Jellyfish as big as a human

Lizzie Daly dives with a gigantic barrel jellyfish.

Divers off the coast of Britain captured this video of a jellyfish the size of a person.

Second-hand drinking's damage video

Being harassed, or otherwise insulted is among a number of forms of second-hand drinking harm.

Being harassed, or otherwise insulted is among a number of forms of second-hand drinking harm.

Alan Turing on new £50 note video

Concept design for a new 50 pound note bearing the image of World War II codebreaker Alan Turing.

The pioneering British computer scientist and WWII codebreaker, who was taken to court for being gay, wins public vote.

Teeth 'time capsule' shows secrets

Australopithecus africanus canine showing a first period of nursing behaviour followed by a cyclical signal in the ...

Study shows the enigmatic hominin species Australopithecus africanus may have breastfed young for six years.

Birds experience 'thermal squeeze' video

Kiwi are among the native birds caught in a "thermal squeeze" (file photo).

There's a limit to how high up some of our native birds can live - and they're reaching that now.

Markings may point way to quakes

A man inspects damage on a farm caused by the Kēkerengū Fault.

New research says markings on rock faces along fault lines could pinpoint the direction of future earthquakes.

Cold pasteurisation works

Cold pasteurisation has come to the NZ juice market. It's a different than "cold press" juice.

High pressure kills pathogens instead of heat.

Caution urged on probiotics

The science is still out on probiotics.

OPINION: The research is littered with inconsistent, contradictory results.

Telescope launched into space video

The ExoMars 2016 lifts off on a Proton-M rocket at Baikonur cosmodrome on March 14, 2016. (File photo)

One of Russia's biggest space missions takes off after days of launch delays.

Auckland's new bug

The lacewings are named for the delicate, intricate patterns on their wings, which tend to catch the light.

It's green, it has pretty wings and now it's enjoying a "population explosion".

Baby great white found on beach

The smallest great white shark ever discovered in New Zealand has delighted scientists at Auckland Museum.

Discovery of shark pup - the smallest ever discovered in NZ - delights Auckland scientists.

Ever-present tsunami danger

Tsunami surges flooded the Governors Bay jetty during the February 28, 2010, event caused by a magnitude 8.8 quake ...

We can't afford to take our minds off our tsunami risk for a moment, even if not all of them are devastating.

3D printing spare parts

Prosthetic limbs - like this arm for a 2-year-old girl - are currently being 3D printed.

You could be able to print a new liver in the next decade - but should you?

Japanese probe landed on asteroid

This computer graphics image released by the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) shows the Hayabusa2 spacecraft ...

Hayabusa2 spacecraft has completed its mission of collecting samples that scientists hope will provide clues to the origin of the solar system.

Earliest modern human found out of Africa

The Apidima 1 partial cranium (right) and its reconstruction from posterior view (middle) and side view (left).

A fossilised skull found in the late 1970s could be earliest example of Homo sapiens ever discovered outside the African continent.

Otago radar by next winter

Otago's long-awaited weather radar at Hindon will look a little like the Northland weather radar, commissioned in June ...

It has been a long wait for Otago residents but a critical weather radar unit is expected to be operating by next winter.

Kiwi couple brought together by space

Kiwi couple Pamela Kilmartin and her husband Aaron Gilmore have discovered 41 asteroids, a comet and a nova, and they've ...

Pamela Kilmartin and her husband Aaron Gilmore discovered 41 asteroids, a comet and a nova, and they've had space objects named after them.

New effort to develop HIV vaccine

The HIV vrius. The new sequential vaccine shots to train the immune system against the virus worked in animal models. ...

"Cautious optimism" that after decades of failure, new approach could be the one that finally protects against the virus.

Ancient gut virus may be useful

The virus might be used to alleviate disorders such as Crohn's disease, and possibly diabetes and obesity. (File photo)

A gut virus appears to be older than the human race itself could help treat disorders - and possibly obesity.

Astronomy super-scope under microscope

Science minister Megan Woods.

MBIE has revealed what it told science minister Megan Woods before NZ dropped all involvement in an international mega telescope.

Tsunami could swamp coastal suburbs video

Warnings were issued of possible tsunami along South Island coasts, and State Highway 1 from Waipara north and to the ...

Sea-level rise could see an 8.6m wave reaching 40kmh hit Christchurch if a major South American tsunami strikes.

You can't be 'a little autistic' video

Academic Sandra Jones is autistic and wants to challenge lines like all academics are 'a little bit autistic'.

OPINION: Please don't use my identity as your insult.

The real-life Iron Man

“I don’t think Dad’s ever going to be keen on me working on this,” says Alan. “Maybe, when I’m finished, he might be ...

You hear it before you see it. Whirr-CRUNCH-whirr-CRUNCH-whirr-CRUNCH.

Mum's child concussion mission

Even a big, international group couldn't come up with guidelines for kids returning to school and sport - because of a ...

When researcher Nicola Starkey's son was accidentally kneed in the head, she fell into a major knowledge gap.

Learning from lungs on a screen

Dr Alys Clark of the Auckland Bioengineering Institute has created a set of virtual lungs.

They look and breathe like the real thing, but these lungs are the handiwork of Auckland academics and live in a computer.

Ancient ice age life awakens

Peter Convey, an ecologist with the British Antarctic Survey, takes samples of moss with his research team in Antarctica.

In Earth’s icy fringes, bacteria, moss and cellular animals are bearing life anew.

Māori loanwords enrich Twitter

Top 10 Māori loanwords on Twitter 2007-2018.

More Māori words are being used in everyday conversation and on Twitter, a study suggests.

Cats pass parasite to dolphins

An infectious parasite is probably travelling from our cats to our dolphins.

OPINION: A fascinating mind-altering parasite is being passed on by cats to dolphins in the ocean.

Slow-slip quake ends

Black arrows show horizontal displacement of GPS sites around Gisborne and Hawke's Bay over April during the current ...

It caused reverberations across North Island's east coast but now the strange event is over.

Reading criminals minds

Could brain scanning become a part of the criminal justice system?

A controversial crime-solving technology could be coming to New Zealand, but experts have warnings.

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