Mars-sized planet may be hiding

A planet the size of Mars may exist in the Kuiper belt beyond the orbit of Pluto.

‚ÄčA mysterious celestial body may be lurking in the frozen, far-flung reaches of the solar system.

Nasa eyes outer space mission video

Compositee image of Voyager 2's views of Uranus and Neptune as the probe flew past the planets in the 1980s.

The space agency wants to explore Neptune and Uranus in the next 10 years.

Does science celebrity work?

Nigel Latta's books and TV series are evidence based.

With Neil deGrasse Tyson heading here next month, Will Harvie asks if high-profile boffins boost interest.

The Venetian Time Machine is awesome


Researchers are digitising and indexing the 1000 year old archives of Venice.

Hunting cancer clues

Biochemist Lauren McInnes has joined a team looking for clues to stop cancer.

Joining a laboratory team to fight cancer is an exciting start to a career in biomedical research.

Mad science of self-experimentation

Scientist Kyong-Sup Yoon needed head lice for his research - so he attached a plastic container to his leg, seeded it ...

True stories of scientists who took their research to extremes are stranger - and bloodier - than fiction.

A diminishing interest in coal

Indian comapny Adani has pushed ahead with plans to open Australia's biggest coalmine in Queensland.

The future of coal is getting darker and darker says Roger Hanson.

US grizzlies fair game

The decision to remove grizzly bears from the US's endangered species list is highly controversial and likely to be ...

Yellowstone Park's grizzlies will need to be smarter than your average bear and stay close to home after losing protections.

Seabed scans like 'mowing the lawn'

About 30 terabytes of information from the scans will be transformed into free charts for skippers.

Eight months, 30 terabytes and 40,000 hectares later, the Marlborough Sounds seabed has been mapped.

Hawking: Humans will leave Earth video

Stephen Hawking is convinced that the human race will need to leave earth and find somewhere else to live.

Stephen Hawking is convinced that humans need to leave Earth and find somewhere else.

Total solar eclipse due in US video

A total solar eclipse seen from the beach of Ternate island in Indonesia in March 2016.

An area 113km wide will plunge 14 states into darkness as the moon completely obscures the sun.

Race to save Bolivian glacier

The ice samples are said to yield around 18,000 years of climatic history.

Scientists rescue ice samples containing 18,000 years of climatic history in bid to stop glacier melting.

Rat trap record

A24 rat traps work best when placed on a slight angle so that rats can easily put their head inside.

If you're a rat this is one record you don't want to be part of.

Can you see the kiwi?

The star formation is known as the Galactic Kiwi and can be spotted between February and November.

A very NZ star formation rears its beak over our night sky, if you know where to look.

In pictures: Greenland tsunami gallery

Houses were swept out to sea by the tsunami.

New images show the damage of a deadly tsumami, triggered by just a small quake.

Alpine Fault power cut researched

The West Coast's electrical grid consists mostly of overhead power lines.

New research will look at the impact of a region wide power cut on the West Coast in the event of an Alpine Fault earthquake.

The slow-slip quake riddle

Researchers prepare a wellhead as part of the monitoring of the Nankai Trough.

Slow-slip earthquakes, like those in NZ, can relieve stress on dangerous faults - but don't think they're a pressure valve.

Wireless internet for the 100+ hectare farm office

The Internet of Things will offer farmers easy access to low-cost farm-wide wireless data coverage, suitable for most ...

DairyNZ research engineer Brian Dela Rue considers whether the Internet of Things will really be the best thing since sliced bread.

10 'Earth-like' worlds found

Artist's concept depicts an itsy-bitsy planetary system that is so compact that it's more like Jupiter and its moons ...

Nasa astronomers say they've found 10 small, rocky and possibly habitable planets with the Kepler telescope.

How can a M4 quake be so deadly?

More than half of Lake Tekapo's 83 square kilometre lake floor is covered in landslide deposits, some spreading more ...

In Greenland such a quake caused a tsunami. Could that happen in NZ? That's a very good question.

Eruption warning clues

Zircon crystals from Mt Tarawera are helping scientists understand magma and how it behaves in the lead-up to an eruption.

Results of study of huge ancient NZ volcanic blast may make it easier to know when a volcano is at risk of erupting.

What's next after What Next?

07062017. Photo: TVNZ
Supplied image of Nigel Latta and John Campbell for TVNZ live
political debate show What Next?

OPINION: Latta and Campbell's show was a step in the right direction. But more than one step is needed to discuss NZ's future.

Controversial cryonics in NZ

Stem cells, skin, red blood cells and platelets are all frozen in liquid nitrogen freezer at the New Zealand Blood ...

Filling the deceased with antifreeze, and suspending them in liquid nitrogen is not yet an academic discipline New Zealand.

Frozen: New Zealand's cryonic man

After Cam Christie's death his brother injected his body with anti-freeze, put it on ice and shipped it to the Cryonics ...

The mystery of the one Kiwi known to have been cryogenically-frozen is the ultimate cold case.

Life and death of D'Urville

French Pass between the South Island and D'Urville Island is famed for its fast-running tides.

D'Urville had a life of adventure, discovery and a remarkable lack of concern.

Trev and Shirl evade capture

Searchers are trying to get to Shirl, right, through her transmitting lover Trev, left.

What do you do when you're a couple in love but scientists want to tear you apart?

How you sleep raises stillbirth risk video

University of Auckland researchers are urging pregnant women to sleep on their sides rather than their backs - ...

Stillbirth risk 4 times higher if women sleep on their backs during last 3 months of pregnancy, NZ study finds.

Science camp for Kate

Riccarton High School student Kate Stedman is off to Melbourne for the ANZAAS science camp next month.

"Science is both a secure and exciting path to go down," says Canterbury student off to international science camp next month.

Nasa is trying to colour the skies

Nasa hopes the chemicals will create an artifcial aurora.

Nasa is conducting a high-flying science experiment to turn the air above the US blue and green.

Australia's giant flying turkeys

Reconstruction of Progura gallinacea next to a grey kangaroo and brush turkey.

The kangaroo-sized flying turkey roamed Australia more than two million years ago according to a new study.

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