Life & Style

Are collared shirts on the way out?

Unable to exit the style spotlight gracefully, the tie seems determined to take the collared shirt down with it.

Meghan v Harry in netball battle

The duchess wasn't about to let her stilettos slow her down on the court.

A cautionary tale for mums

My son is gross. He’s always dirty and obsessed with his willy. But he's also gentle and kind.

Should you let your kids win?

OPINION: I've yet to establish a consistent routine about winning and losing and that's clearly making a tricky situation worse.

9 tonnes of produce a week

An idea planted in a humble Porirua community has grown into the biggest fruit and vege co-op of its type in the country.

Lamb tagine, meringue cake & truffles to follow

Put all your love and affection into these luxurious dishes and treat your beloved to a feast.

Heading into summer mode

Drinks are made with no multinationals, no industry giants, just people who want to make great tasting things.

Five of the best for seafood

Beef pho & beef carpaccio

Michael Kors to buy Versace

Handbag maker Michael Kors Holdings is nearing an agreement to buy fashion house Gianni Versace.

Label accused of ripping off designer

Young designer claims Moschino's new "scribble" collection is a copy of her work.

What your shoes say about you

The week in celeb Instagrams

Finding the next Karen Walker

Hannah Stack wants to shake up Christchurch fashion with an injection of colour.

Seven seats, comfort and change from $35k

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a remarkably comfortable and refined seven-seat SUV for the price of a Corolla.

No more diesel for Porsche

It follows parent company Volkswagen's diesel emissions scandal.

No driving appy for Toyota NZ

Parking 101: art of the Loading Zone

Where is the first Lotus?

Legendary sports car manufacturer Lotus wants car enthusiasts worldwide to help find the first car founder Colin Chapman built.

The Immeasurable World: Journeys in desert places

This travel book about the world's most barren lands is a journey deep into the mind too.

An uncompromising vision of the future

Imaginative fantasy and dystopian science fiction are rolled into one

Books of the week September 22, 2018

Penning stories cathartic for abuse survivors

The great Kavanaugh conspiracy

OPINION: Is it true that US "liberal" media are in cahoots with Democrats to bring down President Trump's Supreme Court pick?

Morning trivia quiz: September 25

Love quizzes? Get daily notifications of Stuff trivia tests on our app. Details here

Afternoon trivia quiz: September 24

Love quizzes? Get daily notifications of Stuff trivia tests on our app. Details here

Morning trivia quiz: September 24

Afternoon trivia quiz: September 23

Afternoon trivia quiz: September 25

Love quizzes? Get daily notifications of Stuff trivia tests on our app. Details here

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