The Spirit of Munro rides on gallery video

Lee Munro gets ready to ride the Spirit of Munro bike at Oreti Beach during the Burt Munro Challenge on Friday.

Spectators donned denim and leather instead of togs and jandles at Oreti Beach on Friday.

Gore's DIY music festival

Zeb Horrell with one of the horses that will be burnt at the Burning Horse Festival at The Montana Flat near Riversdale.

They will be burning horses in the backcountry of Gore, Southland.

Burt Munro Challenge: Hill Climb video

Pictured racing up Bluff Hill is Jamie Astudillo, 18, of the United States, on her KTM 450 bike, here in New Zealand for ...

"Whether you like your motorcycles. Whether you like Burt or your just into the camaraderie, people are out there enjoying all aspects of motorcycling."

Burt's mates gallery video

Biker Wayne Hilton, of Alexandra, with his big Harley Davidson bike, is a regular visitor at the Burt Munro Challenge ...

It's Burt's charisma and give-it-all-or-nothing attitude that draws people into his engineering and racing feats.

Māori carvers shape up for Antarctica

James York hard at work in the Oraka Aparima Runaka carving shed in Aparima-Riverton, ahead of his team's deployment to ...

The first example of tradition Māori carving in Antarctica is on its way.

In The South

Mud and music mayhem

Rain made conditions at the 2019 Gibbston Valley concert challenging with people slipping over in the mud as the day ...

People left the 2019 Gibbston Valley Concert rain-drenched and covered in mud - but they were smiling.

Music legend makes mates with mayor

The mayor was just after a backstage pass, but got more than he bargained for while greeting a legendary rock star off the plane.

Q'town boom a bust for locals

Students step up


Tidings of some sort of joy

Joy through creativity? Humbug!

OPINION: Festive joy doesn't always come giftwrapped.

A thriller night

Michael Jackson impersonator Dantanio Goodman performs at the Michael Jackson HIStory Show in Invercargill.

REVIEW: Saturday was a thriller of a night for those of us who went along to the Michael Jackson HIStory Show in Invercargill.

Review: Nanogirl Live!

Michelle Dickinson, also known as Nanogirl, at the Nanogirl Live In Engineering Magic show in Invercargill.

Nanogirl Live In Engineering Magic was educational, entertaining and full of explosions.

A Streetcar Named Desire

Cast of A Streetcar Named Desire after the show at Repertory Invercargill.

It was funny, it was serious and it was down right outrageous.

Review: Mamma Mia wows in Gore

Gore Musical Theatre's production of Mamma Mia runs until August 19

Gore Musical Theatre's Mamma Mia should come with a warning.

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