Tawa designer hits the runway

Mark his words, NZ Fashion Week won't be the last you hear of Andre Ngeth

Don't waste money on pricey tights

A pair of $10 tights has outperformed those costing two to three times more.

Best & worst dressed celebs

Laura Haddock turns it on, Rihanna makes a rare misstep, and Krysten Ritter has a hit.

On the hunt for older NZ models

An Australian modelling agency with a 97-year-old on its books is setting up shop here.

Wowed over WOW

A Palmerston North designer has made the finals of September's wearable arts show.

Why pay $900 for a key ring?

Key rings and bag charms that cost more than bags themselves? What madness is this?

KFC's finger-lickin' good clothing

Because what fried-chicken fan wouldn't want KFC socks, tees and pillows?

Next H&M store opens soon

Swedish fashion giant will offer homeware as well as clothing at its Christchurch shop.

My Little Pony's edgy Kiwi makeover

"This is exciting, this is kind of fun. And, oh my god, we've created our own Pony – that is pretty amazing!"

Fashion's lowest moment returns

OPINION: Yet another old trend is back, and it's bad news for anyone without the abs of a supermodel.

The best-dressed spy ever?

Forget the fight scenes - let's talk about Charlize Theron's stellar style in Atomic Blonde.

Don't fall for 'French Girl' myth

OPINION: Forget the Breton stripes and tousled hair - French style may not be all it's cracked up to be.

Kylie Jenner shows off Lonely

The 19-year-old reality star has posed in a yellow bra from the Kiwi brand.

Your favourite colour is what?

Yeah, no, that says Hitler. Rethink this. We beg of you, don't buy this tote bag.

Why Prince George always wears shorts

According to a leading British etiquette expert, it all comes down to class.

Young designer's big break

Student Youhan Khosho has earned a spot at New Zealand's biggest fashion event.

How to rock a bikini after 40

OPINION: Yes, you can wear a bikini after 40 (if you want to) - but there are a few "rules" to keep in mind.

'Unglamorous end of fashion'

The Formary transforms used clothes into industrial textiles.

Reality star's bizarre dress

It's all in the shoulders according to Gemma Collins, whose outfit has seen her compared to an American footballer.

Treatment of women grates

OPINION: It really grinds my gears to see a woman reduced to her age and what she was wearing.

Environmentally friendly fashion

Carterton-based fashion show providing innovative solution to global clothing waste.

Celine Dion is back in a big way

Have you ever seen Celine Dion dance to Boney M? Would you like to?

Pirelli reveals first all-black calendar

RuPaul stars as the Queen of Hearts in this Alice in Wonderland themed shoot.

Best & worst dressed celebrities

This week, Cara D is sci-fi chic, Rihanna's dress makes us mad and Charlize Theron deserves more from Dior.

Designer's run-away dress

Silverdale designer Brooke Neary will debut her runway creation at New Zealand Fashion Week.

Holiday Wardrobe Anxiety is real

OPINION: Why we all lose our minds when it comes to what we're going to wear on holiday.

Dedicated Followers of Fashion coming to Gore

Hokonui Fashion Design Awards judges to help raise funds for Hospice Southland.

Crimes of fashion

The good and the bad of celebrity fashion.

I'm a size 12. Not 'plus-size'

In the fashion industry any model above a size 8 is labelled plus-size - and that's misleading, says Stefania Ferrario.

A taste of Africa in the capital

Celebrating Africa's vibrant and diverse culture in New Zealand through fashion, design and creative arts is at the heart of an upcoming runway show.

Charlotte wears Harry's hand-me-downs

31 years later, the red sandals are still in pretty good shape.

Model reveals sexual harassment in the industry

Comment: Jazz Egger says she's been sexually harassed by photographers and lost work for speaking up.

Vogue sorry for 'gender fluid' cover

Magazine intended to highlight gender-fluid influences on fashion, but "missed the mark."

Royals' outfits steal the scene

The prince and princess wore red, white and blue on a visit to Warsaw.

Forget the gore, let's talk GoT outfits

Besides being breathtakingly beautiful, season 7's costumes say a lot about the characters who wear them.

Aussie barista now face of Gucci

"I was kind of nervous but then I got into it."

The fine art of cosplay

Costume maker and cosplay artist Abby Jameson returned to Blenheim at the weekend to teach a workshop on costume design and, wait for it, 'Worbla'.  David James caught up with Abby to find out just what Worbla was and how the cosplay subculture in New Zealand is going pop.

Worst shoes on the internet?

They're clear plastic thigh-high boots and they come with a belt. It's not a good situation.

Kate's Princess Di style moments

It's not just about the tiara. The Duchess has borrowed from her MIL a number of times.

Myer 'erases' Topshop

Australian retail giant cuts struggling UK fast-fashion business from stores.

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