Scott Base.

It has been decades since Antarctic weather kept scientists stranded so long.

Rare kiwi birth success video

Tuatahi was born at the bird park Avifauna after "years of waiting", according to Dutch broadcaster Omroep West (File photo).

The first kiwi chick has been born in a Dutch zoo, and a Māori name reflects its significance.

Shatner lands at Rocket Lab

Rocket Lab plans to launch a new rocket every week.

Rocket Lab will build an Electron rocket every week at its Mt Wellington factory.

Human hair and zombies

Human hair, no matter how glossy, is technically dead once it’s outside the body.

New Zealand scientists have helped unravel the strange science of human hair.

How to forecast quakes video

Pop your 'science hat' on to understand how our scientists forecast earthquakes.

Pop your science hat on, GeoNet get into the nitty-gritty of earthquake forecasting.

Kudos for infant formula

Dr Brendon Gill has had two of his methods for proving the nutritional value of infant formula become benchmarks for ...

We do some amazing work that is largely unheralded, and that's okay we're not in it for the fame.

How volcanoes lie about their age

Lake Taupō, top right, is the largest lake in New Zealand and the remains of a supervolcano.

OPINION: New research showing carbon dioxide in groundwater can affect the aging of volcanic eruptions could help experts predict future activity.

Last column: Thanks for the memories

This is the cartoon Bob Brockie is most proud of. It depicts Henrietta Lacks, the African-American woman whose cancer ...

 He's written more than 800 stories since 2001.

Milford Sound quakes 'not unusual'

The initial quake was largely felt in Queenstown on Saturday night, with aftershocks continuing into Sunday afternoon.

A 5.2 magnitude quake and ongoing aftershocks are the result of complex tectonics in the Fiordland region.

NZ filmmaker tackles climate change

You don’t have to travel to a shrinking island or a bushfire to see climate change in action, says documentary maker ...

The effects of climate change are on display in a new film.

Huge new moon spied

An illustration of the exoplanet Kepler-1625b with the moon astronomers believe is orbiting it.

Astronomers may have found first moon outside our solar system - and it's a gassy behemoth.

Pentagon studies 'insect army'

KMEHIN, ISRAEL - MARCH 06:  Locusts hang on a tree as a Swarm of locusts arrives in Israel near the Egyptian border on ...

"Insect Allies" exploits gene editing to help imperiled crops - but critics fear a biological weapon.

Roger Hanson: The battle for the bomb

In 1939, the German military appointed physicist Werner Heisenberg to lead a group of top scientists to investigate the ...

How the atomic bomb came to be.

What is gene editing?

Gene editing techniques use proteins that act like "molecular scissors" to cut DNA in a precise location

Scientists say we shouldn't be scared of it, so should NZ's primary industries embrace gene editing?

German space agreement lifts off video

A Rocket Lab launch at Mahia in May last year.

It's one small step for New Zealand, one giant leap for space research - New Zealand and German space agencies have announced they will work together.  

Science community loses 'national treasure'

Fergusson spent almost 40-years working for Christchurch’s health and development study.

David Fergusson tracked the development of 1000 children for nearly 40 years in a "groundbreaking" career.

Font promises to boost memory

An example of the Sans Forgetica font. How many word pairs can you remember?

As far as fonts go, this one breaks every rule - but Sans Forgetica has a major advantage.

Breeding pigs to use in humans

Auckland Island pigs on display at Donovan Park in 2009.

Pigs in Southland are being bred to be used in transplants that will help save humans.

Reversing the 'extinction crisis' video

The Department of Conservation are investigating the cause of death of a suspected Māui's dolphin, found on a beach in ...

Saving species like the Māui's dolphin is tough - but lessons have been learned in NZ.

New planet on the block

The Goblin takes 40,000 years to complete one orbit of the sun. (File photo)

"The Goblin" - which last passed us when Neanderthals roamed the Earth - discovered circling the far reaches of the solar system.

Laser scientists win Nobel Prize

From left: The 2018 Nobel laureates in physics Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland.

Female member of trio becomes the first woman in 55 years to win prestigious physics prize.

Palu tsunami lesson for NZ

Move evidence of the power of the tsunami.

'It's a timely reminder of what to do in New Zealand, where we are also prone to local earthquakes that can generate large tsunamis,' experts warn.

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