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That takes the biscuit

If using your excess carrots in a cake seems a bit ho-hum, here’s another way to use the vege in your baking – in cookies laced with nutmeg and crammed with oats and nuts.

Chef to MPI: 'Burger off'

New red tape will kill signature hamburger at NZ's oldest licensed restaurant, says chef.

In defence of mince

OPINION: We may be buying more and more chicken these days, but foodies still love their mince.

Kiwi craft chocolate wins gold

Nelson chocolatiers Hogarth won top prize at the global chocolate awards in London.

Irish people taste Kiwi snacks

"What is it?!" Tasting them for the first time, Kiwi iconic treats are "like a happy accident" - but leave the pineapples alone.

Medium-rare burgers are dangerous, says top chef

 Any chef who complains about the new guidelines for cooking mince meat doesn't understand basic food safety, says Ray McVinnie.

Recipe: Harissa beef patties with warm chickpea salad

In the latest in the Chop Chop video series, Ginny Grant spices up the humble mince patty.

Keep your politician hands off my burger

OPINION: If you're happy eating Big Macs, go back to your so-called meal. For the rest of us, the ban on medium-rare burgers takes government intrusion too far.

Change starts one meal at a time

OPINION: New reducetarians can start small. Why not do a Bill English and swap pineapple for pepperoni on your pizza?

Soak up the back story

The tale behind a new label is as good as the wine.

Doughnuts selling like hot cakes

A Motueka cafe is struggling to meet demand for its hand-made decadent doughnuts.

Sam Mannering's polenta chips

If you’ve ever hankered after home-made polenta fries, but decided they’re too much like hard work, think again.

Recipe: Seafood chowder

Kaikoura Pier Hotel's creamy seafood chowder keeps patrons coming back for more. Try out the recipe.

5 of the best winter soups

What better way to warm up your day than with a hearty soup?

Appetite for chicken soars

Kiwis' changing tastes see the boneless breast gain prime position in the butchery aisle.

Recipe: Kabuli pulao

Give this a go, it may be your first time cooking and eating cuisine from Afghanistan.

Recipe: masala vadai

You may have tasted these warming treats at New Lynn's night market.

The sun sets on the New Lynn Night Market

Night market set to close, as floods then dwindling numbers see local board pull funding.

In the kitchen with Nicola Galloway

The Nelson-based food blogger invited us into her rustic and warm kitchen.

Beervana sales looking stout

Beervana 2017 is set to to be the beeriest yet if ticket sales are anything to go by.

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