Police dog who was hit by car during chase back at work

A police dog was back at work on Sunday night after he was injured in an incident on Dee St in Invercargill on Friday.

A police dog was back at work on Sunday night after he was injured in an incident on Dee St in Invercargill on Friday.

A police dog who had to be pulled from under a car after a police pursuit came to an end in the main street of Invercargill is back at work.

However, an officer who was hit by the car at the same time is taking time off work to recover.

The police officer and dog were hit by a car on Friday night after police pursuit came to an end on Dee St.

Police said they received reports of erratic driving on the Bluff Highway. They tried to stop the car but it fled. 

The car was spiked but continued on for a short time.

"A police officer and police dog were hit when the vehicle came to a stop on Dee St," police said. 

The dog was checked by a vet and did not suffer any serious injuries, while the officer had bruising to his leg.

The officer was not a dog handler, she said.

The dog was back at work with his handler on Sunday night, a police spokeswoman said.

A 68-year-old man was due to appear in Invercargill District Court on August 22 on a range of driving charges.

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Storme Tautari, who posted footage of the scene on Facebook, said she saw an officer being pulled out from under a car. He appeared to be in a lot of pain.

She was in a car on the roundabout at the intersection of Dee St and Tay St when she saw numerous police cars with flashing lights coming towards the car she was in.

"We pulled over to the lefthand side of the roundabout. It wasn't until we saw a car flying past us that we knew a police chase was going on," Tautari said. She thought at least eight police cars were involved.

Police had blocked the car being chased on Dee St, but that car had kept trying to push the police cars out of the way. Police got out of their cars but didn't seem to be able to get the driver out of the other car.

"They were smashing in the windows, trying to get him out. Eventually they got the passenger front side door open, and were able to get him out," Tautari said.

Then she saw people lifting up the car to get a police officer out from under it. "His leg looked really really sore, it looked bent. He needed help to walk." She hadn't seen the dog.

Another person in the area around the time said she was told people had helped police push a car off a dog that had appeared to be lifeless.

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