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Kate: I want to beat my husband

No royal tour would be complete without some friendly competition between the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who are currently in Berlin.

Graham Norton's new reason to fizz

Kiwi start-up Invivo Wines has expanded its partnership with the Irish comedian.

'Red raw' reaction to bath bombs

Girls left crying with sore genitals after soaking in bath bombs.

Top 10 New Zealand junk foods

In the age of matcha, kombucha, chia and quinoa, remember joyous junk food.

Best & worst dressed celebrities

This week, Cara D is sci-fi chic, Rihanna's dress makes us mad and Charlize Theron deserves more from Dior.

The best cookbook in NZ crowned

Bone marrow, venison, heart and livers feature in the book, 30 years in the making.

The best steak in NZ revealed

The most succulent piece of sirloin comes from a farm in the Waikato.

A foodie first for Wellington

Steak secrets

Designer's run-away dress

Silverdale designer Brooke Neary will debut her runway creation at New Zealand Fashion Week.

Holiday Wardrobe Anxiety is real

OPINION: Why we all lose our minds when it comes to what we're going to wear on holiday.

Dedicated Followers of Fashion coming to Gore

Crimes of fashion

Pirelli reveals first all-black calendar

RuPaul stars as the Queen of Hearts in this Alice in Wonderland themed shoot.

Tiny engines that we really love

These cars prove there is a substitute for cubes: clever technology.

Lay off the boy racers, who don't even exist

OPINION: Boy racers are fictional characters made up to scare old people.

Our top 10 vehicles list almost carless

Sporty coupe reveal at Speedshow

How to deal with tailgaters

There's a surprisingly easy way to get following traffic to back off.

'Remove booze from supermarkets'

"Having it in our faces in that place of easy shopping is a real challenge."

'Moon Boy' shines

Rotorua author Kathy Sutcliffe aims to get young Maori boys reading with her latest work.

New Harry Potter books

Palaentology through the pages

From loss to blessings

A Muriwai author helped deal with loss of her mother by sitting on a rock at the beach.

Morning trivia quiz: July 21

Got a good quiz question? Send your questions to

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